Who cares about a big barra anyway?
  |  First Published: February 2016

What is it about barra that’s so special anyway? I’d definitely like to know because Skipper gets one about 2ft long or so and suddenly he’s a celebrity, poncing about like he’s done something clever like a two year old with a nappy nugget. It may have been a little bit over 2ft long but that’s not the point really. Barra are so last year.

Don’t worry about the fact that I managed a golden snapper about the same length as his barra, or several good mangrove jack. Or that Manboobs managed a tuna on a light spin stick and a reel with a busted handle. Now, that tuna had more pull than something that pulls really really hard and kept us occupied for the better part of half an hour to get him into the boat. Oh no, don’t consider those things at all. Just go on and on about Skipper’s barra.

Now I understand that they are a good-looking fish with lovely silver scales that shine like a charm bracelet when they come out of the water. And I know they apparently cook up pretty well in a restaurant or in the family kitchen. Yes, they’re big, and powerful and aggressive and beautiful but apart from that, what is the big deal with catching one?

I don’t think it’s fair that Skipper gets all the attention for catching one fish only on the Dudds’ trip. Boobies and I were also there catching fish but it’s Skipper who says ‘I got a barra’ in a stupid smug voice when someone asks how the trip went. And the stupid people who asked say things like ‘Oh wow, a barra, how big?’ Or other stupid things, and don’t ask what anyone else caught. I don’t know about tuna but people should certainly be more aware of how good looking golden snapper and mangrove jack are, and how tough they are to catch, not like some other big stupid silver fish.

And anyway, 85cm is not very big. I caught a much bigger one last year and so it’s not really all that hard to do. Mine was at least 87cm, but the photo of it came out wrong somehow because it looks much shorter in the photo. If you see that photo don’t believe it. The angle must have been wrong. It looks about 45cm, but that can happen with some cameras! That’s why I threw it into the creek when Skipper caught his barra this year – I didn’t want his fish to look small. But he still went on and on about how big his was compared to mine and didn’t listen when I said about the camera making things look smaller. And you didn’t hear me going on and on about catching a stupid barra. Well you might have last year, but that was last year.

And anyway, barra are overrated big time.

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