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A blooming good time for all

I’m sure most of us are more than thankful to see the end of Winter. The sight of everything in full bloom and enjoying warm weather is about as good as it gets in my books.

Avoid jackets, seals and dolphins

Over the past month most of our activity has been offshore, due to the dolphin and seal raids along Pittwater and Broken Bay.

A new boat in the making

With all of the wants, needs and desires sorted and a rough plan on what I wanted inside, I set off on a search for a custom boat builder who wouldn’t send me bankrupt!

Make sure you’re prepared

If you are anything like me you would have spent some time during September going fishing, but you would have also gone through your tackle boxes and replenished your swivel, sinkers and hooks for the season ahead.

The promise of plenty

Spring has sprung on the Mid North Coast, and with the warming weather comes the promise of good things to come.

2013 Yamaha Cod Classic

Australia’s richest freshwater fishing tournament and most eagerly awaited social event on the fishing calendar, the 2013 Yamaha Cod Classic and Wilson Slick Back Lures Junior Cod Classic is drawing near. December 7-8 will see Lake Mulwala come alive with an expected 3,000 plus anglers and 1,400 boats.

Snapper on the move

Eden, like the rest of the towns on the Far South Coast, is a sleepy, cold town during the Winter months. As Spring blossoms, so does Eden and when Summer comes around, it’s a hive of activity.

Yellas head the agenda

After Murray cod and cray seasons have come to a halt, footy finals and the Deni Ute Muster are at the forefront of most bush anglers’ minds at this time of year.

Catch rates improving

With summer on its way, the fishing is picking up, along with everyone’s spirits. We’ve definitely all had enough of the cold weather!

Estuaries run hot

If you’re heading to Port Stephens for some estuary fishing, you’re in luck.

The big flatties awaken

It's a cracking time of year to fish the local estuaries with the transition period in full swing. With the water around 18° and getting warmer by the day, those Summer species are getting active again.

Smaller estuaries better

The estuaries around the Narooma region have continued to produce with the smaller systems like Tuross, Mummaga and Corunna Lakes the better ones to try.

Hoping for yellowfin

It’s really not fair that we now have to travel so far to chase yellowfin tuna. Gone are the days when places like Bandit, Wollongong Reef, the South East grounds and the Sir John Young Banks were crawling with them each season and they came right to the backs of the beaches.

Inshore life revives

It's a great time of year. The days are noticeably longer, the chill is now gone and the fish are becoming more active.

Plenty biting in the backwaters

It’s time to put down the heavy artillery and pick up the lighter tackle to focus on the finesse side of our fishery.

Scale down for the goldens

Just like last year, it seems as though the Murray Cod have taken absolutely no notice of their closed season, they seem to be dominating the catches of most anglers.

Bay and offshore are firing up

I’m not one for Sydney’s Winter weather – I must have tropical blood – so I always welcome October for its warmer starts and balmy days.

Trout fishing basics

There are a growing number of anglers enjoying trout fishing and like any new type of fishing, there are always questions to be asked.

New season unfurls

Plenty of happy fishos around here as a new season unfurls, some water with a little more warmth hits our part of the coast and it’s time for the snapper to move inshore.

Silvester Slays giants for Somerset win

AFC Series 10 debutant Dean Silvester claimed victory in the fourth qualifying event of the 2013 Smak Lures BASS Pro Series with a confident win in the TT Lures presented Lake Somerset round on 17-18 August.

Water remains chilly

Cool mornings and balmy, warm days, but the ocean water is still around its minimum for the year.

A fish eye view: Part 1.

This month, I’ll continue my examination of the fundamental basics of successful angling with a detailed look at the senses of the fish we chase, beginning with sight.

Part I: Teaser trolling basics

A teaser is a fish attractor that you pull behind the boat when trolling. Teasers have been used for bluewater trolling since the early days of trolling and were popularised by anglers such as Zane Grey and especially in the origins of game fishing in Hawaii.

Boat Test: Formosa Classic 480

Up north there are generally only two boat styles that are trailerable, reef boats and barra boats. There really is not much in between and the Formosa Classic 480 fits squarely in the reef boat category with a list of features and benefits that make it an option for anyone looking for a smaller boat capable of handling the big blue in the tropics, or way down south for that matter.

A new boat in the making

With all of the wants, needs and desires sorted and a rough plan on what I wanted inside, I set off on a search for a custom boat builder who wouldn’t send me bankrupt!

Line-burners feed as water warms

With the water temperatures pushing over 20˚C at the start of September, this month should see the bay hit the magic 23°C mark and that means only one thing – pelagics!

Cardwell Barra Bonanza

From 24-26 October 2013 the Cardwell Sportfishing Club will be staging the sixth much-anticipated Cardwell Barra Bonanza.

Saucing up your seafood basket

Adding dipping sauces to seafood will add extra dimensions of texture and flavour to your meal. A variety of seafood on a platter (or basket) and multiple sauce options will always look impressive.

Barra burst before closure

October, although not officially summer, normally brings hot dry weather, northerly winds and occasional storms and that spells barra for the estuary, creek and impoundment angler.

Superior fishing from beaches

The potential exists for this October to provide superior angling from the beaches of Cooloola and Fraser Island than we have experienced for many years.

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