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Monduran’s barra season is upon us

As we head into the start of barra season, we will see late August and early September bring warm northerly winds with them. These warm northerly winds are constant and anywhere between 1 to 3 weeks and as a consequence boost the water temperature from around 18°C to 25°C. This spike in water temperature is like waving a red flag in front of a bull for the barra as they will wake from their winter slumber to start feeding aggressively.

Boat Test: Yamaha F200 – the Italian Stallion

The new Yamaha F200 is an outstanding development in high capacity outboard engines.

An introduction to River Heads.

Fraser Island's eastern coast continues to be in recovery mode after months of active erosion, courtesy of the east coast lows and cyclonic conditions of this year's early months.

August pelagic adventures

Getting out of bed early to go fishing during the cold winter months is always a bit of a struggle, however there is no motivation to through on the old jumper and beanie quite like the possibility of going head-to-head with a big Spanish mackerel.

Studying snags.

When targeting estuary species like barramundi and mangrove jacks, one of the most popular techniques is to find a snag-ridden, mangrove-lined creek bank and begin peppering it with lures in the hope it may hold a hungry fish.

Tips for taking the fly rod north.

As a fly angler living in southern Queensland, I’d only had hints of what flyfishing in the far north might offer.

Boat Test: Stacer 469 Outlaw Side Console

Stacer’s new Outlaw 469 Side Console is a smooth-looking rig blessed with an excellent ride and a handy turn of speed. It’s a prime example of the sorts of turnkey packages that Stacer is now offering. With just a few options the buyer has a trailer craft that will suit many different fishing situations, from rivers and estuaries to impoundments – and even a run offshore in the right conditions.

Winter species on fire

The cool weather of winter is something that the Sunshine Coast locals would rather do without, but there are many advantages that come as a package with it.

Bream in plague proportions

Cold westerlies are the order for August and luckily for us we should start to see some sunshine and warmer temperaturess by the end of the month.

Just keep on fishing.

Well I guess it’s that time of year, the windy and crappy weather part that is. Nothing like a freezing winter morning and you’re out fishing in 25-30 knots and rain.

‘Pinning a feed this August.

The water has started to clear up after the unseasonal midyear rain we’ve been having that have flushed out the rivers and put some much-needed nutrients into the estuarine system.

Surf serves up top species

Winter species, such as bream, flathead and salmon, have been in high volumes over the past month with many anglers targeting them. Many people have been trying soft plastics and, with all the flathead about, there is no better time to try. Whiting are among the easier of the surf species to catch around the beach but schools of salmon and dart are also about.

Weather widens water options

As we creep into the last of the winter months, the weather is once again the defining factor in providing us with some great opportunities to get out on the water and catch some fish.

Cold snap delivers mack

August usually heralds the easing of the southeasterly winds that dominate the weather pattern in Cairns each winter. There is usually at least one final cold snap before the temperatures start to rise, so there can be a wide range of conditions on offer.

Game over, reef relieves

Lately the weather has been atrocious and the fishing reports very few and far between. A lot of people give up on the game fishing over winter and go reef fishing instead.

Pay off at Passage

We have a plethora of fish species hanging in the Passage at the moment, and to pick a single target species for the day ahead of you is hard. However, the trick is to have the gear ready (rod, tackle, bait, lures) on hand to target all species, then all you need to do is hook up, hang on and enjoy the ride.

What’s in a green zone?

Recently, Incredible Charters undertook a 4-day charter as part of an annual study of the mud crab population in and around the mouth of the Logan River.

Burn back the fun

“Quick, drive!” was the order given as my little Stradic screamed and bright yellow braid stretched out to the horizon. Once again temptation had gotten the better of me and I found myself in a horrible (but extremely fun) situation as 20kg of Spanish mackerel turned the afterburners on and went for the horizon, and freedom.

Denis menaces field at Forster

Forster produced quality fish and a nail-biting finish for the eleventh stop of the 2013 Daiwa-Hobie Kayak BREAM Series, with Queensland kayaker Denis Metzdorf turning a 100g deficit into a 390g lead at the Forster Super Series, May 4-5.

Fishing lies

This month, I’m focussing on the subject of lure fishing, beginning with a look at the underlying philosophy behind fooling fish into striking artificial baits.

Scratch the itch for dirty-fighters

We are finally in full-blown winter, even though the atmosphere temperature says otherwise, but the watery world that fish live in is what matters to them.

Cold water temperatures slow cod returns

With the water temp sneaking down to 10C, fishing reports have been minimal.

Sneaky stripes are out there

Coffs Harbour’s all-too-brief blue marlin season has pretty much drawn to a close, to be replaced by a striped marlin season — we hope!

Tough fishing calls for tough anglers

August can be an extremely hard month of the year to fish in the southern region of Sydney, but this shouldn’t stop you from getting out there and giving it ago.

Surface snapper and lightweight line-burners

Snapper are still the main priority for the first few weeks of August. With the cuttlefish breeding season in full swing, the reds will now be in absolute peak condition and taste like calamari on the plate.

Lakes firing for redfin and trout

The weather has been cold and fishing options have been limited due to law enforcements, but there is still some great fishing to be had in the lakes for trout and redfin.

Fishing the washing machine

If the weather stays the same as it has been this past month, only the diehard fishermen will be braving early morning fishing sessions. Yes, winter has hit this region with vengeance! The water has turned cold and the wind has whipped the sea into a frenzy, making it hard if not impossible to fish.

Rain not to dampen anglers’ spirits!

Eden and surrounding areas also received some rain over the past month, although it was nothing like the rain that was experienced further to the south, it was enough to get the rivers and creeks flowing and put a bit of colour in the water.

Pressure in trying conditions

This month, Mallacoota and the whole of the Gippsland area has been getting its fair share of rain with a stationary low pressure system responsible for the wind and rain.

Westerly winners for rock fishers

August can be a funny time to fish Port Stephens. The prevailing westerly winds can make it hard to fish inside the bay but fishing from the ocean rocks or beaches can be spectacular. Likewise offshore, where many big snapper will gather on the shallow reefs waiting for a soft plastic or a well presented bait to waft past their nose.

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