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October is the biggest month on the calendar

This is arguably the biggest month on the angling calendar, as October heralds the start of the snapper season around Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast.

Prepare for sharks but don’t ignore the estuaries

It has come to the time of year again where its time to start preparing the bigger gear for shark season.

Game on as spring slides to summer

Anglers who have braved the winter weather and caught some excellent fish have plenty to look forward to in October.

Fishing fever takes over from footy fever

Footy Fever is over for another year so now ‘Fishing Fever’ takes over; it’s time to concentrate on heading to Bemm River to enjoy the warm spring weather, pristine beaches, tranquil relaxing atmosphere and excellent fishing.

Monster trout and solid bass

The weather may have been horrid but keen anglers trying their luck in Blue Rock Lake have had great success.

Salmon on the chew as gummies come to the fore

Ninety Mile Beach has been tough to fish due to some very wild weather, however it’s time for the gummy sharks to make an appearance.

Now is the time for gummies and the start of consistent snapper

It’s been tough fishing lately in south Gippsland due to the weather, but with spring finally here, we are ready to tackle those warm water species.

Big squid the highlight as prime species return

October should see some great spearfishing in Port Phillip. Good catches of squid, trevally and scallops are usually taken in the southern parts of Port Phillip.

Water, water everywhere – now the fishing starts

Just a few weeks and everything can be flipped around 180, altering almost every element conducive to productive and enjoyable fishing.

Warmer weather sees more anglers on the water

After a very welcome wet winter our waters are now looking the best they have in a long time and with the warmer weather of spring now just around the corner, we can expect plenty of great fishing action for many months to come.

Octoberfest for action on the coast

This is the month where all the good stuff begins!

Long awaited snapper season arrives

Finally, the long awaited snapper season is upon us, and for those who have been hibernating during winter, surely the idea of a nice a big red on the other end of your line is enough to entice you out of your cave.

Back to basics: two-piece or not two-piece

The factors influencing a person’s choice between either a one-piece fishing rod or a two-piece fishing rod should get more discussion time than they do.

Baffle Creek Family Fishing Festival

Fishing for the perfect destination to keep the family happy this upcoming school holidays? Well sort out that tackle box and dust off the camping gear – you won’t catch better than the 3rd Annual Baffle Creek Family Fishing Festival, happening September 27-29 this year.

A new boat in the making

Everyone who owns a boat understands that they have a life expectancy and when that point is reached with your current boat, it’s time to start looking for a new one. Commonly that point is size related and most people upgrade to a bigger rig.

Have a whale of a time

With whale season in full flight and the weather improving, if you needed any more convincing to load up the family and come and see what all the fuss is about well there’s always the fishing!

Seafood coatings

When either shallow frying your coated seafood or deep frying, it is always important to make sure that your oil is at the correct temperature. If you have a deep frying thermometer, heat the oil until the thermometer reads between 180°C to 200°C. A traditional test is to drop a cube of bread into the hot oil. If the bread browns in about a minute, then the oil is spot on for frying. Another trick to ascertain the temperature of the oil is to put the tip of a wooden chopstick into the oil. If tiny bubbles surround the tip of the chopstick, the temperature of the oil is approximately 200°C.

Spring species explode

You beauty! Spring is here, the weather has warmed up nicely and the fish are co-operating really well. September is full on for fishing around Mackay, no matter what your preference, from the dams to the reef.

Where can the tailor be?

It’d be difficult not to notice the improved inshore weather conditions that have prevailed through August in South East Queensland.

As the saying goes…

Not to sound like I need a cleanex or require a teaspoon of cement, but how cold has it been this year? We have had some very cool waters this last few months leaving making you question the logic of any form of fishing.

Freshwater season kicks off with a bang

This has to be one of the best times of the year for freshwater fishers. Winter sees the action slow down and as the days get longer and warmer, the action really heats up in the rivers, creeks and dams. The bass season is again open, making the river and creek fish a target species once more. My kayak has collected some dust and is somewhere under the pile of gear sitting on top of it – I hope.

Herald the start of spring

Spring usually heralds the beginning of the best weather of the year and we revel in some seasonally great fishing days.

Stability in September.

As we leave another crisp winter we say good-bye to what has been a great season on the fishing front. With our wayward weather throughout the year it’s good to see the consistency come in the waterways as brave and eager anglers have been rewarded for their efforts both in estuaries and inshore waters.

It’s all about snapper

Snapper, snapper and a few more snapper is what it’s all about at the moment. In fact we’ve seen so many snapper that on social and business trips we’ve often had to find other species to target because we’ve already reached our limit!

Snapper spawn tapers in September

September sees the water temperatures stay around 20-22ºC and, in general, the wider grounds fish well. Target species include snapper, pearl perch, amberjack, yellowtail kingies and samsonfish. The snapper start to decline a bit in numbers towards the end of the month as the spawning season tapers off.

The Cup comes to Karumba.

We have had a very memorable August with plenty of fish caught and an awesome event held for the Cancer cuppa day in Karumba.

Fever pitch soars in September

It’s always an exciting time of year when September comes around as the crossroads of the seasons meet in the tropics. All our winter species are still peppering away and now the spring-summer species are joining the party. It makes for an action packed time on the water, and the weather is generally fantastic.

Prepare for the island invasion!

This month will see Fraser Island's tailor season in full swing and all indicators are suggesting more great catches.  Early season catches have included a big proportion of small fish, but this is much the same pattern that was encountered last year.

Tailor made fishing for Fraser

It's official, Fraser Island is the tailor capital of Australia. Don't believe it? Then why not come and find out for yourself. This month is prime tailor time but there will still be plenty of action during October. Let's look at how we can make your Fraser Island tailor expedition successful and enjoyable.

Awesome time on the Gold Coast

September is an awesome month to fish on the Gold Coast. The weather is often perfect, with light westerly winds in the morning and dropping out throughout the day. So why not take advantage of this time of year and get out there!

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