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A great story of rags to riches

Gabe Quercigrosse | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / Botany Bay /

As forecast in last month’s issue, the entrance to the Georges River delivered the goods in the shape of outstanding catches. I also pointed out that this was the time to find new spots. Well, I found one in the shape of a reefy, shaly type of bottom right in the middle of the Georges River between Towra Point and Dolls Point. I tried this possie at least five times during February with surprising results. After losing fish after fish on light gear I decided to step up the tackle with heavier artillery, and this paid off. I got big flathead, bream, tailor, tarwhine, snapper, cobia and really good size kingfish. Yes, that’s right: kingfish in the Georges River. Unheard of!

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Bermagui estuaries hit their peak this month

Darren Redman | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / South Coast / Bermagui /

Most anglers want the most from their fishing options, so a little homework on the best locations and especially the best time to visit them is important. You can have the greatest area in the world, but if you are there at the wrong time it can be a very disappointing experience! For Bermagui, March is arguably the best month of the lot.

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Stop, camp and explore

Darren Redman | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Far South Coast / Tathra /

Ever thought of secluded beaches, remote rocky headland, beautiful blue oceans or estuary systems you can have to yourself with no other anglers around? Well, it is possible in this area, so why not come stop, camp and explore what is possibly one of last true wildernesses NSW has to offer.

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Good vibes on bream

Jamie Robley | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Central Coast / Central Coast /

We’ve now reached the peak fishing season of the year and one of the very best months for nearly every species we encounter in this part of the country. I certainly wouldn’t complain if every month was like this, for the fishing and weather.

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Be boulder – try rock fishing over autumn!

Jamie Robley | First Published: March 2016   »  Feature Articles / New South Wales / Central Coast / Central Coast /

Many keen anglers agree that autumn really hits the spot. Sure, there’s something good on offer during every month of the year, but for sheer variety of species, consistency of catch, and stability of weather, the next few months are hard to beat.

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Shark hysteria hits the Hastings

Mark Saxon | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Mid North Coast / Port Macquarie /

First Denis Rivers hooked and landed a monster bull shark just before Christmas, and then Chris Micallef and his dad Anthony followed his performance with another whopping 11ft brute estimated at 250kg. I talked to Chris recently who gave me a rundown on how these enormous sharks fell.

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Lake all fired up after heavy summer rains

Jason Scerri | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Central Coast / Swansea /

The weather has been a little up and down. We have had periods of heavy rain and floods and we have had periods of bright blue skies, calm seas and hot days. The one thing that has been consistent has been the fishing… consistently great that is. Estuary fishing, inshore fishing or wide offshore, all options have been firing over summer and it looks set to continue through March.

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A fresh attitude for Forster estuary anglers

David Seaman | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Mid North Coast / Forster /

The consistent rain over the last couple of months has provided some relief from the usual overgrowth of weed in the freshwater. A bit of flow means the weed doesn’t float on the surface and this makes fishing easier.

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Hawkesbury keeping it fresh

Dan Selby | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / The Hawkesbury /

After a very wet start to the year the river should begin to turn back to a shade of green instead of the brown murky water we have been dealt of late. Despite the water colour, the fish have been biting well wherever cleaner tannin coloured water is found. Berowra and Cowan were the most reliable places to find a few fish by casting and retrieving soft plastic grubs and minnows along the many rock walls. Mixed bags of bream, flathead, tailor, soapy mulloway and the odd whiting have been common in the weeks after the fresh.

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Make sure you’re prepared for the big bites!

David Solano | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Far North Coast / The Tweed /

The north and south walls have seen some epic action. I’ve started fishing the end of the Fingal wall casting into either the surf side or the river. Last time I was out there I used plastics, chicken and a big popper, but I was late to the party and missed out on the best spot, which in my opinion is right out the end on the river side.

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FIFO boat hire is now affordable for all anglers

Steve Starling | First Published: March 2016   »  Feature Articles / New South Wales /

The acronym ‘FIFO’ stands for fly-in, fly-out and is most often used in relation to remote mining operations employees who fly to the site to commence their week or fortnight of shifts, then fly home afterwards for a break with their families. However, with the advent of fully equipped ‘turn-key’ hire packages of vehicles and boats, the FIFO concept now has genuine relevance in fishing circles as well!

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Get reddy for autumn action

Glen Stewart | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Lithgow-Oberon /

March would have to be one of the best times of year to go camping on the Central Table Lands of NSW. The heat of summer has passed, and cool nights are made warm and toasty with the glowing embers and heat from the fire. The smell of hearty camp oven cooking will hopefully fill the nostrils; it could be a damper, or a bubbling stew, a mixture, or a broth to be shared among family and friends. This is what makes my March.

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The fishing is still sizzling hot!

Anthony Stokman | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / South Coast / Batemans Bay /

The summer fishing, even with its wet patches, has been on fire. I was fortunate enough to get dragged away from my hectic schedule by some mates from Sydney and out into a crazy marlin bite. We got out there, and to our surprise we discovered acres of bait with marlin swimming all over the place.

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Mahimahi make waves

Darren Thomas | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / Sydney North /

We’re into a terrific offshore season at the moment with some very good fish being caught out the front of Sydney. Small and big boats alike have been hooking into marlin out wide with some very good mahimahi captures as well.

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Predicting the unpredictable out on Jindabyne

Steve Williamson | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Jindabyne /

The last couple of months of weather have been pretty crazy in the Snowy Mountains. One day we have it hot and steamy and the next day freezing – which has been reflected in the fishing of late.

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Settled conditions for the unsettled anglers

Stephen Worley | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Mid North Coast / Coffs Harbour /

The beginning of autumn is here but we’re not going down hill yet. This summer has been an incredible season on many fronts. In March, it’s set to continue with water temperatures warm and hopefully more settled weather.

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Casting and rod choice basics for beginners

Kaleb Oxley | First Published: March 2016   »  Feature Articles / Victoria & Tasmania / Freshwater / Shepparton /

Practice is imperative to master any activity, and when it comes to casting accuracy, there are no shortcuts. I’ve spent many hours in the backyard practising my casting techniques, which demonstrably aids my fishing game when I’m out on the water trying to reach the tight spots where fish hold. This article will give a little insight into casting.

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Kayak photos and filming

Justin Willmer | First Published: March 2016   »  Regular Features / Kayaking /

After over a year of inflicting my bad selfies, ‘fish on the floor of the kayak’ and fish in my hand photos on Fishing Monthly readers, some recent windy and wet weather inspired me to spend some time in the man cave and sort out my kayak camera mounts and cameras.

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Expand your options with the ‘other’ perfection loop

Kim Bain | First Published: March 2016   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

Following on from last edition’s loop knot with the same name, this month we look at the other version of the perfection loop; this version is a completely different knot, with a completely different purpose.

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Like a box of chocolate

Jackson Bargenquast | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Hervey Bay /

Fishing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to catch! When you are fishing for popular sportfish such as barramundi, flathead and even tuna you can catch a range of fish you weren’t even targeting, sometimes trophy or rarely seen fish.

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Hervey Bay tuna hotspot

Mark Bargenquast | First Published: March 2016   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

I caught my first big fish at 12 years old – a longtail tuna, caught on an old Abu Garcia Toby spoon and 12lb mono. I kept the fish frame in the family’s freezer to admire proudly until my mother threw it out! I’m sure I’m not the only angler that claimed tuna as their first big fish, and I can attest after 10 years of guiding in Hervey Bay, that tuna definitely win the most sought-after target. And why not? They grow big, fight hard (pound for pound they’re the toughest), and can be caught in a variety of ways.

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Sharks frustrate anglers all over the bay

Scott Bradley | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Hervey Bay /

After a good drop of rain at the end of January things are looking up for the autumn fishing season. The whole ecosystem benefited from an injection of freshwater, which carried nutrients and food into the Sandy Straits and Hervey Bay. The only downside has been the influx of fork-tailed catfish that inhabit the reefs and estuaries after a good drop of rain.

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BBQed peeled cray chunks

Lynn Bain | First Published: March 2016   »  Regular Features / Cooking /

This month we’ll be cooking up one of the tastiest and most available little crustaceans, the redclaw, or freshwater cray. You can catch dozens of these dozens of these critters in drop nets and Opera House pots in dams, rivers. Although we’ve used redclaw in this dish, there’s other species of cray in Australia that you can eat, and can be used in this recipe.

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Barra stocking proves successful upon opening

Keith Day | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Mackay /

What a start to the barra season, with the first week of February delivering neap tides, heaps of barra and some great wet season downpours. February was a great month all round and the best way to kick off barra chasing for 2016. This month promises to be just as great.

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Topwater explosion

Josh Dunn | First Published: March 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

This month we’re set for explosive topwater action! Mangrove jack fire around this time of the year, smashing baitfish on the surface! Not only will jacks be on the list, but flathead, bream, whiting, painted sweetlip and trevally will also be biting.

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Mixed action around the lakes

Jason Ehrlich | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Freshwater / Freshwater QLD /

There has been a bit of rain over the past month. While there have been heavy falls in some areas, the bigger falls haven’t been widespread enough to affect the lake levels too much. The ground is soaked and the feeder creeks to the lakes are mostly trickling in. All it will take is a good rain event to top the lakes back up. Keep an eye on the weather if you are planning a trip to make sure you aren’t heading to a full lake or running river of dirty floodwater.

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Limber up for ambos

Ed Falconer | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Rainbow Beach /

The weather has become a bit unstable as it does at this time of year, but the fishing remains brilliant.

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Windy woes won’t worry anglers

Grayson Fong | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Northern Bay /

What a cracking summer we’ve had! Finally we have experienced the weather patterns synonymous of our summers in the South East. With humid high temperature days fuelled by moderate to high south easterly winds, these patterns are a recipe for only one thing in the northern bay, and that’s good fishing.

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Pelagics out wide and reefies in close

John Gooding | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Brisbane Offshore /

At this time of year, the weather in the South East gives us limited opportunities to get offshore, and so far we’ve only had a handful of fishable days in both January and February.

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Still a chance for big pelagics

David Green | First Published: March 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Gold Coast /

We’ve just entered the first of the transition months on the Gold Coast, and although summer may not have been everything we thought it’d be, March is set to be a cracker.

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