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Preparing for winter fishing… maybe?

Lynton Heffer | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Port Douglas /


With higher than normal temperatures continuing to roll out in the tropics, at the rate we are travelling we could easily bypass the traditional cooler months and be into spring before we know it. Water temperatures in turn are also well above average, which hasn’t deterred the fishing but enhanced it if anything overall.

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Gold star winning gold spots on offer

Dave Hodge | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Townsville /

It’s great when the daytime temperatures drop from the point where you feel like you’re melting, down to where it’s a pleasure to be on the water or walking the banks. Species that were much less active in summer are now making up the majority of inshore lure casters’ and baitfishers’ bags.

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Winter barra on the bite

Rob Howell | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

Mild winter temperatures through June have produced some great fishing on Monduran. While the majority of barra being caught are around 40-60cm, there have still been some bigger fish hitting the decks.

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Heaving big reds over the gunwales

Von Ireland | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Stanage Bay /

Hello to all anglers visiting this heavenly part of the world. We recently received some good rainfall here at Plumtree, Stanage Bay. It was low tide when the heavens broke, and the mud crabbers with the good pro pots and fresh bait pulled in good feeds of monster muddies. The water rats are out in force, so be careful not to blame your fellow fishers for cutting your pots to pieces.

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Fun on the shallow reefs in July

Nabeel Issa | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Southern Bay /

Winter definitely took its time, but has finally arrived. The weather is great here in South East Queensland, with some crisp cool mornings and warm days with low wind. The snapper have continued to bite, as they have been over the past few months. This has been fantastic. The cooler weather has fired up the bream, with plenty of big fish around at the moment!

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The history of tailor in Hervey Bay

Phil James | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Hervey Bay /

With Fraser Island’s tailor season just about to become serious, a fairly comprehensive tailor article is appropriate. After looking at the prospects of this coming season, I would like to take a look at some historical aspects of this fishery and the way expectations have changed, and how techniques have evolved over the last five decades.

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Snakehead your way up the creeks

Angus James | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Freshwater / Freshwater QLD /

The preparation that goes into any sweetwater mission is always a fun and exciting part of the experience. Before any of my adventures take place, some serious preparation must be done. Not only in deciding what lures to take but it is also vital that safety gear is packed in case things go wrong.

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Winter options abound in Gladstone

Liam Jones | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

As this issue hits the stands, the cold weather should well and truly moved in. Water temperatures should have dropped a few degrees and the winter species should have moved in. Well, at least that’s what most people think anyway!

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Stacer 469 Outlaw

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Boating /

Stacer offer a veritable feast of boating experiences these days, from small tender-sized punts and tinnies right up to offshore rigs with all the bells and whistles. It means there’s an alloy boat for virtually all fishing requirements.

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Heading north? Don’t forget the fly!

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Flyfishing /

It’s hard to beat a trip to far north Queensland in winter. Mild nights, warm days and fish waiting for a chance to slash at a fly make the idea of that trip north very appealing.

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Mitsubishi Pajero Sport takes the lead

Wayne Kampe | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Camping and 4WD /

As replacement for the Challenger, the new Pajero Sport appears to have taken off from where its predecessor finished and then raised the bar.

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Offshore opportunities in July

Scott Lynch | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Yeppoon /

Flathead have come on strong, and in the past week there was a large quantity in all of the local estuaries. The majority of these have been fairly big fish with a few oversized girls among them. Flatties are one species that will take any lure within striking range.

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Break out the winter woollies!

Gordon Macdonald | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Brisbane /

You will definitely have the winter woollies out by now for those early morning starts! While cold weather can make the fishing a little less comfortable than usual, the variety of species on offer is refreshing. The snapper run was somewhat delayed this year, but there are decent numbers now being taken throughout Moreton Bay and around the lower reaches of the Brisbane River and the Pumicestone Passage. Other cool weather species that have made their presence known are mulloway, squid, tailor, bream and luderick. Get your casting arm warmed up for some of these beauties.

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Getting rigged for luderick

Gordon Macdonald | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Technical Tricks /

As the inshore waters cool, anglers who make the effort can be rewarded with quality luderick or blackfish. Not a species that is regularly encountered by chance, specific targeting is required for consistent results.

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Gladstone smashing grunters

Eve Malone | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Gladstone /

New fishing targets open up as the temperature drops, and how lucky we are here to have the best of both worlds. Gladstone has ripper summer and winter fishing and now temperatures have dropped enough to play with winter species, it’s time to get out and about.

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Wello Wello Wello – tell me more, tell me more!

Olivia McKenna | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Kayaking /

Wellington Point is approximately 20km southeast of Brisbane. The point itself extends out into Moreton Bay, and is well known for its iconic jetty and seaside village atmosphere. The jetty is a great land-based fishing spot for families and anyone after a bit of light gear fun.

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sub-metre barra booming

Ryan Moody | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Hinchinbrook /

It has been quite a different weather pattern since our rain in March. Ever since then we have had a lot of moist and very windy southeasters, which is the opposite of last year.

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Hammer out some flathead in Jumpinpin

Mick Morris | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Jumpinpin /

One of the best times of year to fish the Pin is during July. Cool clear days, light westerly winds and good water clarity encourage the bream to be on the bite with great catches expected all winter long. Bream are one of the most prolific species throughout the Pin system and are relatively easy to catch, which puts them high on most anglers’ lists.

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Mack attack on the Cape

Tim O’reilly | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cape York /

A nice late May kick to this year’s wet period has seen some decent falls over much of Cape York, especially areas of the mid-west coast and central Cape York. This might give an extra kick to the food web and base flow, igniting some of the Cape’s fish-filled creeks and rivers.

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Catching crackers in the cold

Danny Sands | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Gold Coast /

With little to no rain and a sudden drop in water temperature, all the estuaries and rivers have been crystal clear. This, aided by the offshore winds, has really cleaned and flattened out the surf, making fishing conditions excellent to fish. The Gold Coast is need of good rain to improve the fishing for both estuary and offshore.

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Head to your personal hideaway for fish galore!

Ben Stack | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cooktown /

July is a magical time in Cooktown and Cape York. The nights are cool, the stars are bright, the roads are dry and you’re guaranteed it won’t rain when you go camping. Over the next few months, the local contingent head bush – away from the bustle at every available chance. Some may head into the rainforests to chase jungle perch; others may head for the rainforest beaches and fish the creek mouths for saltwater species. The drier bushlands out west for freshwater barra is an attractive option or maybe right up into Princess Charlotte Bay where the great saltwater grounds are protected from the trade winds. However divided they are on location, they all agree that now is a magical time of the year to get out and explore the countryside.

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What cost is on your plate? Imported and local fish price and the impact of NFZ

Judy Lynne | First Published: July 2016   »  Feature Articles / Sunfish /

The first weekend of winter certainly set us up for a change. Up until then we had still been experiencing mild nights and warm days. In years gone by the bream would have been around in significant numbers by now but this year they hadn’t put in much of an appearance. I anticipate the wet will change things up.

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Best fishing times and tides: weighing it all up

Sean Thompson | First Published: July 2016   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

When is the best time to go fishing? If you are a regular angler you’ve probably been asked this a thousand times. Or maybe you’ve asked this of others. So what is the answer? Is there such a thing?

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Anglers love the winter weather on the Sunshine Coast

Peter Wells | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Noosa /

The fishing in the Noosa River over the past month has again been sensational; the river shows a great diversity at this time of the year, with the whole system producing great fish.

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Winter? What winter?

Jeff Wilton | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Hinchinbrook /

Wintertime in the tropics… it seems strange even typing that as so far we haven’t even seen a glimmer of winter. The water has cleared up a lot and the water temperature is down, but we have had humid days, storms and afternoon northerly sea breezes very similar to summer months.

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Winter fishing in the South Burnet

Matthew Langford | First Published: July 2016   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

There’s nothing quite like waking up to a cold, frosty South Burnett winter. It can be quite hard to pull yourself away from those woollen blankets, but the anticipation of a promising fishing session is always enough to get me out of bed, into some warm clothes and into the truck with either the boat hitched, kayak tied down or boots ready for an early morning start.

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The wonders of a warm winter

Clayton Nicholls | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Yeppoon /

The recent weather has been very good for fishing, the cold really didn’t hit until the start of June.

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Snapper time in Caloundra

Damian Parker | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Caloundra /

The Sunshine Coast has welcomed the arrival of one of our favourite winter reef species – big, beautiful snapper! After a long drawn out summer the water temperature has cooled down enough to see the larger red specimens come a little closer to our inshore reefs.

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Swipe right for a good knot

The Sheik | First Published: July 2016   »  Regular Features / Sheik of the Creek /

Round and round and round and round and round. I’m not talking about the federal election, or about the ceiling fan after just one sample of rum from the special Boobies Batch. Neither am I referring to my physical description on Tinder, if I ever was to go on Tinder, which I haven’t. In fact I don’t even know what Tinder is, and anyway, what’s wrong with that? Except that I don’t know what it is.

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From sublime to ridiculous

Garry Smith | First Published: July 2016   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Cairns /

Conditions this month can vary from sublime to ridiculous and the start of the cool weather has had its dose of both, so it’s anyone’s guess what the weather gods will dish up. When the weather smiles, make sure you make the most of it, as chances can be few and far between. The good thing is generally the fishing reflects the weather, so when it’s all sunshine and blue skies, the fishing generally matches.

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