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Moving on with the seasons

Glen Stewart | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

Seasons come and go. Autumns roll into winters and winters into springs. As fishers we sometimes see and seek the changes, depending on your experience the things you notice will vary. Modern distractions – life, as it were, can cloud or muddy the waters.

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Winter means blues and yellows

Anthony Stokman | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / South Coast / Batemans Bay /

If you asked a group of people to put up their hands if they love winter, you’d only get a few hands up. We have a love-hate relationship with winter. Yes, it may be cold. Usually that’s the only reason why hands are down.

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Cod upsizing as winter sets in

Dean Mcfarlane | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Tamworth /

In recent weeks we’ve seen some waterways fish extremely well, and others very poorly.

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Big fish time off Sydney

Darren Thomas | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Sydney / Sydney North /

Now that the ocean temps are decreasing, the colder water species are moving in. Our oceans calm with the turning of the East Australian Current, bringing back all manner of species that headed south for the summer. This, my friends, is big fish time.

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Topwater Inviational a unique cod experience

Tag | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Tournaments /

The inaugural JJ’s Plague Topwater Invitational tournament took place from 21-23 April at Copeton Dam. The event was created by Joel Edwards, owner and operator of JJ’s Plague Lures. He is widely recognised as one of the most consistent big cod fishers in NSW.

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Cooler morning cod catches

Adam Townsend | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The first frosts have already landed and the cooler mornings are here to stay, but not for long. If chasing XL Murray cod is on your bucket list then it’s time to chuck on the thermals, rug up and hit the water in search of that fish of a lifetime.

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Seafood basket from a kayak

Justin Willmer | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Kayaking /

With the chill of winter in the air some anglers opt to put their kayaks away in the garage or shed until the weather warms again. Others make the most of stable weather patterns and glassy days, the influx of bait into the rivers and estuaries and the cool weather species coming on the chew.

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Last chance for end of season trout

Steve Williamson | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / New South Wales / Freshwater / Jindabyne /

June has arrived and so has winter. The start to the snow season isn’t far off, nor is the close of the river fishing which will last until the October long weekend.

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Fish are firing across the board

Stephen Worley | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The fishing over the past months has been remarkably consistent. There have been no long periods of shutdown fish or baitless reefs. The fishing has been firing pretty much across the board.

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Big fish coming in to feed

Stan Young | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The mackerel season was a good one with plenty fish being caught, mainly school-size fish. As the season starts to slow down the big fish will come in close to feed on the massive schools of baitfish. Longtail tuna and cobia will be with the Spanish competing for the baitfish.

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In a Weipa winter wonderland

Mark Bargenquast | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Weipa /

Finally the southeast trade winds have arrived in force. This means beach fishing, rivers and inshore areas will be our focus for the next few months with fly anglers having an absolute ball.

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Every fish at its fullest

Jackson Bargenquast | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Junior /

The tropical waters of TNQ are one of the best examples of nature ‘on steroids.’ Everything alive is at its fullest. These fish-rich waters contain many different ecosystems that contain their own fish stocks and have their own successful ways of fishing.

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Hardly a harsh winter in Hervey Bay

Scott Bradley | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Hervey Bay /

June is a magical month of the year when you live on the Fraser Coast. With an average winter temperature of 23°C it’s hardly a harsh winter experience, but we still get the odd cold snap!

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Air fried Thai prawn spring rolls

Lynn Bain | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Cooking /

Air frying is one of the latest things in cooking techniques and as appliances go, air fryers have come to the fore in the last five years or so. In recent times, there has been a quest to reduce the amount of deep fried foods in the everyday diet of western civilisation. Frying in an air fryer instead of a deep fryer is the answer. You get the crunch without the oil.

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Mackay makes up for the cold

Keith Day | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Mackay /

At last the weather patterns seem to be settling into ‘normal’ conditions for this time of year. The aftermath of cyclone Debbie is still being felt throughout the area but gradually life returns to normal.

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Dropping blades and softies for June

Josh Dunn | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

As winter is underway there is already a great amount of action throughout the canals, Broadwater and Jumpinpin. Baitfish have inundated patches of the canals including the Logan River, Tipplers Channel, Coomera River and Nerang River.

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Finding the winning ways in winter

Jason Ehrlich | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Freshwater / Freshwater QLD /

Like it or not, winter is here and with it, changes will occur on the freshwater scene. Water temperatures will already be cool, but expect even colder frosty mornings to drop the temperatures more. It’s not all doom and gloom. Bait fishers will be able to keep catching fish and lure tossers will still be able to get into some action.

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Early pearlies still coming in

Ed Falconer | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Rainbow Beach /

The weather has been a bit up and down lately, but the fishing has been brilliant. Offshore has been nearly a repeat of the month before, again with fantastic fishing. There have been even more bag outs on pearl perch on quite a few trips. It’s still early for these fish, but we’ll take that.

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It’s a good day for diehard fishers

Grayson Fong | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Northern Bay /

The weather has hit the hiatus of comfort. The coolness of these winter mornings is enough to fire all senses up when you inhale that beautiful air on the water. Some say it’s living. I tend to agree, as you would be hard up to find a diehard fisher who doesn’t love this time of year.

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Plenty of winter options

Dylan Christie | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Gladstone /

In recent weeks we finally got a break in the weather, so the offshore brigade were able to get their fix. They were rewarded with some large Spanish mackerel, which have been taking fresh trolled baits such as doggy mackerel and garfish. If you prefer lures, two of the best producers have been Samaki Pacemakers and Yo-Zuri Hydro Magnums.

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Good signs for snapper numbers

John Gooding | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Brisbane Offshore /

With the water temperatures dropping a little more this month, snapper will become the main focus of anglers fishing east of the South Passage Bar. As I mentioned last month, there had already been encouraging signs with solid catches coming from the 33 and 35 fathom reefs.

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Cracking cool water cobia and mulloway

David Green | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Southern QLD / Gold Coast /

Out on the continental shelf, the water temperature drops to around 23°C and the current slows down. Despite this, June can be a great month to chase blue and striped marlin. In past decades, many tournaments were held around June. Striped marlin tend to be more common and some monster blue marlin have been hooked in June.

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Reel action not far from the shore

Lynton Heffer | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Port Douglas /

The seasons have changed. Days are getting shorter, water temperatures have dropped, currents have altered, the southeast trade winds are with us and we are into the next stage of winter fishing. There is a lot to look forward to despite some of our more popular species (such as barra) taking a back seat for a while.

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Chasing jacks around townsville

Dave Hodge | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Tropical North / Townsville /

For the last couple of weeks the young bloke and I have been out of service as my faithful old Mercury four-stroke has packed it in after 15 years. The last four and a half years have been very hard on her, and she’s delivered us many years of hard work and loyalty. Motors can’t last for ever I suppose, but this one certainly gave it a go.

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The barra bite sessions are busy!

Rob Howell | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

A month and a half on from the flooding and the lake’s level has finally stabilised. After this significant rain event, who would have thought that our good old Monduran winter bite sessions would prove to be nothing short of amazing.

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Weather windows of rippled glass

Von Ireland | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Stanage Bay /

Welcome to the latest news from Stanage Bay, Shoalwater Bay, Percy Isles and surrounding islands. As per usual we will begin with the Stanage Bay Road, our big driveway. At the time of writing, it’s fair travelling. The first half of the road has a good smattering of large pot holes, but you can see them before you feel them if you are driving sensibly. From the Army turnoff to the Stanage grid, especially the cattle property Couti-Outi, the corrugation is consistent, small but rigid. Make sure your mudguards and wheel bearing maintenance is up to scratch before leaving home.

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It’s the prime bream season

Phil James | First Published: June 2017   »  Area Articles / Queensland / Central QLD / Hervey Bay /

This month will certainly see the so-called bream season in full swing – the months of winter when the spawning of the species takes place. There’s no argument about this but let’s take a look at a whole year in the life of Acanthopagrus australis.

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Exploring the tropical north doorstep

Angus James | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

One of the many great things about fishing would have to be witnessing a mate catch a new species for the very first time! Recently I had the opportunity to fish with a fellow keen angler who is based down in NSW. He had been wanting to tick jungle perch off the list for a very long time and I was more than happy to help!

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The best NFZ headland fishing trail

Dan Kaggelis | First Published: June 2017   »  Regular Features / Area Report /

The Cairns Net Free Zone is blessed with many naturally occurring fish aggregation formations like the rocky headlands between Yorkies Knob and Taylors Point. These areas are the perfect places to begin your NFZ fishing adventures.

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Get ready for south Queensland bass

Wayne Kampe | First Published: June 2017   »  Feature Articles / Queensland /

Cooling weather and shorter days means that bass are following their age-old breeding patterns and getting together in big numbers to do what comes naturally. Being totally freshwater though, these fish won’t actually be able to breed. This means that right until spring, we can expect to find big schools of bass in our stocked impoundments.

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