Make the trip out for tuna time
Stuart Hindson | July 2017

A cracking black bream from the top lake in Merimbula with another hook-up in the background – awesome stuff.

It’s tuna time along the far South Coast of NSW with anglers fishing offshore from Merimbula getting amongst them. Recently we have seen favourable weather with flat seas making the journey to the tuna grounds that much more comfortable!
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As with the rest of the South Coast, the Eden area has quietened right down. With winter happening, it’s a long time until summer when the visitors will be back once again. The area has just received its first drop of rainfall over the last few months and it’s much-needed. This will be good for the fishing over the coming months.
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Mallacoota slows down for the cold
Kevin Gleed | July 2017

The entrance to Mallacoota Lake is almost closed and is only a stone’s throw wide.

After a long, busy tourist season the town is once again quiet and the big caravan park is nearly empty. There has been very little rain recently. This winter the cold weather is showing its head.
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The autumn weather was very mild and this winter will probably hit overnight, reminding you that you are on the far South Coast. There has been no shortage of visitors in the area, with plenty of caravans travelling along the coast taking advantage of the great weather, and fishing is one of the things on the agenda.
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Hasn’t rained on our parade here
Kevin Gleed | June 2017

Tailor and trevally are about in good numbers in the far south coast estuaries.

We’ve had excellent weather over the past month with little to no rain here in Mallacoota. The rain has been to the north and to the south of us, but here on the corner it has been missing us no matter where it comes from.
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Several species are slurping lures
Stuart Hindson | June 2017

Squidgy wrigglers are still a favourite for many bream anglers.

The rain we received last month has helped the local estuaries. Both Merimbula and Pambula lakes are picking up considerably. Over the last couple weeks we have guided there on several occasions and Merimbula Lake is a standout when the wind allows.
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The calmer weather options
Darren Redman | June 2017

Think outside the square – some tuna take jigs.

The start of winter usually heralds some calm cool weather. This is a time for anglers to take advantage of it and try some different options or techniques.
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Black bream can be finicky to catch, sometimes you need to change it up and think outside the square to get results.

The Merimbula region has received some much needed rain over recent weeks giving the local estuaries a good flush. This has really fired the fish up. Both Merimbula and Pambula lakes are fishing extremely well. The rain has discoloured the water to a degree and the water temperature dropped, but fish don’t seem to mind.
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Dead leatherjackets drifted into the lake on the tide.

Once again the town is busy. The caravan park is still full. It’s worth noting this is one of the biggest parks in Australia with over 800 powered sites all booked out. This year has been a bumper year for all businesses in Mallacoota. The past month has seen some good fishing both offshore and in the lake with a few fish also caught off the beach.
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