Chris Cotterill with a beast of a cod caught under a willow tree in June.

It has well and truly cooled off now and it’s only going to get colder. This will be the time many anglers pack up the rods to collect dust for the next three months in wait for the warm spring. If you’re reading this report then you’re in for a few secrets that will put you ahead in the fishing game and maybe convince you to keep the rods out for a little longer.
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Hit the rivers before it’s too late!
Wayne Dubois | June 2016

A great example of the type of trout available in the running water this month. With the trout season closing mid-month you better get your fix before that option is taken away from you.

With only a couple of weeks left until the end of the trout season, my first recommendation for this month would be to go and get your trout fix before that option is taken away from you. Most anglers who have not already gone up will be heading to the Eucumbene River to get stuck into some XOS trout as they attempt their spawning run, but if you are not into shoulder-to-shoulder fishing, then there are still plenty of options for you.
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Ghosting big surface cod
Rod Mackenzie | June 2016

Troy Harvey with a 114cm surface caught cod he landed on the Murray River.

With the expected seasonal break running late this year, the intermittent hatching of ghost moths had our native fish looking top side for a feed.
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Murray cod come out to boof
Adam Mears | June 2016

Hayley Macdonald sports a cold weather Murray cod taken slow rolling a spinnerbait early in the morning.

There is something special about this time of year, the freezing cold air and early starts make for some of the most picturesque moments you could hope for while out on the river. Low fog and the crunchy ice covered flora make trekking the rivers an interesting affair, but if you’re keen enough, the rewards are well worth it.
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Really large cod should be towed gently into the shallows for safe and easier hook removal, rather than lifted into a boat where they can be hard to handle and can cause a lot of damage to gear and themselves.

There has been a remarkable run recently of oversized Murray cod in Googong Reservoir, which is the backup supply of drinking water for Canberra and Queanbeyan. Normally anglers are prevented from fishing in terminal water storages for supposed health reasons but Googong is a special experiment, which has been running since 1976. Anglers are allowed access to limited areas of the reservoir during daylight hours only and limited to electric motors if they are boating.
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A winter bounty
Glen Stewart | June 2016

The size of Lake Wallace redfin in a few years time will be unbelievable. The record books could well be broken here at some time in the future.

Inside the car is warm and toasty, a cocoon that isolates you from the elements you must brave for a winter bounty. The first moment outside the car is telling – not quite fully layered yet, you search for the arm holes in your jacket and think, ‘wow, it’s cool out here.’ You won’t use the word cold just yet though, because cold is a going home word, and your fishing adventure has just begun.
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Soft plastics the flavour of the month
Steve Williamson | June 2016

Luke Taylor holds up a beautifully colourful trout!

June has arrived and we only have a couple of weeks before the end of the river fishing season in the Snowy Mountains. This year we get another week of fishing, as the rivers don’t close until the second weekend so we have until midnight on Monday 13 June for one last flick for early spawning trout.
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Paul Healey's 116cm monster caught during the Mulwala Classic.

The powers that warned every man and their dog in the land to avoid all blue green algae affected waterways had little education behind their poorly planned advisory campaign. What they forgot to tell us is that it does not affect the fishing or the fish themselves – fish have lived in it for millions of years
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Pre-spawn madness ramps up
Wayne Dubois | May 2016

A beautiful trout landed on one of the new Insanity Tackle Bling Spins. The Tumut River is a great place to fish at this time of the year and it doesn’t have the massive crowds associated with the spawn run rivers.

The weather might be cooling right off but the freshwater fishing in the greater Batlow area is just getting hotter. There are so many fishing options this month it is hard to choose where to fish or what species to target. Big Murray cod are starting to feed hard before the long winter ahead, trout are starting their spawn runs and redfin will be starting to form massive pre-spawn schools.
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