Fish feeding up before the spawning season
Wayne Dubois | April 2015

With the heat of summer now a distant memory, it is transition time for most fish species. The trout are feeling the temperature drop and starting to think about their annual spawning run and will be out to feed hard.
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Socks up in the sun
Rod Mackenzie | April 2015

With the full crux of the summer/autumn sun sizzling down on the noggin of any would be fishos, it’s fair to say the cod bite has slowed to a trickle. Early January was unseasonably cool and the cod seemed to enjoy the break, chowing down on both bait and lure. These mild conditions produced as good a bite as I have seen for that time of the season.
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Local streams invigorated
Bryan Pratt | April 2015

Trout fishing has picked up nicely in the Canberra-Monaro district in recent weeks, providing a pleasant contrast to the poor fishing experienced early in the season.
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Torn between species
Glen Stewart | April 2015

For me, April is a tough time of year. Not because there isn’t anything happening — quite the opposite in fact.
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Rain a big plus for the dams
Dave Mclean | April 2015

Mid-autumn can be the most enjoyable and rewarding time of the year, especially if you are chasing bass and golden perch.
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Lake Mulwala — Codaholics’ paradise
Tony Bennett | March 2015

With the absence of the bang and roar of the doof-doof boats marking the end of school holidays, the sound of electric motors quietly whirring, lures being cast with expectation, and excited cheers of a fish landed are far more pleasant. Don't get me wrong, we love the tourists in town, but like a scared turtle, fishos are just starting to poke their heads out again.
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Cod fishing heats up
Rod Mackenzie | March 2015

An unexpected wet spell coupled with cooler conditions set the scene for some excellent cod fishing action in our local waters this past month. Normally I would not hit the water during the heat of summer, but the cooler conditions tempted us to target some cod and we were not disappointed with the results.
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Awesome autumn
Adam Mears | March 2015

March can be a difficult month to fish in our waters around Tamworth, not because of the lack of activity, but the abundance of species on the move feeding up heavily before the winter chills slows the natives down for winter. Last month saw a good amount of rain bring some much needed flow back into the rivers, and a steady top-up to our picturesque dams that are still desperate for a well-deserved deluge.
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Good fishing, shame about the weather
Bryan Pratt | March 2015

Canberra and Monaro region anglers have enjoyed some top class fishing in the past month or so, despite the erratic and unpredictable weather.
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