Target trout in the cooler weather
Wayne Dubois | June 2015

One of the many trout landed on Insanity Tackle Slap Walkers at Tantangara last trip. Lipless crankbaits are a highly under-rated trout lure. They work sensationally well, are super versatile, and the trout have not seen too many of them.

Winter is finally here and although I love it, it can mean different things to different people. Some anglers will say that it is too cold for fishing, but when dressed appropriately and rugged up with thermal clothing and beanies, this ‘problem’ is overcome. Put simply, it is never too cold for fishing!
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Cod fishing cools down
Rod Mackenzie | June 2015

This monster Murray cod was caught trolling a 170mm King Mong. Big lures equal big fish as the water cools.

With the onset of cooler conditions, anglers have dragged out the thermals and donned beanies in preparation for the cooler months that lay ahead. The ‘true’ cod season is about to begin, where size outclasses numbers every time.
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Big cod are on the prowl
Adam Mears | June 2015

Buzzbaits and cod go hand-in-hand. This fish struck the topwater lure on a cloudy day.

What a beautiful time of the year; the icy cold air sharpening the senses of the keenest of anglers, the early morning fog cloaking the banks as we meander down to the water’s edge, leafless willows revealing their hidden pockets that had been blocked in the summer months, ice covered boulders lining the centres of the river, creating eddies that shelter our unseen adversaries.
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Countdown to the spawn run
Bryan Pratt | June 2015

Massive amounts of water were released from Lake Burley Griffin after Canberra received a month's rain in just 48 hours.

Anglers are counting down the days until the start of the annual trout spawning run in the mountain streams, as the first of the twitchy browns show in the Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers.
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Man up! Winter’s bounty is upon us!
Glen Stewart | June 2015

Did I mention it gets cold up here? Think about your layering system before you leave home and your day up at TCD will be longer and hopefully more productive.

It’s easy to say, I know. Your preparation is the key and it starts well before you get to the water’s edge. Quality outdoor clothing is essential, so do your research, shop around, and buy the best you can afford. Gone are the days of feeling like the Michelin tyre man, and traditional fabrics and modern blends all have their place when used in a layering system, so you can now be warm in the coldest of conditions.
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Rivers are soon out, but the lake is firing
Steve Williamson | June 2015

Todd Canham with a 55cm buck brown on a colour Y82 Tassie Devil.

June is the last of the river fishing season for us until October. Once the June long weekend finishes on the Monday, it’s back to the lake for the rest of winter and that’s not such a bad thing as it’s at its best then.
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Bass holding above the tree tops in very deep water. These can be caught slow rolling plastics across top.

Well I didn’t anticipate all the recent rainfall occurring down around the lower Hunter region, so my report for last month was way off the mark and I apologise for that. It was even worse than in 2007, when the same type of weather system — a big low — anchored off the coast and caused heaps of damage.
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Spawning season about to crank up
Steve Williamson | May 2015

Luke Wallace with a rainbow caught trolling a Willys Special Tasmanian Devil.

May in the Snowy Mountains is when the rules for spawning rivers like the Thredbo and Eucumbene change to a bag limit of only 1 trout over 50cm, so keep that in mind and always check with the local NSW Fisheries regulations before fishing any waterway.
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It’s cool and crisp out there
Glen Stewart | May 2015

It pays to put the small cod lures away this month. The smaller fish will still have a crack, don’t you worry about that.

The month of May can give fishos a real dose of what lies ahead. Those big cold fronts from down south can push up and give you a real hiding. Aside from these tough days, the middle parts can still hold some warmth, certainly enough for some insect hatches on the trout streams around Oberon and Tarana, although they will be brief.
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