It’s a holiday cod bonanza
Rod Mackenzie | January 2015

Mildura angler Gareth Lynch with a typical example of the size of the Murray cod that are biting well in most of the local rivers.

As cod seasons go, this one is starting off as good as any I can remember. It seems that every section of the Murray is producing fish, as are the anabranches and even the channels in between.
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Good rain does wonders for the fishing
Dave Mclean | January 2015

Jordan Armstrong, a very keen bass angler, with a beaut Glenbawn bass that fell to a Jackall TN 60.

The weather pattern has been quite mild this summer, and in late December we received some very welcome rainfall that breathed life back into the impoundments and gave the rivers a nice influx of clean water.
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The freshwater’s fantastic in February
Adam Mears | January 2015

Double hookup! This native pair took different lure types from either side of the same snag.

How the times change. For the past decade lipless crankbaits have dominated the inland fisho’s favourite lures’ tray and for good reason — they catch fish and will continue to do so for many years to come. But have you got one of those spots that used to fish well, but have since gone quiet? Or do you fish an area that receives a lot of angling pressure? Well I’m daring you to take up the challenge of fishing something ‘out of the box’.
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Summer’s here and the fishing is easy
Bryan Pratt | January 2015

Bass have apparently been illegally stocked in Lake Burley Griffin. This healthy 25cm specimen is the second caught in recent months. It was in perfect condition despite being well out of its natural range, the nearest of which are the drainage systems al

Summer had an erratic start in our part of the world, with hot weather mixed with violent short storms, quick reversions to winter, then back to warm weather. It still hasn't settled in mid-summer, but at least the fish behaviour has become a bit more predictable and anglers have reported some good captures recently.
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Crazy times!
Glen Stewart | January 2015

Sometimes you win, most times you lose. With some tackle adjustments made, we might see a few more bass of this size. Great fish Muz, the fight was a pleasure to watch.

For the most part, to catch fish consistently in February on the Central Tablelands it’s necessary to keep crazy hours. By this I mean being on the water pre-dawn for trout and native species, and fishing through until first light and a bit after, as this is when fish will be most active. Sure you can stay out, change tactics and still catch some, but you will have seen the best of it early.
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Head to the lakes for high country fun
Steve Williamson | January 2015

Sasan Beheshti with a brown trout caught trolling on a Tasmanian Devil holographic lure.

Due to the late season and cooler conditions in early summer, fly fishers are only now experiencing the best fly action in years. With lots of bugs about, the trout are leaping for joy!
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Lowering levels doesn't mean less catches.
Wayne Dubois | January 2015

Redfin bags like this are a real possibility in February. With Blowering quite low, there is less area for the fish to hide in, so finding them can be quite easy at times.

Falling water levels in our impoundments have become the norm during the summer months all over Australia, and is normally associated with shutdown fishing. This is certainly not the case at Blowering Dam though, where plenty of fish are still being landed.
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Mulwala cod clues
Tony Bennett | January 2015

Maccullochella peelii, greenfish, goodoo, ponde or even Murray cod — names that excite freshwater fishos more at this time of year than Santa Claus!
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While thinking about this report, with so many fishing options to choose from at this time of year I struggled to work out just where to start. The trout fishing is certainly in full swing, with warm weather encouraging plenty of insect life, and the water has reached the temperature the natives prefer and are firing on all cylinders. We don’t get many months of the year like this, so make the most of the good fishing we are experiencing right now.
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