In praise of spring
Glen Stewart | September 2016

It’s early to be jumping for joy in praise of spring around these parts. Winter’s grip is tight and the uncurling of its fingers takes some time. With the sun’s warming rays, you can watch them slowly unfold – the first signs are like pointers. The more you look, the more you see – green buds on the willow down by the creek, a warbling magpie chasing another on the wing, wood duck pairs landing in trees, all signs that spring is on the way.
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Living in Canberra, there are three attractive options for fishing this time of the year. You can head to the coast and chase the enigmatic bluefin tuna migrating through our most accessible waters. Try Burrinjuck Reservoir for a native or redfin. Or if you want to take a punt on the weather, you can visit the Snowy Mountain lakes and try for a prime brown or rainbow trout.
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Fishing banks is Tamworth it
Adam Mears | September 2016

It’s the time of year when birds are chirpy and bees are buzzing. Sleepy golden perch that lay dormant in winter have come out of the corner swinging like prize fighters. With the abundance of water that flowed through our inland rivers, both the dams and rivers are looking healthy and promising.
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A shift in angling dynamics
Rod Mackenzie | September 2016

Good rainfall has transformed dry arid landscape to one of carpet green. It’s a great start to the cropping season, and one that has more promise to come. As the wet continues, many smaller creeks and rivers have swollen and the good flows have carried into the main body of the Murray River.
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Treasure trout and goldies
Wayne Dubois | September 2016

As soon as wattle starts to blossom, I know it’s that time of year again. To me, and many other southern anglers, it means yella season. Golden perch, yellas, will be on most anglers’ hit list this month, for good reason.
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Golden season springs into action
Rhys Creed | September 2016

Warm weather is finally here and that means the spring golden perch run is on. This is an exciting time of year, as we get warmer, more enjoyable days with plenty of hard pulling impoundment goldens. Unfortunately, the Murray cod season has now closed for three months, so make sure you aren’t targeting our iconic species. They go into their breeding cycle now, and we need to leave them undisturbed until December. This is an excuse to tackle the fat resident perch.
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Skiers invade Jindabyne
Steve Williamson | August 2016

Brookies are available on the cast in August.

The mountains are now all white and the snow bunnies are everywhere. August is the busiest month for Jindabyne township, and traffic jams are common early and late in the day as everyone heads to and from the ski resorts.
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Using the elements to your advantage
Glen Stewart | August 2016

Down the hatch! Skirted jigs are a great option at this time of year, and wind-blown shorelines can concentrate food and fish. Bottom contact is important, so don’t be in a rush to move the lure – when you do just use small hops and drags.

It was late August last year, water temperatures had bottomed out, the wind was howling, and small white cap waves were breaking on the rocks. I was out chasing early season golden perch in Windamere dam. The little 3/8oz skirted jig hit the bottom in 10ft of water and with two small hops I was on. Water movement in dams can concentrate food, and when this happens all manner of species respond.
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Trout eggs lost in bankside vegetation after river levels fall are lost to the system.

The massive run of prespawning brown trout in the Thredbo and Eucumbene rivers this year was one of the largest many anglers can remember and has given rise to an unprecedented number of trophy fish photographs for fishers to admire in future years.
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