No boat, no problem
Wayne Dubois | August 2014

You don’t need a boat to catch good numbers and sizes of golden perch at Blowering Dam at this time of year. I caught this ANSA ‘Length Only’ record golden perch off the bank at this time last year.

During August the water level in Blowering Dam is generally slightly on the rise. It is common knowledge that slowly flooding water over new ground, weed beds and snags is normally associated with fantastic fishing no matter what species you are targeting. These sorts of conditions draw fish up into the edges of the dam to hunt for food that has just been submerged by the rising water levels, and these fish are normally very active and can be quite easy to catch.
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Warming to the winter chill
Rod Mackenzie | August 2014

The No. 1 StumpJumper continues to catch cod. Tony Heywood was more than pleased with this metre cod that smashed his lure.

Winter is the season that reminds you that angling is most often practised by those who care little for comfort. Wind and sideways rain have made for several memorable trips lately, and while the weather might be a little cold the angling has remained quite good as we continue to fish our way through one of the best cod seasons I can remember.
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Good daytime fishing
Scott McAuliffe | August 2014

Matt Kanck of Wagga with a beautifully coloured Eucumbene brown.

As is to be expected during this time of year, the fishing in the Murrumbidgee and its tributaries is pretty slow and like most winters it’s only the big guys that are playing the game.
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Windows of opportunity
Dave Mclean | August 2014

This healthy bass was caught at St Clair walking the banks using a TN 50 Jackall.

This can be a very enjoyable time of the year to be out on the dams chasing bass and goldens as the rivers are still no-go until the end of the month.
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Slow in the snow
Adam Mears | August 2014

The author worked the shadow lines during the day for this healthy greenback.

Over the last month the crisp mornings and moderate winds have taken their toll on our native treasures, with many trips yielding lacklustre results. It’s not all doom and gloom though – those anglers willing to put in the hours will eventually be rewarded. It helps to focus on the warmer periods of the day between 10am and 2pm when the water temperature is slightly higher and the Murray cod are on the move.
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Cold cod the best cure
Ian Page | August 2014

This is what winter fishing is all about on the Murray. Fit and healthy fish that can make your day.

Interesting time of year as we drift deep into winter. It has always fascinated me that some of us hang up the gear and wait for better weather while the seasoned anglers continue to come in the shop buying big lures and showing photos of their catches.
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Mountain snowfalls welcomed
Bryan Pratt | August 2014

Golden perch are modestly active in Burrinjuck Reservoir, taking small spinnerbaits, bibless minnows, worms and yabbies.

After a nervous wait in early winter, anglers in the Canberra-Monaro district are now delighted with the amount of snow that has fallen on the Snowy Mountains in NSW and the Brindabella Mountains in the ACT.  In the Brindabellas there was an extensive snow cover right down to the edges of some suburbs after one major fall. The main areas in the Snowies have at least 1m of snow cover and it is much deeper on the upper parts of the Main Range. The even better news is that there is a lot more to come before the end of winter.
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The fair wind blows
Glen Stewart | August 2014

Cold water August cod are not out of the question. Fish the right water under the right conditions and anything is possible.

Traditionally August can be a little windy to say the least. Winter at lower altitudes is starting to loosen its grip, but not up here at 900-1200m. Winter always lingers on so come prepared. It takes me about 10 minutes to get to Thompson Creek Dam, a climb with a gain in altitude of 150/200m, and the temperature difference on some days can be incredible.
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Bumper melt coming up
Steve Williamson | August 2014

Amanda Walshaw with a healthy winter rainbow.

We certainly had a good start to the snow season this year and the snow keeps on coming, which will be excellent for the rivers and streams when it melts in spring. At the moment there is 2m of snow on top which means good lake levels for the spring, and in fact we could end up with 100% capacity again as we already have 88% and the lake is still rising.
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