The talk of the town
Wayne Dubois | March 2014

Hauls of redfin like this are getting harder and harder at Blowering Dam. However, because this is due to the massive increase of Murray cod in the lake, it isn’t a bad thing.

Blowering Dam is the talk of the freshwater fishing scene this year thanks to the high number of 1m+ Murray cod that have been caught there since the season opened in December. If you are on social media at all you’d know that there haven’t been many days where there haven’t been pictures of massive Murray cod caught at Blowering Dam.
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Too hot for native fish
Rod Mackenzie | March 2014

Fish and chips – a couple of surf caught bronze whaler shark destined for the plate.

You know it’s hot when you bounce out of the ute barefoot and you can feel the tar move beneath your feet.
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Local lures produce the goods
Scott McAuliffe | March 2014

Michael Kanck from Wagga picked up this cod slow rolling a Mudguts spinnerbait across a man-made rock wall in a local canal.

March is a great month for chasing natives in the local area. It’s generally the last month before the water temps drop below a level that is comfortable for golden perch. We will almost certainly see a decline in the number of these fish caught between now and the next report, so if you like chasing goldens you need to make the most of this month and get out there with your small 50-60mm hardbodies and small single-blade spinnerbaits. Purple is a very hard colour to go past for golden perch or, if that doesn’t produce, bright green has worked quite well for a couple of local anglers lately.
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Zeroing in on the bass
Dave Mclean | March 2014

Greg Eslick and son Jasper at St Clair with a brace of bass.

This month we should see the weather become a lot more enjoyable for fishing and, because this is the beginning of autumn, the bass can change their eating habits as both the water and air temperatures start to fall. During this time of the season the fish can stay on the bite for longer, which can account for a greater number of fish being caught.
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Green and gold rush
Adam Mears | March 2014

Jamilla Hile with her very first cod caught on a lure taken near Uralla.

If you haven’t heard the deafening screech of the cicadas by now you might need a hearing check. For some people the sound drives them crazy but for we anglers its music to our ears because it normally means one thing: surface fishing! Watching these green fish belt surface lures is number one on the fun scale and it’s as easy as casting out and slowly retrieving.
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Settled water brings rewards
Ian Page | March 2014

Fishing from the bank with lures or bait can cost you a bit in tackle, but you have to be in it to win it. March is as good a time as any to get yourself a cod or golden from the bank.

As our weather and water levels have settled down into a more regular pattern, so have our fish. I regard the next three months as the best time to fish.
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Fish after dark if you want cod
Bryan Pratt | March 2014

Some of the big surface lures that have proven to be effective on big Murray cod at night.

ACT and district anglers have taken to the relatively new sport of surface luring for Murray cod at night in spectacular fashion. There have been numerous good catches in the urban and regional lakes and rivers in recent weeks.
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In need of a drop
Glen Stewart | March 2014

By the time you read this we will hopefully have had some rain. It’s been so dry and hot that not even the weeds have been growing! Just the other day my son and I fished a small local waterway for cod and goldens on one of those exceptionally quiet afternoons with not a breath of wind. The bush was so dry we could hear little skinks scurrying about in the leaves 30m away, but unfortunately the fish were a lot more quiet than the skinks. Not the best time to fish.
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Edge fishing improving
Steve Williamson | March 2014

Lucy Sacco from Sydney with a brown caught on a Willy’s Special Tasmanian Devil.

What was a cold start to summer ended up a very hot end for all of us down south. However, now that we are heading into the first month of autumn, the water on Lake Jindabyne should start to cool quickly, and with a return to the cooler water temperatures we should see an improvement the edge fishing around the lake for the shore based anglers. For the last month or so the downrigging was very good and made it easy to catch a fish as long as you had all the gear to deep troll.
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