Fishing pressure prompts lockjaw
Rod Mackenzie | July 2015

Josh Volf with a ripper Murray cod caught deep trolling the pool water.

In the lead up to the cool blast of winter’s chill, the cod fishing along the Murray River has dropped away this past month, with many anglers finding it hard to put a bend in a rod. Maybe the increased influx of angling traffic at many locations has prompted the lockjaw attitude of the local cod population.
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Wily trout outwit anglers on spawn run
Bryan Pratt | July 2015

Bryan Pratt checking out the browns and rainbows on a likely new fishing location near Nimmitabel, Kungla Lakes.

By the time you read this, the contest will be all over, because the trout stream season closed in NSW and the ACT on June 8. The challenge between anglers and the brown trout on their annual pre-spawning run in the Thredbo and Eucumbene Rivers has been a beauty this year.
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Winter wonder lust
Glen Stewart | July 2015

A Major League curve ball. Bait fishing in mixed species’ dams at night during winter is always a lucky dip. This time it was Alex Hickson with his hand in the prize bucket. I wish it was me…

Living where I do, you get to appreciate the four seasons. I remember a conversation I had with a mate of mine who had shifted to 1770 in Queensland for a short stint:
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A bait-soaker’s dream
Steve Williamson | July 2015

Jye Murphy nailed this brown from the Thredbo on a Rapala lure.

As we move into the second month of winter the brown trout spawning is well underway and the rainbow trout are also starting to run.
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Tough times on the lakes
Dave Mclean | July 2015

Lake St Clair bass holding on bottom on a very cold day. Heads up, I have even given you the waypoints!

July is probably the hardest and most demanding month to catch fish in our impoundments in the Hunter. The 2 main factors are the cold westerly winds and the water temperature dropping to its lowest of around 11 degrees. However, if you can manage to get 3-4 days of consistent high pressure with very little wind, then head out as it can be quite enjoyable on the water.
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The plug’s getting pulled
Tony Bennett | June 2015

James Ryan with is first-ever cod. A beauty that measured 92cm.

Trying to predict what's happening in and around Lake Mulwala at present is nigh impossible. As I write, we have a lake that sits at 96 per cent full. Within days, the plug will be pulled, and it will all vanish in a hurry. Not knowing exactly how much it will be drawn down makes it hard to guess about the fishing. If history is anything to go by, best bet is to hook the boat up and get here in a hurry.
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Target trout in the cooler weather
Wayne Dubois | June 2015

One of the many trout landed on Insanity Tackle Slap Walkers at Tantangara last trip. Lipless crankbaits are a highly under-rated trout lure. They work sensationally well, are super versatile, and the trout have not seen too many of them.

Winter is finally here and although I love it, it can mean different things to different people. Some anglers will say that it is too cold for fishing, but when dressed appropriately and rugged up with thermal clothing and beanies, this ‘problem’ is overcome. Put simply, it is never too cold for fishing!
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Cod fishing cools down
Rod Mackenzie | June 2015

This monster Murray cod was caught trolling a 170mm King Mong. Big lures equal big fish as the water cools.

With the onset of cooler conditions, anglers have dragged out the thermals and donned beanies in preparation for the cooler months that lay ahead. The ‘true’ cod season is about to begin, where size outclasses numbers every time.
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Big cod are on the prowl
Adam Mears | June 2015

Buzzbaits and cod go hand-in-hand. This fish struck the topwater lure on a cloudy day.

What a beautiful time of the year; the icy cold air sharpening the senses of the keenest of anglers, the early morning fog cloaking the banks as we meander down to the water’s edge, leafless willows revealing their hidden pockets that had been blocked in the summer months, ice covered boulders lining the centres of the river, creating eddies that shelter our unseen adversaries.
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