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Natives and imports biting hard
Wayne Dubois | February 2016

Another stonking Tumut River rainbow. Fish of this size have been very common this season.

February may be a hot one but it does not have to mean no native fishing. There is still great Murray cod and golden perch fishing to be had for those willing to get up super early or start late in the day and fish through the night.
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Cod fishing in a furnace town
Rod Mackenzie | February 2016

This monster cod at 118cm took a liking to the fluoro orange Codzilla in dirty water conditions.

The full wrath of summer has seen the fishing slow down considerably along the Murray, with temperatures frequently pushing through the 40°C barrier. Not much fun on the water, with most sessions aimed at first and last light. While angling conditions are less than favourable, spare a thought for the poor cod that are drawn up from the depths into the unnatural furnace like conditions of summer.
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Pressure on local rivers eased
Adam Mears | February 2016

Hayley Mcdonald with a river black fish. These little natives should be handled with care and returned carefully to the pristine waterways in which they live.

With the country music festival been and gone, the streets will clear and the dust will settle on our normally quiet town.
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Murray cod dominate conversation
Bryan Pratt | February 2016

Everybody is talking about one thing at the moment— Murray cod. After a three-month closed season designed to give the fish a chance to breed undisturbed, the fish are now fair game again and anglers are out in force searching for them.
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Searching structure in summer
Glen Stewart | February 2016

There is a lot more to trolling than meets the eye.

It’s hard not to get all caught up in the sights, smells and sounds of summer, cricket on the radio, the rumble and shake of an approaching afternoon storm, the soft straw colours of first morning light in an open field, the smell of wet grass after the storm…
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Patience you must have, my young angler
Steve Williamson | February 2016

Young Edward Keys with his first ever trout – what an achievement!

As reported last month, the river fishing season was very late this year and is only now about to peak. Due to the late season and cool conditions, flyfishers are now experiencing the best flyfishing for years, with lots of bugs about the trout are leaping for joy!
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Mulwala doesn’t disappoint
Tony Bennett | January 2016

I hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the opening of cod season, it’s shaping up to be a cracker! All fishing methods this time of year should see you in with a great chance of action.
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Ripper cod season coming up
Rod Mackenzie | January 2016

Michael Wenning with a example of the monster cod that reside in our local waters.

While there are good flows in the Murray River the water clarity is not that great. In saying that, a few cod are being landed on lures and most of these fish have been quite large.
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Cod season in full swing
Adam Mears | January 2016

Hayley McDonald with a beautiful Murray cod taken on a recent trip on the Namoi.

The golden days of January are upon us, and with the combination of warm water and afternoon thunderstorms we are guaranteed a season of fantastic fishing around the region. As a cod fisherman, this is the time of year that I love most, the cicadas are in full song as they drown out an otherwise peaceful riverbank and the baby birds of spring past are trying to leave the safety of their nests.
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