The season that was
Rod Mackenzie | October 2014

Rod Mackenzie with a sizable golden perch caught on a Bassman Mumbler.

With the Murray cod season finished its hard not to smile as I look back over the past nine months and reflect on the many captures and lessons learned.
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Going with the flow
Dave Mclean | October 2014

Pete from Glenbawn with an ice-jigged bass.

The season appears to be about two to three weeks behind last year’s, with the water temperature yet to get into the 20s. Providing the weather remains stable and as the days get longer, this should help improve the fishing.
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Fishy activity hotting up
Adam Mears | October 2014

Spring has sprung and with the return of the warm weather the activity around our local waters is heating up. The golden perch are on the move and feeding heavily after doing their best to continue the bloodlines of one of our favourite inland sportfish.
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Seeing plenty of red and gold
Ian Page | October 2014

As we get deeper into spring with the days both longer and warmer, its hard not to appreciate how special and diverse the waterways in our region are.
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Spring slow in coming
Bryan Pratt | October 2014

Nathan Walker nailed this fine rainbow on his first cast at Pejar Reservoir but it was the only fish he saw all day.

A month or so behind the rest of Australia, Spring is underway in the Canberra-Monaro district. It's always slow. That's because there is so much high country, so much snow and so much cold weather to dissipate before the warming sun drags us out of our warrens. Now it has, and we are in full fishing flight again.
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Soaking up the sun
Glen Stewart | October 2014

Immerse yourself in the colours and happenings of an October spring trout steam.

I may be slightly premature with this headline. I have lived in the district long enough to know that we can still get stung by a cold front from the deep south, but for the most part the tables have turned weather-wise. The fish know it too, especially the natives.
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Early starts to bring best results
Steve Williamson | October 2014

Justin Hoffman with a 52cm brown trout caught fly fishing on the lake using a Steve Williamson Snowy Mountains gold fish fly.

October of course is the month that river fishing anglers look forward to with another river season opening on Saturday 4th October.
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Sirens blow on another cod season
Tony Bennett | October 2014

A new full of crays, a nice reward for the Lowe family.

The last siren just sounded for the end the 2013-14 Murray cod fishing season.
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Last siren call
Tony Bennett | September 2014

Riley Norrish with his 42cm trout cod from the Murray River.

The final siren is about to sound on the 2013-14 cod fishing season from September through to November inclusive. For those that are keen, you have a week or so to track down that elusive green beast you may have been chasing season long!
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