Rug up and get amongst them!
Wayne Dubois | July 2016

Another big lake trout fooled by an Insanity Tackle Mini Vibe. These big trout will be about in good numbers this month.

It can be pretty cold up in the greater Batlow area during July, but if you dress appropriately it can be a great time of the year to be on the water. Thermals, beanies, hoodies and a jacket are necessities at this time of the year and if you buy quality gear, you will barely notice the cold.
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What’s up with the pressure?
Rod Mackenzie | July 2016

One of two giant cod landed as the presser pushed through 1027.

As we learn from the best of bites, we equally learn from those trips that fail to tempt a single bump. Each as important as the other, they are mulled in the angling mind until a link or pattern begins to form.
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Cold and clear, but cod aplenty!
Adam Mears | July 2016

Hayley McDonald with a lovely little cod caught on a pink Full Moon spinnerbait.

We’re well and truly into winter now, and if you’re not debating staying home and warm by now, then you are a hardy and seasoned angler who lives and breathes fishing. Or maybe you’re like me… just plain crazy!
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Nathan Walker with a magnificent 4.2kg brown trout caught on a size 16 black nymph in the Eucumbene River. The fish was well upstream on its annual pre-spawning run and was fighting fit, providing a good test for the 3.6kg fluorocarbon leader in the fast-

Despite indifferent weather, with several heavy snowfalls, winds up to 120km per hour and night-time temperatures of minus 8°C, anglers have gathered in large numbers in an attempt to catch a trophy brown trout.
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TCD trout challenges
Glen Stewart | July 2016

Post spawn and pre spawn trout can be targeted quiet effectively with soft plastics, the 3.1” OSP HP Shad tail has been a standout performer for me this season.

I was struggling to sleep; the moon was so bright it was like somebody had left the bedroom light on, only there was no switching this one off… My only option was to pull the swag flap up a little higher and just grit and bear it. It did get me thinking though… moon phase and fishing has been linked for thousands of years with arguments for and against; its one sure way to get some interesting opinions around the campfire.
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If you’re not sure, fish the shore
Steve Williamson | July 2016

Ellis Murphy with a 3kg brown trout he caught spinning from the shore.

Winter has finally arrived after a very slow start. Again June’s temperatures continued to be a little above average, which did make it quite pleasant to sit by the lake and trout fish.
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Quality over quantity
Tony Bennett | July 2016

Tanya Cannon with her 46cm silver perch that she caught recently.

As the temperature takes a sharp nose-dive, so too does the constant stream of productive fishing reports. On a positive note though, the cod we are hearing about are generally of above average size.
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Lake Mulwala - still worth a visit!
Tony Bennett | June 2016

Daneka Robinson with an 80cm cod she caught off the surface.

The Lake has resembled a ghost town over the past couple of months, and it’s sad to know many have missed out on some great fishing opportunities due to an ill-informed scare monger campaign over blue green algae. I hope our local and state governments spend as much on promoting our area as they have on keeping people away once the all clear is given. As the weather cools and the rains continue, it’s only a matter of time.
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Chris Cotterill with a beast of a cod caught under a willow tree in June.

It has well and truly cooled off now and it’s only going to get colder. This will be the time many anglers pack up the rods to collect dust for the next three months in wait for the warm spring. If you’re reading this report then you’re in for a few secrets that will put you ahead in the fishing game and maybe convince you to keep the rods out for a little longer.
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