A blooming good time for all

I’m sure most of us are more than thankful to see the end of Winter. The sight of everything in full bloom and enjoying warm weather is about as good as it gets in my books.

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Yellas head the agenda

After Murray cod and cray seasons have come to a halt, footy finals and the Deni Ute Muster are at the forefront of most bush anglers’ minds at this time of year.

Plenty biting in the backwaters

It’s time to put down the heavy artillery and pick up the lighter tackle to focus on the finesse side of our fishery.

Scale down for the goldens

Just like last year, it seems as though the Murray Cod have taken absolutely no notice of their closed season, they seem to be dominating the catches of most anglers.

Season running a little late

The season appears to be a little later this year than most, with the water still a bit slow coming up to the prime figure of 18°-19.

Season looks promising

The streams that have been closed to fishing during the past four months reopen this month and all the signs are there for a good season.

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