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Cod season’s last hurrah
Rod Mackenzie | September 2015

Rod Mackenzie with a nice sized Murray cod taken on the troll during winter.

We’ve just passed the slippery dip side of winter spiralling headlong into the welcome warmth of spring. It has been a long cold winter along the Murray and while the fishing has been tough some awesome fish have been landed by those prepared to brave the elements.
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White mantle for Canberra-Monaro Peaks
Bryan Pratt | September 2015

We had a fair bit of snow in the mountains this winter, and with the promise of more to come this augurs well for later run-off, which will keep the trout streams running for many weeks in springtime.
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It’s a spring thing
Glen Stewart | September 2015

Bottom contact and skirted jigs go hand in hand at this time of year for goldens. Try casting and retrieving them in the back yard. In no time you’ll be identifying grass, gravel and rocks with your eyes closed.

Early September can be real trap for visiting anglers from lower altitudes. Spring may have sprung down your way but up here on the central tablelands of NSW it’s still cold. We’d be lucky to get three or four days out of the month that feel like spring. That’s not to say the fish don’t or won’t bite though! It can actually be a very good time to fish.
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Tough month for predictions
Tony Bennett | September 2015

Sasha Jovanovic with an impressive 105cm Murray cod.

Lake Mulwala is filling at a steady pace, by the time this report goes to print the lake will be full – so guessing at how the lake will be fishing is nigh on impossible!
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The wind is my friend
Glen Stewart | August 2015

Bottom contact, lure and leader selection are all things you need to take into consideration when targeting brown trout in Thompsons Creek Dam.

The wind is my friend, the wind is my friend, the wind is my friend. The power of positive thinking will surely be tested this month and next up at Thompsons Creek Dam. I have often doubted my intentions, right up until that next rainbow trout smashes my spoon and gets aerial and then the wind is soon forgotten.
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Cool mantle of winter in Canberra-Monaro
Bryan Pratt | August 2015

Sections of Lake Jindabyne freeze over in winter, so it pays to dress appropriately.

The Canberra-Monaro district is now in the depths of winter, with snow and ice abundant on the mountains. This means a major change in fishing tactics that visitors in particular should take note of.
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A high barometer can save the day
Dave Mclean | August 2015

Bass and estuary perch together so you can see the difference. That’s the EP at the top.

August can be a very enjoyable time of the season to head out for a fish, but the mornings can be cold and foggy, although are usually followed by very bright and clear days. It is also quite common to get long periods of high barometer readings, which tend to peak around midday. This is the peak bite period.
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Transition time and there’s fish about
Wayne Dubois | August 2015

One of the many treetop huggers caught last August/September. Don’t wait until mid spring to start targeting golden perch; this month is 1 of the best of the year.

Winter might not be quite over yet, but anglers will already be getting itchy feet as they anticipate the warmer conditions and better fishing ahead. The weather will be starting to improve this month, which is great for fish and anglers alike, but it won’t be warm enough for the skiers just yet, so anglers should get the lakes to themselves. This transition from winter to spring can really get some fish species fired up, so it pays to make the most of it while you can.
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Boom or bust time
Tony Bennett | August 2015

Vanessa Bennett with her 110cm monster Murray Cod.

Predicting what could be happening in and around Lake Mulwala fish-wise at present is nigh on impossible. As you’re reading this, the lake should be filling, or has refilled, after being drawn down to around 20 per cent over the winter period for maintenance and weed issues. How the cod will resettle back into their home snags is anybody's guess. If history repeats from the last drawdowns, the end of cod season should peter out quietly, with action expected to return to normal come the opening of the season on December 1.
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