530 million reasons to wine
Rod Mackenzie | May 2014

John Erikson with a healthy golden perch trolled in the Murray River near Wemen on a 120 Codzilla.

Have you ever wondered on the many things that influence cod fishing? A billion and one variables that can be traced and blamed on specific things, some as far removed as one could imagine.
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Lure fishing shines
Scott McAuliffe | May 2014

Be prepared for cold weather if you're heading up to Eucumbene. This photo was taken down behind Sawyers Hut in 2012, we spent most of the day trekking through 1ft-deep snow.

The Murray cod fishing in the region continues to deliver outstanding results to those anglers who put in the work.
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Bass on the move
Dave Mclean | May 2014

As we move into the end of autumn the weather patterns have been fairly consistent, with several days of constant high pressure and luckily not too much wind. The fishing has been a bit fickle, with some good days and some very ordinary.
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Braving the elements
Adam Mears | May 2014

Greg McLeod displays a beautiful Murray cod taken on a Codseeker surface popper.

By the time you read this the start of the cold season will well and truly be upon us. Wintertime in the New England can be bittersweet; the cool air comes down and turns early tranquil mornings into picturesque frost-lined banks, lined with willows that show a bare skeleton of their once striking green appearance.
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Time to evaluate
Ian Page | May 2014

Adam Crawford caught this great cod near the Headworks on a bardigrub.

With the cooler weather starting to set in, it is a good time to evaluate our techniques to get the best results for the time we spend fishing.
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Dismal trout scene
Bryan Pratt | May 2014

Golden perch have been good fun on bait and lure amongst the trees in the Murrumbidgee Arm of Burrinjuck Reservoir.

As we move from summer to autumn there is still a great deal of gloom amongst Canberra-Monaro trout fishers. As we reported earlier, something is terribly wrong in our lake and stream fisheries.
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Get your game on
Glen Stewart | May 2014

If you want to step up your fishing results, the key is preparation, homework, and the ability to adapt to suit the prevailing conditions. Carl Jocumsen is a young guy from Toowoomba fishing in comps in the USA, and he takes all those steps to the next level. If you get a chance, jump on the ‘net and follow his progress.
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Trout predictions
Steve Williamson | May 2014

Jason Pointu with a rainbow caught on a Willy’s Special Tassie Devil.

The talk of late, reported in all different types of press, has of course been about the mystery disappearance of rainbow trout in the Snowy Mountains lakes.
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Focus on the running stuff
Wayne Dubois | May 2014

Redfin of this size have been a tough proposition at Blowering over the last few months, that should change this month as these fish form larger schools and become much more active. These two fish were part of a large haul caught slow rolling Ecogear Gras

I love fishing at this time of the year. The tree-lined creeks and rivers with the stunningly coloured autumn leaves on poplars and willows make for some amazing backdrops whilst fishing. These picturesque surroundings are also handy when it comes to photographing your catch, as they make most fish look even more stunning then they already do at this time of year. If you’re targeting trout, they will be in full spawn colour; add to that the stunning backdrop and even the worst photographer will get some good shots.
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