Pre-spawn madness ramps up
Wayne Dubois | May 2016

A beautiful trout landed on one of the new Insanity Tackle Bling Spins. The Tumut River is a great place to fish at this time of the year and it doesn’t have the massive crowds associated with the spawn run rivers.

The weather might be cooling right off but the freshwater fishing in the greater Batlow area is just getting hotter. There are so many fishing options this month it is hard to choose where to fish or what species to target. Big Murray cod are starting to feed hard before the long winter ahead, trout are starting their spawn runs and redfin will be starting to form massive pre-spawn schools.
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Late autumn amusement
Glen Stewart | May 2016

Fly anglers are very much in tune with their surrounds, and guys like Juan Luis Del Carmen (the Spanish master) even takes the full fly tying kit for changes on site.

Around the gardens the colours of autumn are fading fast. Leaves seem to cling to branches, hanging on with every last ounce of strength, but the inevitable will come soon enough, a graceful fall back to mother earth, another cycle of life will be completed.
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Amanda Walshaw with a brown and a rainbow accompanied by a girl’s best friend – Chloe the dog.

Welcome to May, the month when we really see a change in the weather in the Snowy Mountains. The mornings are often frosty and close to 0°C and the days see temperatures between 15-24°C. The cooling water makes now a great time to catch trout.
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Lows flows and big cod
Rhys Creed | May 2016

The author with a cracker surface cod caught in Old Man Creek.

Welcome to the all-new column for the Wagga Wagga region! It’s great to be on board writing this report for you all and I hope I can help share some secrets and tips that will help you catch more fish! The report I’ll be writing will cover a range of different locations in the Riverina region.
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Regional lakes still productive
Bryan Pratt | May 2016

As soon as there is substantial rain in the catchment, masses of brown trout will enter the Eucumbene and Thredbo rivers on their pre-spawning run and attract anglers from far and wide for the annual madness.

Burrinjuck and Wyangala reservoirs have dropped alarmingly in recent months as water is bled off for irrigation, but this should have ceased by now and hopefully enough water will remain to enable the fish to survive and thrive, which really should be (but isn’t) an essential part of the management aim of the water authorities.
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Steamy Autumn Nights
Adam Mears | May 2016

Topwater yellowbelly catch – you don’t see that everyday!

The hot weather has dragged on into late autumn; these steamy nights keep anglers awake with the heat and the thought of catching some beautiful native fish. This anticipation eventually leads to euphoria when that bait, lure or fly gets nailed and the hand-to-hand battle of fish versus angler is won!
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You autumn be out cod fishing!
Tony Bennett | April 2016

Matthew Turner with his 98.5cm cod from off the top.

Without wanting to give the impression there’s only one lake in the land to chase cod, you’d have to have a screw loose to pencil in any other destination when it comes to targeting cod than Lake Mulwala. The reason we’ve heard so many reports recently is a result of numerous factors including great weather, super water quality, new refined techniques and switched-on anglers but the most overwhelming factor I believe these days is social media.
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Teaser a trout in April
Wayne Dubois | April 2016

A beautiful Tumut River brown trout fooled by one of the new Insanity Tackle Bling Spins. Stick to spinners with a rear teaser for best results in running water.

In the greater Batlow area it’s a cracking time of the year with great weather, great scenery and good fishing to boot. One of my absolute favourite places to fish at this time of the year is the Tumut River. Mostly because it is normally in low flow, but the giant poplar trees shedding their stunning autumn leaves makes for a spectacular backdrop to you fishing and for the pictures when you land a good fish.
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Autumn cod begin to fire
Rod Mackenzie | April 2016

Tim Polis landed this solid cod on the troll using a giant Cod Dog lure.

The season has been very good so far in our local waters, with numerous big cod landed on bait and lures. Word spreads fast where fishing is concerned, and a hot bite will often draw anglers from far and wide.
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