Winter surprises abound
Dave Seaman | July 2017

Two big silver trevally and a blanket of mullet in the water are typical of the leases in the lower section of the lake.

The waters of the Wallis Lake system and surrounding areas never cease to amaze me. The seasonal visitation of transient species reads like a bucket list of angling achievements throughout the year: small hammerheads in November, giant herring in summer, kingfish in autumn, bonito and small tuna until winter and big slabs of silver trevally during winter – that’s just to name a few.
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Fishing in July is worth the effort
Mark Saxon | July 2017

Dave Marler with a rock wall bream caught on a plastic.

It’s easy to turn off the alarm and pull the doona up on a fresh July morning, but be warned – you could be missing out on some top fishing this month if you don’t get out of bed and switch the kettle on!
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It’s bream time at Harrington
Ian Pereira | July 2017

Bream are almost always on the cards in the Manning estuary.

The past month has had many changes in weather and fish movement. The mullet have run and the overall catch by the netters was not up to usual standards. The weather was not consistent with nice sunny days mixed up with rain, wind and southerly seas.
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Great fishing from the stones
Paul Lennon | July 2017

Tailor will be in numbers from the rock and beach this month.

Despite July being smack bang in the middle of winter, it’s always a good month for fishing in Port Stephens. If you can put up with the cold, there’s some great fishing to be had with bream, luderick, drummer, tailor, salmon and snapper all on the chew.
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There are plenty of good pearl perch out on the reefs.

Winter has finally decided to show its face on the Mid North Coast of NSW after a mild autumn that brought reasonably settled conditions. The fishing has been fairly good with the transition of species providing the possibility of some quality mixed bags, especially when fishing offshore.
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Plenty of species are still biting
Brent Kirk | June 2017

The cooler months provide some awesome rock fishing opportunities.

June on the Mid North Coast usually brings with it some cool, dry and reasonably settled conditions. One thing is for sure though; if you get it right, there is still some red-hot fishing action available.
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June brings on the big changes
Paul Lennon | June 2017

Cabbage for luderick can be sourced from the ocean rocks on a low tide.

While some months the fishing doesn’t change much from the previous month, June brings some big changes. Many species that were around last month like marlin, cobia, longtail tuna, and – to lesser extent – whiting and flathead, are now virtually non-existent.
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The mullet are running
Ian Pereira | June 2017

Bream are getting ready to run to the north to spawn.

It’s always an exciting time at Harrington when the mullet run. This usually starts around ANZAC day when the winds blow from the west or southwest.
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Scott Jarret with a nice mackerel taken on his jet ski recently.

June may be one of the cooler months on the calendar, but I have no doubt that with the rivers clearing from the recent rainfall, the fishing is going to be hot! This is the time of year to get out your winter clothing and get into some great fishing. Just think of all the bonuses like fewer crowds on the water and at the ramps. Let’s have a look what’s on offer in the Port Macquarie region.
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