Shallows activity full to the bream
Grayson Fong | November 2017

Mick Thompson enjoying a bit of summer breaming.

If you haven’t been fishing this month, you better have a really good excuse. With the warm weather and increased water temperatures, the northern bay is aging like a good red wine.
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Have fun trolling, if you catch my drift
John Gooding | November 2017

November is a transitional month east of the South Passage Bar, with water temperatures on the rise, and anglers are starting to target the pelagic species. Mahimahi and a few small black marlin have been caught and their numbers will increase in the coming months along with Spanish mackerel and wahoo.
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Plenty of options for November
David Green | November 2017

Spring has seen unseasonably high water temperatures on the grounds off the Gold Coast. There have already been quite a lot of blue marlin and large yellowfin caught on the wide grounds. November should see a further increase in water temperatures to around 24°C. Overall, November is a good month to fish both the Gold Coast estuaries and offshore grounds and there are plenty of options this month.
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More to do in Moreton Bay
Nabeel Issa | November 2017

The fishing just keeps getting hotter! The Southern Bay has been fishing great with all sorts of species coming on the bite this spring. Bream, mulloway and snapper have been around in good numbers. Plenty of anglers have been getting out there and stuck into them. The weather has also helped, with some awesome mornings over the past month. Moreton Bay is a great place to be at this time of the year.
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Hungry, aggressive fish make a lot of fun
Gordon Macdonald | November 2017

Hot summer conditions catalyse hot angling action. As the waters warm within the bay and estuaries, the metabolism of many species increases and their aggressiveness soars. Mackerel, mangrove jack, estuary cod, threadfin, sharks, crabs and tuna species will be common fare within their respective waters. There’s a broad array on offer. Heightened baitfish activity will bring some quality pelagics into the bay. With the hot sun beating down, anglers need to apply sunscreen, put on some protective clothing and keep up the fluids, but piscatorial rewards are out there for the taking.
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Warmer waters with hotter fishing
Mick Morris | November 2017

The temperature of the water is finally starting to warm up, which will fire up the ‘Pin and make for some hot fishing right through November
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Turn up the heat
Damian Parker | November 2017

This month, our local water temperatures increase and so do the fish numbers. We’re spoilt for choice as the pelagic fishing fires up towards December.
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Many fish on the move
Danny Sands | November 2017

The Great Northern Brewing Co. Flathead Classic run by the Gold Coast Sport Fishing Club is done and dusted, with 240 teams fishing and over 4000 fish caught in the three day competition. Conditions were not the best – 25 knots and northwesterlies made fishing very tough.
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The pelagics are here in force!
Peter Wells | November 2017

It’s been a crazy start to the pelagics season. Mackerel, tuna and mahimahi are really firing as the warmer currents start to make their way down Australia’s Eastern seaboard. It’s fairly unusual to see big mackerel so early in the season, but there have been some outstanding fish boated over the last month.
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