Wild weather makes fishing tough
Ed Falconer | April 2015

With strong winds putting a hold on fishing charters of late, and pretty much all offshore fishing through February off the cards, we have only managed a few fishing trips.
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A welcome change
Grayson Fong | April 2015

Jonathan Thompson landed his first river threadfin salmon.

This time of the year has to be one of the favourites for many anglers in South East Queensland as we start to bid farewell to the balmy nights and blistering hot days, and start to say hello to the cooler autumn months.
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Big bluewater bonanza
David Green | April 2015

Tracy Mannem with a nice mackerel taken offshore of the Southport Seaway

April brings with it some milder temperatures and slightly more pleasant weather, and with that come a whole host of fantastic estuarine and bluewater targets.
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All fine in the south
Nabeel Issa | April 2015

A nice sized flathead caught on a 4” Z-Man Curly-Tailz.

As we head towards winter the weather should start to improve and become more stable, bring welcome relief from the wet and windy conditions that dominated the start of 2015.
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The tough fishing continues
Brad Mckendrick | April 2015

The past few weeks have been worse than average for fishing, with a late season cyclone and rough seas driven by high winds, and rain, rain and more rain.
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No fool fishing in April
Mick Morris | April 2015

The author’s brother Richie with some thumping Jumpinpin tailor.

April is a cracking time of year to fish the Pin with the weather mostly perfect at this time of year. It’s getting cooler but the days are still warm and all your favourite Jumpinpin species should be on the bite.
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Rain brings on the mulloway
Danny Sands | April 2015

The Gold Coast has seen its fair share of rain over the last few months. With the precipitation and the start of the transition stage, both winter and summer species should fire in April.
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Family fishing fun on the Sunshine Coast
Peter Wells | April 2015

With the school holidays upon us a great way to keep the kids happy is a family fishing trip. Whether it be on a boat, up the beach, or on the rivers, the Sunshine Coast has it all.
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Happy days on the northern bay
Grayson Fong | March 2015

I said to my wife, as a New Year’s resolution I’m going to try to see the positive side of things more than focusing on the negative. With so many negative aspects of the world being broadcasted on the news and on social media, it’s very easy to be caught up in bad thoughts and views, leaving you nothing but a little miffed with the world.
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