Get stuck into quality fish
Ed Falconer | July 2014

A pair of quality coral trout caught by Joel on the Keely Rose.

What a great run of weather we've had, so many days of perfect ocean conditions. There have been plenty of chances to head offshore and get stuck into some quality fish.
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Full cold ahead
Grayson Fong | July 2014

With a great autumn behind us it’s full ‘cold’ ahead for the winter and, by all vibes, reports and whisperings the fishing has been pretty good around the northern bay.
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Feast or famine offshore
John Gooding | July 2014

A quality Shallow Tempest snapper.

This past month has been a real mixed bag. Some days the fish want to jump in the boat and other days we’re struggling to get a bite!
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Being behind is getting ahead
David Green | July 2014

Aykut Ahmet with a nice flatty. Flathead numbers on the flats and weed beds will greatly increases this month.

This year has been unusual as everything seems to be a month behind on the offshore grounds. The water temperatures have been quite high and the mackerel and wahoo have stayed active right into June.
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Aim high this winter
Brad Mckendrick | July 2014

Annie with a canal flathead.

We have enjoyed a great season across the Sunshine Coast; winter has provided numerous opportunities to catch some quality fish and none are regarded higher than a large snapper.
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Dry July makes for great fishing
Mick Morris | July 2014

Nothing beats a good quality winter Jumpinpin lizard.

July is just a wonderful time of year to head out to the ’Pin with cool clear days and light winds make for top fishing conditions.
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Thick and fast tailor action
Jason Wallis | July 2014

Brad with a decent mulloway caught and released after a good fight.

This is one of the best months by far for tailor. They come on thick and are well under way on their migration run north to breed. We should make the most of it while it lasts because come mid-August they will be all but gone.
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Cold produces red hot fishing
Peter Wells | July 2014

Bruce Waldron and Ian Markwell earned a $50 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with these quality mulloway from Chardons Reef.

Winter has arrived, but don’t let this be an excuse to hang up your fishing gear just yet, as there is some superb fishing happening at the moment!
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Flush out flourishes canals
Josh Dunn | June 2014

Seeing an awesome sunset like this is just one of the amazing things you will encounter when fishing!

As the cooler weather sets in, along with the rain that flushed out the canals a few months ago, it's a good time to head out into our canals. Big bream, whiting, tailor, trevally, plenty of mullet and the odd flathead will fill our bags this month.
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