Red shines on Rainbow
Ed Falconer | January 2015

One of the many nice snapper that have been caught on the Keely Rose lately.

Our fantastic run of weather has continued, allowing for many successful fishing trips offshore.
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The snapper will keep you busy
John Gooding | January 2015

Not a bad by-catch. This cobia was caught floatlining for snapper.

The weather pattern over the past month or so has been average to say the least with strong northerlies dominating.
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Black are back for marlin mayhem
David Green | January 2015

Michael Green with a nice blue marlin. There have been plenty of blues around the 150kg mark out wider.

This month should be a sensational one for chasing small black marlin on the inshore grounds off the Gold Coast. With earlier great fishing around Hervey Bay, the southern push of the East Australian Current will see huge numbers of 15-40kg black marlin arrive on the Gold Coast this month.
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Early anglers make the catches
Nabeel Issa | January 2015

Snapper like this 50cm model have been a common catch in the shallows.

Summer has well and truly settled in, and the fishing has certainly followed suit. December has always been a mixed month for me, the fishing fires but contending with the extra boat traffic from holiday-makers always makes things a little tricky. Anglers having the most success have been getting out on the water early before the crowds get in.
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Jacks in January
Ben Job | January 2015

Jacks are on every angler’s mind in January

In January, pelagics will be in full swing and the rivers will be firing. Anglers will be able to target a heap of different species both inshore and offshore.
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Deep diving and suspending lures are great offerings for jacks as they get down into the strike zone and entice them to strike.

With the festive season all but over and the kids now back at school there will now be a lot more space between boats out on the water. The chaos of the holiday period can at times quieten the fishing action due to the extra boating traffic including fishers, sailors, jet skiers and other boating enthusiasts.
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Pelagic pandemonium for the New Year
Brad Mckendrick | January 2015

If you had any doubts that summer was going to be quiet then I am sure your opinion has changed. Mackerel and tuna are everywhere at the moment along with a large range of pelagics making every angler anxious to get out on the water. From the first day of summer, we just knew we were in for something special this season and so far each trip just confirms just how good things will be.
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Fire up the reds
Mick Morris | January 2015

Jason Pivott with some quality Jumpinpin whiting.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s and is ready and raring to get stuck into what should be another cracking year of fishing the Pin. There are going to be plenty of boats heading out over this school holiday period chasing a feed of bream, whiting or flathead and they should all be around in good numbers right throughout January.
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Red brigade on parade
Jason Wallis | January 2015

Jarad with his PB 58cm jack taken on a well presented plastic. He has got the goods – time, patience, energy and he never takes his eye off the ball. This all equals results!

All reports have been hot and cold with some great catches one week then barely a fish taken the next!
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