Baitfish bring bread and butter species
Grayson Fong | February 2015

Tristan Taylor with a nice trevally taken in the northern bay.

What good fishing weather we’ve had! Yes, we have had the occasional rainy overcast day and windy weekend but on a whole the days have been quite favourable for anglers both inshore and off.
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Waiting for the speedsters to arrive
John Gooding | February 2015

Amberjacks have been showing up in mixed bags from out wide.

So far this season, the pelagics have been fairly erratic east of the South Passage Bar, but there has been enough positive signs to think we could get a good run of both Spanish mackerel and wahoo in the coming months.
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The Goldy’s on the boil
David Green | February 2015

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Back to work for fish and fishos
Nabeel Issa | February 2015

Well with the holiday period over and everyone back to work and school, the fish have finally had a chance to recover and in the next month we should start to see some great fishing to finish off the season.
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Light tackle champions offshore
Ben Job | February 2015

February is a good month to target mackerel of all species on the close reefs.

It’s been the best light tackle marlin season we’ve had for a few years and, with a bit of luck, February could be when it’s at its peak!
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Frothing for February fishing
Gordo | February 2015

February can be a really mixed month and the quality of fishing will depend on how much rain we have experienced in recent weeks. In years past, many of the creeks and rivers have been in flood during this time, making fishing extremely tough.
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Summer is on fire
Brad Mckendrick | February 2015

Noel McFerran with a hefty cobia taken out wide.

Summer is really on fire across the Sunshine Coast with schools of munching mackerel and hard-fighting tuna smashing bait from Caloundra to Noosa.
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Finessing February flatties
Mick Morris | February 2015

Bailey was stoked with his two Jumpinpin lizards.

February is a great time to go fishing now that the holiday period is over and there will be less boat traffic out on the water.
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Love to fish, live to release!
Jason Wallis | February 2015

Brad Stuart has landed another cracking example of summer time fruit. This fish has more colour than most jacks normally have. A picture prior to release has said 1000 words.

The fishing has been a little hard going but is set to get better as all the holidaymakers vanish. Less humans, more fish, that’s my theory anyway.
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