Fingers crossed for settled conditions
Ed Falconer | April 2016

Some big spangles came to the party last month.

The weather gods haven’t been too kind in the past month with strong winds and swell dominating reports. We managed only a couple of offshore trips and I don’t believe many other boats got wet either.
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Bream play a numbers game
Grayson Fong | April 2016

David Simmons enjoying the spoils of the good weather!

What a weather rollercoaster we have had over the last month! The weather gods have thrown the full works at all anglers over the South East region. I would like to say we get some reprieve in the northern bay but being an east-facing fishery, we have little to no protection from the southerly onslaught we have encountered.
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Offshore Brisbane offshore are swell
John Gooding | April 2016

A nice mahimahi all lit up after it came aboard.

The past four to five weeks have again served up fairly average weather here in the South East corner with some big seas coming off the pair of cyclones out in the Coral Sea.
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Dreaming of marlin? Get out there!
David Green | April 2016

It’s always awesome to witness an aerial show performed by a big marlin!

April is a good month to chase mackerel, wahoo and blue marlin off the Gold Coast. As the current slows a bit and the water temperature drops a few degrees the bottom fishing also improves on the 36 and 50 fathom line. This season has been a very erratic one for game fishers in this area. Strong southeasterlies have made it difficult to get out, and a lot of the fish headed south and missed the Gold Coast grounds. Despite this, there have been patches of really good fishing when conditions allowed.
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Big-time tuna hit!
Nabeel Issa | April 2016

A perfect example of a bait ball in Moreton Bay. This is what the fish will be carving through – quite often you will see the dark shadows near the surface, just before the water erupts!

The weather has started to cool down but the fishing remains hot! Apart from all the wind we’ve had, the fishing has been great with plenty to go around. The dreaded southeasterlies have caused havoc – it seems every weekend the winds would pick up to 20 knots. Luckily there have been some breaks lately and anglers have made the most of it with some trophy fish!
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Get active in April
Gordon Macdonald | April 2016

Prawns have been thick over the last few months. Jeff scored well over 1kg of these succulent bananas in a single cast.

After an awesome summer of fishing, crabbing and prawning, it’s sad to see the warmer months behind us. Although the warm, balmy days have declined, April still has plenty on offer for keen anglers.
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With prawns come predators
Mick Morris | April 2016

Piepa Griffiths caught this elbow slapper near Slipping Sands.

April is a fantastic fishing time of year at the Pin with cooler weather, dropping water temperatures, and plenty of fish on offer. There should still be some banana prawns around in the main channel between Jacobs Well and Cabbage Tree Point, the Logan River, and all the way to the top of Macleay Island. These prawns will attract bigger fish like snapper into the Pin area which makes now a great time of year to catch a few.
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Rob See with a sunrise Spanish mackerel.

Most anglers have had a bout of cabin fever over the past couple of months so hopefully the crazy wild weather will turn around in April. The target species in April will be varied, and will include blue and striped marlin on the wider grounds and wahoo, Spanish and spotted mackerel on the closer reefs.
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Reef it up offshore!
Peter Wells | April 2016

Daniel Penny won the $50 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with this mangrove jack that he caught and released on a Noosa River Fishing Safari.

Pelagics has been high on the agenda for most offshore anglers. One particular reef that has been fishing extremely well lately is North Reef off Noosa. With a great variety of fish like yellowfin tuna, big Spanish mackerel and wahoo hanging around, it’s not hard to understand why!
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