Start the year with your new fishing gear
Grayson Fong | December 2016

Ryan Dixon landed a great estuary cod.

As we roll past another festive season, it’s always great to start the year by christening your newfangled fishing gear on the waterways you’ve grown to love. The Christmas period is always loaded with extra boat traffic around the Northern Bay, and this year has been no exception.
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Summer fishing forecast looks good
John Gooding | December 2016

These quality fish were caught from from 70m.

I hope everyone got through the festive season okay and Santa got you that rod and reel you wanted. At the moment on charter we’ve still been pulling good numbers of quality squire with the odd snapper tossed in, from both the wider grounds in the 70-90m and also the Shallow Tempest area.
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The New Year season is o-fish-ally open!
Gordon Macdonald | December 2016

Have your spin rod rigged and ready, because there’s plenty of hungry longtails.

Hopefully once everyone has recovered from their Christmas festivities, they will manage to get out onto the water and experience some of the quality fishing on offer. The run of pelagics in the bay should continue to improve over the coming month or so with the fishing getting easier due to a slight decrease in boat traffic and fishing pressure. It’s now time for serious anglers to reap the aquatic rewards in the form of mackerel, tuna, threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, estuary cod, crabs, prawns and numerous others. The sun is beating down and the temperature is rising quickly in the mornings, however the quality fishing on offer is definitely worth tolerating the elements.
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Make this year about fishing
Mick Morris | December 2016

Whyatt Saverin proudly shows off his dad’s thumping jack.

Happy New Years to all. Let’s hope this is our best fishing year yet and everyone finds more time to get out on the water to catch more fish. Last year was a great year for fishing the ‘Pin and now that the system has had a good flush, the fishing should be set to improve.
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No run, no fun
Damian Parker | December 2016

Now is a good time to troll baits for a feed of mackerel.

This year has started with a consistent run of pelagic species. Spotted and school mackerel have turned up thick and fast across Caloundra 5, 7 and 12 mile reefs, Hutchinson Shoals, Gneerings and the Barwon Banks.
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Pelagics are pulling lines
Danny Sands | December 2016

The year is starting off with marlin.

Happy New Years! Hopefully Santa left some fishing goodies to play around with. January is always a busy time on the water and some days it’s rougher inside on the Broadwater than the deep blue sea. The wind plays a big role in January as the northerly winds will turn blue water into green lifeless conditions. This will make fishing quite tough, so hopefully the southerly winds will keep the blue water nice and close to our shores.
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All I want for Christmas is a mangrove jack
Peter Wells | December 2016

Terry Panton from Thornton with a thumper jew.

With summer now in full swing and Christmas over, what better time to head to the Sunshine Coast to fulfil that fishing addiction? With plenty of action on the rivers, offshore and on the beach, anglers have been really spoilt for choice!
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Swing into Southern Bay
Tyler White | December 2016

Jordan Kelly with a bream caught at night off the Redland Bay jetty.

With the New Year here already and Christmas over, hopefully you were all able to dodge the poor weather, and have found some time to get on the water and have a fish. With the holidays still in full swing, the boat traffic on the water is extremely high, and luckily, this hasn’t stopped the fish from biting – with plenty of fish being caught throughout the bay.
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Huge catches for the hot month
Ed Falconer | December 2016

We have been catching heaps of quality snapper at Rainbow Beach.

We’re still having a fantastic run of weather, even this late in the year. Offshore, reef fishing continues to be outstanding with very consistent hauls on every trip. Snapper have been the dominant species on most occasions. The old fashion dropper setup is out-fishing plastics and the floater setup.
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