Top water action set to explode
Josh Dunn | March 2014

Now that the slightly cooler weather and the rain has started to set in, we should see a lot more top water action and activity throughout the local canals.
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Fab weather marches on
Ed Falconer | March 2014

The reef fishing has been great. This young lad kept up with the adults catching a decent scarlet perch for his dinner.

We have had another nice little run of weather that allowed us to get offshore a few times with fantastic results.
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Testing climate promotes fishing
Grayson Fong | March 2014

Clontarf local Will Lee with a solid estuary cod.

What a month we have had! With Mother Nature’s minor hissy fit during the early stages of last month, northern bay anglers were ducking for cover and retreating to their favoured estuarine haunts in desperation.
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Mackerel mania
John Gooding | March 2014

My new 9m boat allows up to 8 crew to get out amongst some of the best fishing the south east has to offer

Cyclones and tropical lows during January and early February kept offshore fishing to a minimum but when the wind and the seas settled, the mackerel fishing was red hot!
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Wahoo not waning
David Green | March 2014

March is a great month for blues. This one was caught on board Gemma 3.

If the weather settles down this should be a great month for chasing game fish off the Gold Coast. The marlin have been in good numbers around the bait schools on 36 and 42 fathoms and the Spanish mackerel have arrived in numbers on the close in reefs.
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Wahoo are about in numbers amongst the hoards of mackerel. Better fish will be available in March.

March is always a great month to attach ourselves to a wide range of species in our area. This will be a bit of a transition month where our warm water pelagic are still around in healthy numbers but a range of tasty reefies will start to present themselves as our coastal currents slow.
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Heading towards the end of the season
Brad Mckendrick | March 2014

Spero's wife with a couple of quality spotty mackerel. The spotties have been great and the Spaniards have also been about in good numbers.

If there was one word that we could use to describe the summer weather it would have been ‘windy’. It’s funny how it can put a bit of a dampener on the fishing but the positive side is that the fish are just waiting for a good feed so it has its advantages.
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Bring on the March rains
Mick Morris | March 2014

The water temps haven’t dropped too much, so there is always at chance of a decent pelagic, like this Spaniard.

Well the unusually dry summer has slowed up the fishing, but as soon as those rains arrive then I’m tipping it is going to fire up! It will spill much needed nutrients into the system and I can’t wait to get out there and get amongst it.
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Royal catches on the queens
Jason Wallis | March 2014

A 107m queenfish taken by Charlie Gittens from the southern end of the passage. His Dad was under strict instruction to chase the fish with the tinny as it near spooled him several times.

March is the month the water starts to cool down, this in turn will start to switch our warm water species off and cold water species on. It can make fishing a little slow at times but it won’t last.
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