Braining the bream
Grayson Fong | June 2016

The author releases some hefty bream he caught in the Northern Bay.

That would have to be one of the mildest autumns we have had for years! Don’t worry, there is no complaints from this happy angler, as the weather gods have finally cast a generous eye on us over the last few weeks, allowing anglers to spread their wings throughout the bay.
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‘Free spooling’ for snapper
John Gooding | June 2016

A solid bull mahimahi taken out wide.

At this time of year, most anglers fishing east of the South Passage Bar have switched their focus and are now targeting our number one reef species in the South East, the snapper.
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Mulloway madness kicks into gear
David Green | June 2016

Big mulloway are a winter specialty on the Gold Coast.

The water temperature on the wider grounds should drop this month, but it is still up to 26°C on the wide grounds. This month is a good one to troll the wide grounds beyond the continental shelf, as the current tends to eddy a lot and slow down.
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Pelagics tick all the boxes
Nabeel Issa | June 2016

Jamal Kanj with a Moreton Bay bullet! This tuna fell to a DUO stickbait thrown into a feeding frenzy!

The snapper continue to fire on all fronts! The fishing in Moreton Bay has been fantastic over the last few months, and with things the way they are, hopefully this will continue through winter as well. We have had a great run of tuna show up, both longtail and mac, plus the odd Spanish and spotty mackerel and schools of mulloway – what an awesome fishery. Oh and don’t forget the squid, plenty of them around too!
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Big winter bream reward an early start
Gordon Macdonald | June 2016

Bream numbers will increase over the next few months and anglers will have plenty of opportunity to target them from land-based locations. This Wellington Point specimen was one of several taken on small minnow lures during a recent trip.

If you hate the cold like I do, then June will require a lot of warm clothing and a decent incentive to get you out onto the water. However, with species such as tailor, bream, snapper, squid, mulloway and many more on offer, anglers shouldn’t need to think twice about trying their luck. Early morning rises and sojourns at night generally reward anglers with quality captures. Let’s look a little closer at some of your June options.
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Fishing hot as cold sets in
Mick Morris | June 2016

Richie Morris caught this great flattie on a black and red Zerek Tango Shad near Rocky Point.

It’s been a great start to winter with most of our favourite species of fish on the bite. Flathead and bream have been around in good numbers with the odd good whiting, mulloway and tailor also being caught.
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Rig up then rug up
Damian Parker | June 2016

Jason with a cobia caught off a local reef.

The Sunshine Coast has been a little hit and miss over the last month or two due to poor weather and seasonal change. Transitional periods see a decline in water temperature from around 24-25°C and soon will drop to around 20°C and even lower.
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A fine time to head offshore!
Peter Wells | June 2016

Now that the prevailing south-easterlies have started to ease a little, anglers are able to head offshore and be rewarded with good numbers of both mixed pelagic and reef species. It’s that magic time where you’re blessed with the best the pelagics have to offer as well as the snapper really embracing the run.
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Having a pearlier out wide
Ed Falconer | May 2016

Red emperor and pearl perch have been thick, and getting a feed of either hasn’t been too hard.

We’ve finally got a bit of a break in the weather, which has delivered a few trips offshore and some awesome fishing.
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