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Filled to the brim with bream
Grayson Fong | February 2016

Jesse Gough with a fine peninsula bream.

The Northern Bay has been absolutely humming this summer, and ample amounts of anglers have enjoyed the fruits of their labour during periods of good weather. For the past month we have been peppered with some solid southeasterly winds, which is a dream come true for anglers in our beloved Northern Bay as bait schools are forced into pockets along the Peninsula and filter into the mouths of our major tributaries – the Pine and Caboolture rivers and the Pumicestone Passage. Breaks in the wind patterns allow anglers to venture offshore, which have allowed extra fishing time for many keen anglers, and good catches reported in all corners of the bay.
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Mahimahi and snapper madness
John Gooding | February 2016

A quality mixed catch of juvenile snapper and mahimahi.

We had a fabulous run of weather just prior to Christmas and the fishing turned it on for us.
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Bills abound off the Gold Coast
David Green | February 2016

Michael Green with a nice striped marlin taken out wide.

So far this season the pelagic activity off the Gold Coast has been quite erratic. The weather has been quite difficult for offshore anglers, with long periods of strong south easterlies and rough seas.
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Big mongrel mackerel
Nabeel Issa | February 2016

Brandon’s tuskfish caught on a shallow diving rankbait in less than 1m of water at Goat Island.

The last month of summer arrives as the kids get back to school. Holidays are well and truly over! If you have been lucky enough to get out and fish over the last month I hope you managed to get into a few! From all reports, January was a mixed month in the Southern Bay. Reports of spotty mackerel were common, with the odd snapper and mulloway caught. The biggest factor has been the unpredictable weather – if you found a calm day, you had to get out there and make the most of it!
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Torpedos firing in the Bay
Gordon Macdonald | February 2016

There have been plenty of spotted mackerel around over the last few months with most being in the 65-75cm range but some have been over 90cm.

Anglers who ventured across Moreton Bay through late December and January encountered numerous schools of pelagics on their travels. Tuna, mackerel and bonito were fairly prolific at times and there were periods when schools would bust up all around me. This action should hopefully continue into February to provide some high-speed fun for those hot in pursuit. February will also offer anglers plenty of opportunity to tangle with estuarine, bay and offshore species, as well as numerous crustaceans.
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Patience is the key to unlock salties
Mick Morris | February 2016

For those who get a break in the weather and like to head outside, there should be some pelagics on offer as the temperature of the water is warm and the water quality is good.
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Goldy fishing goes into overdrive
Danny Sands | February 2016

It’s great to see young anglers enjoying their fishing.

February is shaping up to be a great month for fishing and with the pelagic season already under way off the Gold Coast you will see good numbers of mahimahi, spotted mackerel, wahoo, black marlin and the odd Spaniard.
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Out of the fire into the ‘Frying Pan’
Peter Wells | February 2016

James Orr boated this quality northern bluefin tuna at North Reef.

With the rush of the school holidays over, the amount of boat traffic on the Noosa River has dropped. At the mouth of the river, the ‘Frying Pan’ is the place to get a great feed of summer whiting. Fishing for whiting on surface lures has to be some of the best fun you can have standing up; these feisty little fish punch well above their weight and are great fun on light gear.
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Hot pelagic action out wide
Damian Parker | February 2016

The author was happy with his mahimahi caught at Caloundra Wide.

We have had a steady start to 2016 with reasonable pelagic action hitting our waters. The water temperature has reached its turn on temperature at above 25°C.
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