Flattie fun in the winter sun
Grayson Fong | July 2015

Bring it on! Beautiful crisp days for winter fishing, it's a great time of year to be in Queensland. Cool westerly winds have populated the recent weather forecasts as we forge our way through yet another winter. Granted this one has been a little cooler than the last few years, but the welcomed change has really fired up the fishing throughout the northern bay.
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Here come the snapper
John Gooding | July 2015

A couple of solid mulloway that swallowed livies out wide.

What a change a degree or two in the water has made! Last month the temperature was heading up around 25°C, but on my last few charters it was around 22.5°C just outside the South passage Bar, and out in 90m it was 23.5°C. It was like someone had hit the switch and on came the fish!
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Gold coast fishing planner: July
David Green | July 2015

Brad Job with a nice winter snapper. Expect to see catches on the increase now.

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Moreton bay fires for July
Nabeel Issa | July 2015

Mangrove jack guru Mick Horn is still getting into the red fish through winter with this great snapper caught on a Z-Man StreakZ rigged on a TT jighead.

This cold weather has really fired up the fish in Moreton Bay in the last few weeks with some of the best snapper reports I have heard for a long time.
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Aquatic winter wonders
Gordon Macdonald | July 2015

July will see good numbers of quality bream within the estuaries, creeks, rivers and canals. Luke tempted this one on a lure recently.

With winter well and truly upon us, the cold weather species are now near the peak of their prominence. Bream, snapper, mulloway, tailor, squid and several others will be noticed in numbers throughout the coming month.
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Riding the winter wave
Brad Mckendrick | July 2015

Noel handles a hefty mulloway caught offshore on the Sunshine coast.

After such a drawn out summer season the winter species are finally in full swing, and to the delight of anglers the fish are big and biting hard.
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Get out for a bream bash
Mick Morris | July 2015

The author’s brother Rich with a 69cm flathead caught while trolling in 2ft of water.

The bream fishermen love this time of year as the westerlies kick in and keep the water temperature low that the big bream love.
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Flathead fanatics all set
Danny Sands | July 2015

Aiden jigged up this barrel size mac tuna.

July would have to be one of the better months to fish on the Gold Coast. The cold weather usually keeps the jet skies and boaties off the water, making fishing a lot more pleasurable.
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Winter time is snapper time!
Peter Wells | July 2015

Brian Martell won this week's $50 Davo's Tackle World Fish of the Week prize with his first Spaniard from his little Polycraft runabout.

With the cooler months upon us, offshore anglers really start to look towards the bottom for a good feed of fish. With the pelagics moving away to the north, snapper are the prime focus for most offshore anglers.
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