Great weather run brings huge rewards
Ed Falconer | August 2014

Local Brad with a big Rainbow Beach trout, the fish of dreams for many anglers.

What another fantastic run of weather we've had, with some fantastic fishing too.
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Grayson Fong | August 2014

Ryan Dixon with his first threadfin salmon out of the Pine River.

What a blast this winter has been with the fishing and the westerlies that have greeted us in the Northern Bay.
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Snapper time arrives as temps drop
John Gooding | August 2014

A Shallow Tempest mulloway. Most of our mulloway have been caught on pilchards fished on floatlines.

The good news is we’ve had a cold snap and with it the water temperature has dropped a couple of degrees which means it’s snapper time here in the south east.
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Offshore temps hold on for dear life
David Green | August 2014

Mark Frendin with a classic Gold Coast combination: A flathead taken on a Lively Lures’ Micro Mullet.

This year has seen the water temperatures hold at near summer levels right into July. We have been catching blue marlin all through winter so far and on the inshore grounds there are still a few Spanish mackerel. The snapper have been slow to start and the water has often been 23°C, which is way too warm for snapper to spawn. This month the water should cool down at last and we should see a return to normal winter fishing patterns.
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Brad Mckendrick | August 2014

The snapper can be targeted around the shallow areas such as Murphys, Gneering, Sunshine and the Caloundra 7 and 12 Mile reefs.

Cooler weather mixed with calm seas is the traditional equation that brings on the winter species across the Sunshine Coast.
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Mick Morris | August 2014

With lots of school mulloway around, ones like this aren’t easy to catch. Remember to release any mulloway under 75cm.

Chilly but clear conditions should be the order of the day throughout August as the westerlies kick in and make for great fishing.
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The Month of WOW!
Jason Wallis | August 2014

Elise with an elbow banger whiting. The summer whiting are not only around in summer, so get amongst a few.

August is the month where most anglers will say “wow” at some point on the water. “Wow, what a glorious day” or “Wow, that’s a big snapper, mulloway, flathead or whiting”.
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Troy’s Guide to Tasty Tentacles
Troy Wegner | August 2014

It pays to have a couple of bright and a couple or natural jigs in your tackle box. This squid fell victim to the Yamashita EGI Oh Q Live is size 2.0 and colour #B07 BPKO

After a month off from writing for my wedding and honeymoon, I am now well-rested and getting back into the swing of things slowly.
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Winter, the perfect time to hit the reefs
Peter Wells | August 2014

Jack Pockran won the $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with this 10kg large-mouth nannygai from Double Island Point.

Water temperatures are perfect at the moment for reef fishing and this means we can expect to see some quality snapper catches!
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