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Summer rules!
Grayson Fong | November 2015

Michael Thompson using Cranka Crabs to great effect.

Before I report on the piscatorial happenings of the northern bay, it seems fitting to give my fellow anglers a friendly reminder of the importance of sun protection. Yes, we have seen the countless ads about this subject but at this time of the year fishing puts us in a higher risk category simply due to the duration of time we spend in the sun. On that note, sunscreen up, cover up, stay hydrated (water that is!), and enjoy your day out on the water. Now for the report of the species being caught throughout our wonderful bay.
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Summer’s got us feelin’ wahoo!
John Gooding | November 2015

Happy anglers with their bag of squire and a couple of solid kingies

Anglers fishing east of the South Passage bar are starting to switch their focus to pelagic species, and with the water temperature on the rise, these fish shouldn’t be too far away. This upcoming Spanish mackerel season will be interesting. With Spaniards still being caught off North Stradbroke and Moreton Islands as late as August the question is – when will they turn up this season?
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Jumping Jacks!
David Green | November 2015

Jumping jack time!

This year the water has been extremely warm. A few days of hot north westerlies saw the water temperature rise to 23°C which changed the fishing greatly. Mangrove jacks became hungry and as the cool water over the flats warmed up the flathead fishing slowed down. This month will see some good fishing in the estuaries with some great target species emerging such as; flathead, mangrove jack, mulloway, and whiting. The entrances of Jumpinpin and the Southport Seaway should have some pretty good fishing this month with big flathead and mulloway in reasonable numbers in the deep water.
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Up up and a-mulloway!
Nabeel Issa | November 2015

The sort of bream you can expect during this summer!

Slabs of silver have been a plenty! The Moreton Bay mulloway are out in force and many anglers have been out getting stuck into them. October weather was unpredictable so chances to head out have been few and far between. However, those getting out have been rewarded with snapper, mulloway and bream all playing the game and quite easily captured.
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At this time of the year, you will be basking in the summer heat and spending long days out on the water. The prominent action on the briny blue should make your efforts worthwhile. As the water temperature rises, so does the metabolism of most species which creates some pretty hungry piscatorial targets for those fishing the bays and estuaries. During November we should encounter a diverse array of species with increased action among the pelagics within the bay as well as numerous other species including mangrove jack in the estuaries plus crabs, threadfin, snapper and plenty of other favourites.
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Ready to rock out wide
Brad Mckendrick | November 2015

Coronation trout are a special catch out wide.

As we head towards our summer species change, many anglers are dusting off the mackerel and tuna lures ready for a strongly anticipated summer run. Pelagics with attitude is what we enjoy on the Sunshine Coast mixed with the true speedsters of the ocean such as wahoo, marlin and sailfish. Our big hitting cobia and yellowtail kingfish have woken from a fairly slow winter period and are hitting baits and livies around the known areas.
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Bring on November Rains
Mick Morris | November 2015

The author with this 74cm beauty on a black Tango Shad in 2ft of murky water.

November is a cracking time of year to fish the Pin with a multitude of different species on offer to test your tackle and angling skills. The weather bureau has predicted a wild summer of weather to bring some much needed rain and fresh water to the estuarine system and we all know this will fire up the fishing!
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Mangrove jack magic
Danny Sands | November 2015

Big lizards are still out there, get cracking!

Last November we saw the first run of pelagic for the year hit our shores with both dolphin fish and small wahoo turning up. November is usually the start of our juvenile black marlin season, with good numbers of black marlin around the Hervey Bay area. These fish should filter down the east coast and hit the Gold Coast around late November. Good numbers of bait on our local reefs should hopefully keep them around for a while for us to enjoy.
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Peter 'Pedro' Doff won the $50 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with this 1.15m yellowtail kingfish which he caught on his kayak.

With the warmer weather approaching, the pelagic season is up and running. Pelagics will start to arrive in big numbers as the warm currents make their way down the coast. School and spotted mackerel are always the first to arrive and are already being caught, larger spotted and Spanish mackerel are expected in the coming weeks – with the larger Spanish mackerel a little later in the year.
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