Cracking cold weather
Ed Falconer | August 2016

We are enjoying the best run of winter weather for the past few years and fishing to match.
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Anglers are blown away by windy season
Grayson Fong | August 2016

William Lukritz, with this great flounder, is fishing on the school holidays.

Last month’s weather antics were enough to make a grown angler cry. We experienced all kinds of seasonal weather compacted into one month, and few fortunate anglers had work off at the right times to wet a line.
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Snapper numbers on the rise
John Gooding | August 2016

This charter bagged some colourful fish!

Snapper numbers east of the South Passage Bar have been encouraging, but the big schools haven’t moved in yet. Last year, the July full moon was the turning point of the season and we had good numbers right through until after Christmas. We were pulling out great numbers especially on the wider grounds until around February.
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Gold Coast fishing planner
David Green | August 2016

David with a wicked snapper!

August is the best month of the year to chase snapper off the Gold Coast. Water temperatures took a while to drop this year, but recently most of the offshore grounds are showing temperatures between 19-21°C, and snapper have started to bite. There are plenty of methods to try, but generally bait will out-fish lures once you get wide of 18 fathoms. The best time to target snapper is dawn and dusk, and if you find a good showing on your sounder, be careful anchoring. Plenty of berley is generally the best way to get a good feed.
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Cold weather catching
Nabeel Issa | August 2016

David Simmons holds a nice squid caught in the shallows. David got this one on a Yamashita jig and it was one of many caught for the day!

Cold weather has set in and things have slowed a little on the fishing front in the southern bay. This time of year can make things tricky, but there have been some good reports coming through for anglers that have put in the time! Just be sure to put on a few extra layers as it has been freezing!
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Fish smarter inshore
Gordon Macdonald | August 2016

This is a nice brace of Brisbane River luderick plus a big mullet, all taken on weed baits and destined for the table.

Anglers fishing throughout August are generally faced with cool conditions and westerly winds. These winds tend to create clear water conditions inshore. While this is good for squid, it often makes it harder to tempt other species.
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Simply awesome August
Mick Morris | August 2016

Tina landed her monster 32kg cobia after an epic 15-minute fight.

This is one of the best times of year to fish the Jumpinpin waterways, as traditionally the westerly winds kick in, bringing cool clear days and great fishing. The tailor have turned up in good numbers along the beaches of South and North Straddie as they make their way up the coast.
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Roll on winter
Damian Parker | August 2016

So far, winter has been a weather rollercoaster with limited opportunities for an offshore fishing trip. The few trips we’ve had have been very productive. We’ve managed to visit most of our local reefs and the main species we’ve caught are snapper, tuskfish, sweetlip and pearl perch to name a few.
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Fish loving windy waters
Danny Sands | August 2016

This pigeon pair of snapper fell victim to floatlining in a berley trail.

This dry season the Gold Coast has seen plenty of rain, which has given our estuaries and rivers a good flush out. This will make great fishing in the next couple of months and August will see the dreadful start of annoying northwesterlies that turn clean water brown and lifeless in the estuaries with rough conditions on the outer reefs.
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