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Waiting for the wind to change
Grayson Fong | September 2015

Rob Romans with a nice Peninsula bream. These guys have been getting around and those using bait have had the best success.

It’s certainly great to see the back of yet another annual winter with many anglers including myself loving any bit of warm weather we can get.
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It’s snapper time!
John Gooding | September 2015

Happy anglers with their bag of quality snapper

Good quality squire have really turned it on for us this past month and we’re having no problem getting our bag limit for the boat in only a few hours.
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Tricks of the transition season
David Green | September 2015

Roxsean Edwards with a nice flathead 72cm on a trolled lure.

September is the month when things start to warm up and we have an overlap of winter and summer species.
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Spring into September species
Gordon Macdonald | September 2015

Squid are a great species to target for anglers of all ages. Jordon recently nailed this one in the Rous Channel on an egi.

With the average overall temperatures beginning to rise throughout September, anglers will begin to notice a changing of the guard in relation to the prominent species on offer. As the cool weather species taper off, warmer water species will become more prominent throughout the Southern Queensland waters during spring. As such we should experience a good blend of piscatorial possibilities over the next few weeks. Let’s look at a few of your angling options.
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Early burl for a pearl
Brad Mckendrick | September 2015

Damo landed this impressive pearl peach from Wide Caloundra.

The Sunshine Coast is the spot to fish with a large range of winter species being taken across the many reef systems we have at our doorstep. Winter brings snapper, and there’s not one angler who doesn’t have a crack at them when they get the chance.
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The ‘Pin is flathead paradise
Mick Morris | September 2015

Young Ross Noffke shows off his mixed bag.

September is the best time of year to focus your attention on catching flathead at Jumpinpin. The Pin is one of the best flathead spots along the coast and during this breeding season it will get even better.
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Gearing up for Classic catches
Danny Sands | September 2015

September is all about flathead in the estuaries as the Flathead Classic approaches.

Spring is finally here after a brisk winter. September is a better month to target big amberjack, kingfish and samsonfish off the Gold Coast. Jigging and live baiting on the pinnacles out on the 50-fathom line and the deep reefs off the Tweed are a great place to start looking for these hard-pulling deep thugs.
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The best of both worlds
Peter Wells | September 2015

Local angler Jordan Zerk won the $50.00 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with this thumper red emperor from Double Island Point.

It the great time of the year when things really start to change, we really have the best of both worlds with the start of the pelagics offshore, the mangrove jacks come out of hiding in the rivers and, of course, this is prime time for tailor and mulloway off the beach.
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Tailor and trevally terror
Josh Dunn | August 2015

Will Smedley with a solid tailor caught on a Z-man 3.5

With the year flying by, fishing hasn’t been all the best, although some mornings and afternoons have been producing some quality fish. With bream on the bottom, tailor smashing the surface and trevally congregating around heavy structure, you’ll be sure to find some excitement this month!
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