Recipe for good fishing
Grayson Fong | April 2014

Justin Thompson working out the bream bite at Redcliffe.

So have you been enjoying our summer of fishing? Whether it’s estuaries, rivers, inshore and offshore waters there has been a little bit of everything for everyone in all corners of the northern bay. Last month’s run of southeast winds pumped our northern waterways with good schools of hardiheads, giving predators the excuse to stay close in our waters. Partner this up with the annual prawn run we have had through this month and the past month, and you have a recipe for good fishing.
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Spanish play time
John Gooding | April 2014

A solid Point Lookout Spaniard. They will come on the chew throughout this month.

Over the past couple of months the weather has limited the number of days for offshore fishing but the mackerel, as well as the reefies, have kept us all busy. With a bit of luck, this will continue into April and we usually see the bigger Spainiards and wahoo turn up to play.
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Wahoo in the blue
David Green | April 2014

April is a great month to chase wahoo off the Gold Coast.

April should be a good month to chase bigger Spanish mackerel and wahoo. So far the mackerel season has been excellent with a lot of smaller Spaniards and a lot of spotted mackerel caught on all the close reefs inside of 24 fathoms on a fairly reliable basis. There has been plenty of bait and a lot of boats have been out chasing a feed of mackerel.
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Rewards after the deluge
Ben Job | April 2014

Spanish mackerel will still be around and cruising the closer reefs.

I’m predicting big things this April, we have had a tonne of rain in the previous month to give the rivers a flush and stir up the offshore species. So get ready this month as it should hold some hot action!
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The winds of change
Brad Mckendrick | April 2014

Mangrove jack will slow this month.

If there is one word that we could use to describe the summer weather it would be ‘windy’. It’s funny how it can put a bit of a dampener on the fishing, however the positive side is that the fish are just waiting for a good feed so it has its advantages.
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Fishing awesome in April
Mick Morris | April 2014

Fishing Jumpinpin in April should produce the usual mixed bag of fish that the Pin is famous for. The weather should start to calm down and bring us a few less windy days (fingers crossed) and allow us to sneak outside the bar and chase a few pelagics that are still hanging about or a few reefies on the close reefs like Alf and Sullys.
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A season to remember
Troy Wegner | April 2014

Even snapper like this 70cm model will take small plastics. This one fell to ZMan 3.75” StreakZ in pearl rigged on a 1/6oz TT jighead.

April is a great time to be getting out on the water as you have the weather cooling and the summer northerlies easing which is the very beginning of glassed out afternoons.
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Cooler months mean tailor time
Peter Wells | April 2014

Noosa’s North Shore will be a hive of activity at this time of the year as the tailor starts to run. With Easter upon us this is a great time to pack up the family, dust off the camping gear and head up the beach for a couple of days tailor fishing.
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Stately Stejcraft Monaco 640 Cruiser
Wayne Kampe | April 2014

Sitting quietly at rest the Stejcraft Monaco displays her eye pleasing lines.

The Monaco 640 Cruiser is right at the top of the Stejcraft range. This a very well put together fibreglass craft, and needs to be, as she’s competing for sales in a market niche where our high dollar is seeing a lot of overseas manufactured craft in boat yards around the country.
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