Tip top terrific
Ed Falconer | May 2014

Wayne, Dave and Jamie with a cracking catch of scarlet perch from in close.

The weather has been a little bit up and down, which is par for the course at this time of the year, however the fishing continues to be terrific.
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Cold gathers momentum
Grayson Fong | May 2014

Mick Lee with a great autumn snapper.

When the NRL season is in full swing, the kids’ sports are occupying your beloved weekends and you’re finding yourself wearing ugg boots more and more, you know the cooler weather is gathering momentum. The good news is it looks like it’s going to a good winter on the fishing front.
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Speedy times out wide
John Gooding | May 2014

Some really good snapper are available in close if you put in the time and effort in May.

The run of mackerel has been the best for years and during April the mackerel were still at it smashing baits and lures with sometimes reckless abandon.
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The Gold mack attack
David Green | May 2014

Mark Frendin with a Spanish mackerel spun up on a Laser lure. The mackerel have been thick and hopefully this month will get bigger.

This season has been very good for Spanish and spotted mackerel. The close reefs off Southport, the blocks just north of the Seaway and Mermaid and Palm Beach Reef have all produced a bumper crop of mackerel. This month should see the run continue with some bigger 15-20kg Spaniards starting to increase in numbers on the 24 fathom line.
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Last chance for big speedsters
Ben Job | May 2014

Bigger wahoo and the odd massive Spaniard will be the target for offshore trollers in May.

May will see out the last of our warm currents and most of our migratory pelagic fish will start to disperse towards the end of the month. You will still find a few wahoo and the odd Spaniard kicking about during May.
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Leopard Tree Lodge’s Bush Camp
Stephen Booth | May 2014

The tents are set up for two in single beds that are comfortable and provide a degree of ‘pamper’ that sets Leopard Tree Lodge apart.

Leopard Tree Lodge, found at the top end of Somerset Dam about 5km from Kilcoy, is a farm retreat that offers visitors a range of accommodation options, access to Somerset and offers a chance to get away.
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Make the day this May
Mick Morris | May 2014

There have been plenty of mulloway about. But unlike this monster, they have mainly between 60-70cm, which means they are undersized and need to be put back.

The cooler weather this month should bring on the bigger bream and the westerly winds will flatten out the Pin and make fishing conditions spot on. This is definitely one of my favourite times of the year to fish.
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Bigger chill, better results
Jason Wallis | May 2014

A 30lb estuary cod taken by the author out of the Passage as a bycatch while targeting mulloway.

As the mercury falls the quality of the fish will rise. Fingers crossed we get a good chill. It might make early morning starts more difficult but they’re definitely necessary; the early bird gets the worm.
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Mackerel vs tuna
Troy Wegner | May 2014

This is a prime example of a tuna exploding on a bait school.

What a long summer we have had this year! It started earlier than normal and has finished later than expected. We have had days over 30ºC consistently, even as late as mid-April, and this has been reflected in the fishing.
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