Happy anglers in the bay
Grayson Fong | May 2016

Quality flathead are roaming the bay.

Some of us are glad to see the end of the long humid summer we experienced at the start of this year, but to look back is to realise the positive influence this late summer has had on the northern bay fishery.
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A late run of Spanish hopefully to come
John Gooding | May 2016

Anglers on charter achieved this nice mixed bag of juvenile snapper and mahimahi.

I spent Easter on the Gold Coast with my family and managed to sneak in a few mackerel sessions out on Palm Beach and the gravel patch. The Spanish mackerel weren’t thick but we did manage a couple of fish every time we went out.
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Wahoo-ing off the coast
David Green | May 2016

A pigeon pair of gorgeous snapper.

May is a very productive month to fish the offshore grounds east of the Gold Coast. As the water temperature starts to drop there is a transition between summer and winter species. The current decreases on the 36 and 50 fathom reefs, which also makes bottom fishing much more productive.
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Happy snaps all over the bay
Nabeel Issa | May 2016

Luke Goody with a mac tuna caught casting at a surface bust up. These fish are built for speed and can really pull some drag!

Snapper, snapper and more snapper! In the past month, Moreton Bay has put on some awesome snapper fishing! This time of the year certainly puts on some great weather and most weekends have been calm and have enabled us all to get out!
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Chasing ghosts
Gordon Macdonald | May 2016

Large tiger squid are fun to catch and delicious to eat. This was one of many from the Sand Hills area taken on a slowly worked egi.

The warmth of summer is a distant memory as we prepare for winter. I dislike the cooler weather, however the one positive is the abundance of new species to target. Increasing numbers of mulloway, tailor, bream, snapper, squid and numerous other species are on offer for anglers during May. While early mornings can be chilly, anglers who get out early can get into some hot fishing action. Let’s explore a few possibilities for the coming month.
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Flathead are thick in Jumpinpin
Mick Morris | May 2016

Heath Edmondson with his prize winning 88cm monster flatty caught near the powerlines.

I can’t believe that it’s May already and the bream season is upon us yet again. This means that the cooler weather is here and the water temperature is dropping. This change will see bigger bream moving in and the quality of your catch start to improve.
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Lily with her first bream she caught off a jetty.

April saw the water temperature reach above 26°C, and even higher in some areas across our coast. Consistent catches of Spanish and spotted mackerel have been recorded, an array of tuna species including yellowfin, longtail and mac are also in strong numbers. We have noticed a reduction in live bait supplies, due to the pelagic species taking their fair share.
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Winter species on their way
Danny Sands | May 2016

This Seaway mangrove jack could not resist a live bait offering.

The Gold Coast has finally seen a great run of weather, with plenty of fishing action both offshore and in the estuaries. May is one of the better months to fish on the Gold Coast, with the water temperature still warm enough for good pelagic fishing.
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Beach a big mulloway in May
Peter Wells | May 2016

Young Moses Casaubon won the $50 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with these quality whiting from Weyba Creek.

May seems to be the time of the year when the prevailing southeasterly winds start to ease a little and anglers are able to head offshore and be rewarded with good numbers of mixed pelagic and reef species. It’s a magic time as you’re blessed with the best that pelagics have to offer as well as the start of the snapper run.
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