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Happy New Gear!
Grayson Fong | January 2016

This lovely juvenile snapper crunched a Cranka Crab. Find them in the Redcliffe Peninsula area this month.

Welcome to the New Year, or as I like to say – Happy new gear! If you were successful at dropping those subtle hints you may have found some great new fishing gear with your name on it under the Christmas tree! It has been great to see our waterways so busy over the festive season, and the weather has given us a reasonable serve of good fishing days over the last month. Sporadic southeast winds have typically peppered the northern bay, which has fed the many rivers and estuaries with a large presence of baitfish. This has made the fishing decent over these steamy humid days.
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Have some fun with the mahimahi
John Gooding | January 2016

Shane with a quality mahimahi caught using live bait.

The weather and the water temperature have certainly turned up the heat, but unfortunately I cannot say the same for Spanish mackerel and wahoo. There was an early run of spotted mackerel down off the Gold Coast, which is unusual, as they tend to arrive a little later. The Spanish mackerel went really late this year and we were still getting fish in August, so it’s possible there will be a late start to their run this season, and if so, they should hit their peak in February, March and into April.
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Dust off the lure trolling gear
David Green | January 2016

Marlin are on anglers’ minds this month, and by January there should be plenty of beakies around for game fishers.

The warm water has arrived off the Gold Coast and the pelagic activity has greatly increased.
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Early starts to beat the crowds in January
Nabeel Issa | January 2016

Nick Whyte with a mulloway picked out from a large school found on the sounder. This one took a liking to a vibe.

The start of another new year is upon us. I bet there were a few New Year’s resolutions to fish more this year. Mine certainly is! So far this summer we have had some great weather and some equally great fishing. With so many anglers out and about over the holiday period, there have been plenty of lines in the water and plenty of fish caught!
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A jaunt in January
Gordon Macdonald | January 2016

Although wire often decreases the strike rate when used on chromed slugs for mackerel, I have had no trouble getting hits on micro jigs rigged with wire assists.

The action over the last few months has been great for the pelagic fishers in particular. Good numbers of mackerel, tuna and the occasional cobia have graced our inshore waters while further out past Moreton and Stradbroke there has been marlin, wahoo, mahimahi, tuna, sailfish, Spanish mackerel and a few others on offer. Inshore opportunities exist for mangrove jack, estuary cod, sharks, flathead, bream, snapper, threadfin and numerous others.
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Pelagic pandemonium
Brad Mckendrick | January 2016

Snapper can still be taken on the inner reefs.

The Sunshine Coast is really enjoying a hot summer with plenty of evening storms, but I think that makes the fishing even better.
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Jumpinpin into the New Year
Mick Morris | January 2016

There should be some cracking whiting on the bite this month.

The festive season is over, and a new year has arrived, so we can now focus on fishing and enjoying the beautiful waterways of the Jumpinpin area. School holidays are in full swing, and there will be plenty of boaties out and about trying for a fish or two. I hope everyone tries to improve on last year’s catch.
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Troll, troll, troll your bait!
Danny Sands | January 2016

Mangrove jacks are hitting hard and pulling hooks in January. Test your fishing skills on these mad red dogs!

Happy New Year to everyone! January will be a busy month with plenty of action for both estuary and outside fishing, and most anglers are somewhat keen to break in the new gear that Santa left behind. The wind plays a big role in January, as the northerly winds turn blue water into green.
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Taylah Egea won the $50 Davo's Fish of the Week prize with the 41cm, elbow-slapping whiting she caught in Weyba Creek.

The Sunshine Coast pelagic scene has fired up, with a great number of spotted mackerel and school mackerel caught recently. As the warmer currents move down the coast, there is a strong likelihood of larger fish like Spanish mackerel, wahoo and big tuna available to catch.
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