Never get too busy
Grayson Fong | November 2014

Kerry Cullen with her first ever summer whiting. Summer whiting will be thickening in numbers this November

As we draw closer towards the final months of the year, the back end can start to be quite a hectic time for most of us.
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Distracted by kingies and amberjack
John Gooding | November 2014

While the focus has been on snapper, the kingfish and amberjack have been far too entertaining to drive past.

From June through to December, we mainly focus on floating or snapper, but it’s been a different year so far.
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Early season jacks and marlin madness
David Green | November 2014

Julia Crilly holds up one of the beautifully marked mahi mahi that invade our offshore grounds at this time of year.

November is a fantastic month for fishing on the Gold Coast and along with beautiful weather and warm days, we also get to tangle with some pretty awesome species!
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Warm up the joints for pelagics
Ben Job | November 2014

November marks the start of the annual juvenile black marlin run on the Gold Coast and there’ll be plenty of little billed steam trains like this swimming round our offshore grounds.

This month the current will start warming up, the water will turn blue and it’ll be time to dust off that pelagic gear because things will start hotting up!
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Smashing summer speedsters
Brad Mckendrick | November 2014

Summer is in full swing on the Sunshine Coast and with it all the species we enjoy chasing are moving in to make it an exciting time.
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Never fail November
Mick Morris | November 2014

Rick ‘The Flathead King’ with yet another Jumpinpin monster.

November is a great time to fish the Pin as there are so many different species available.
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Hot weather, hot sessions... hold on!
Jason Wallis | November 2014

The author took this mulloway. The fish was hooked deep and was bleeding once netted, after many attempts to revive and release, it was instead taken for a feed. The fish took a large live bait and measured in at 98cm.

With the transition period behind us we can target our preferred species with more accuracy and we have had a very productive time of late.
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Still seeing red in November
Peter Wells | November 2014

As we come into the summer months the Sunshine Coast is one of the most exciting places to wet a line, with a range of options for rivers and estuaries, offshore and beach fishing.
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Rumble with some reef fish.
Ed Falconer | October 2014

A quality spangled emperor landed aboard Keely Rose Fishing Charters.

The weather hasn't been quite as kind as it was earlier in the year, but we have still managed to get a few offshore fishing trips in.
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