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Fresh and refresh
Jim Mcclymont | August 2015

This winter the rain has been very constant with plenty of east coast lows regularly dropping 40-50mL. With plenty of run-off, the rivers have been running hard for most of the time and have been constantly refreshing the whole system.
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Salmon in thin supply
Will Thompson | August 2015

The odd salmon has been caught along the Ninety-Mile, it’s just been persistence and a bit of luck at picking the right beach to catch one.

It’s been a bit quiet on the salmon front this month, with a few nice sized ones getting caught, but hopefully there’s more on the way.
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Winter whiting madness
Will Thompson | August 2015

We have been bagging out on whiting at Port Albert. The winter whiting fishing down here has been nothing short of sensational.

Winter whiting is normally associated with the western side of the Prom, with areas like Waratah Bay and Western Port being renowned winter whiting locations, but not too many think of Port Albert when talking about winter whiting. Now, this is all changing.
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Mother Nature dishes it out
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2015

Wonthaggi angler Steve Poole with a nice bream caught in a local stream.

The cold condition in this part of the world certainly tries out the determination of land-based anglers as well as boaters.
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Calm but cold
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2015

School sharks like this one are a bit scarce but they are still around even at this time of year.

In this part of the world we can expect just about anything as far as fishing is concerned, and this month the keenness of boaters and land-based hopefuls will be put to the test.
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The rivers are go
Brett Geddes | July 2015

A nice snag dwelling bream caught on a new fast sinking bibbed lure prototype. Stay tuned and hopefully this exciting new product will hit the shelves soon.

Bream have been in plentiful supply of late, and if you haven’t caught one it’s because you haven’t been fishing.
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Marlo fires for July
Jim Mcclymont | July 2015

Frenches Narrow is a popular land based fishing area. There are plenty of bream, flathead and other bream and butter species on offer.

Winter at Marlo see the weather and conditions change with the season, the warm weather has gone and won’t appear again until the warm weather arrives again. None the less Marlo offers a lot for anglers during the cooler months.
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Times to hit the beaches
Frank Milito | July 2015

Right on cue for May and June there has been some great Australian salmon fishing on the beaches in and around Lakes Entrance.
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Frosty mornings, great fishing
Robyn Sturgess | July 2015

There’s plenty of bream on offer in July for anglers who brave the winter chill.

For the first time in a long time the Bemm River is fishing a little on the slow side. And while some of the autumn days have beautiful and sunny the angling has been extremely quiet.
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