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Follow the prawns
Jim Mcclymont | March 2016

Karl Jung enjoying targeting a few flathead at Frenches Narrow.

Huge schools of salmon and tailor have patrolled our coastline, and surf fishing has become a very rewarding pastime. Reports have come in from all our surf beaches of anglers catching big salmon, with some well over 3kg and tailor nearly as big. Baitfishers with surf rods or anglers using light tackle and spinning with metal lures have taken the best catches.
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I dreamed a bream
Leigh McVeigh | March 2016

Enormous flathead catch! Head to the shallow flats to find monsters like this one.

With the holiday season behind us, and a lot less traffic on the water the local fishing scene is set to really fire up. With a wide range of species caught locally, it is a very exciting time to be fishing in East Gippsland.
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Get that Bemm bream grin!
Robyn Sturgess | March 2016

Get into some chunky bream this month.

This has certainly been one of the best summer seasons we’ve experienced in some time. The fishing has been absolutely crackers! Nearly every species of fish is on offer – but bream were dominant this season right through the entire system.
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Time to break out the big gear
Will Thompson | March 2016

Brad Taylor with a cracking big bronzie caught at Golden Beach on LBG gear using a whole bonito as bait.

It’s been a typical summer at the Ninety-Mile, with all species being present, so there’s plenty of opportunity to catch anything from flathead to big sharks.
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Fightin’ excitin’ whitin’
Will Thompson | March 2016

We have been some cracking big pinkies and medium-sized reds when chasing the whiting, ending up with bags of both species in the same area.

As I have said in previous articles, we’re having an awesome whiting season with good weather and warm water, and it looks like there’s plenty more awesome fishing to come.
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Salmon set up shop
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2016

The good fishing continues in this part of the world and boaters and land-based anglers have plenty to be happy about.
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Time your tides to maximise your prize
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2016

According to Rob and Ulla Killury who run the local general store, the fishing in Port Albert has really fired up. This is great news as far as the fishing community is concerned. Whiting and other species have been bagged off the jetties. The fish have been of very good quality and take baits such as pips, bass yabbies, squid strips and sand worms. There have also been other species such as garfish, mullet, silvers and flathead that have made up very presentable bags.
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Feeling dusky in the New Year
Brett Geddes | February 2016

Cam Cleal shows off a typical Gippy Lakes flathead. Summer is all about finding where the duskies are hanging out.

Hot weather plus shallow water equal dusky flathead and whiting. So I’ve got plenty of news about those two species but it’s also prime time to discover hungry bream working in skinny lake water. This is the best time of year to enjoy and explore the vast sand flats and shallow habitats of the Gippy Lakes. The run of prawns has also been fantastic and I’ve got a lot of angler feedback and news to share.
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Gummies cruise the coastline
Jim Mcclymont | February 2016

Offshore, it’s gummy shark galore! For the last few weeks gummy sharks have been found to swim in big numbers close to shore, and anglers have taken advantage of their good fortune.
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