James Herbert with a great bronze whaler he landed.

With the rise in water temperature, the baitfish have arrived in big schools from Tamboon, all the way along the coast to Lake Tyres. At last kingfish have arrived in good numbers ranging in size from rats to trucks over a metre in length.
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Keep your eyes on the tide!
Alan Mc Fayden | May 2016

Wonthaggi angler Trevor Bowler with a competition winning 740g whiting caught on a Bass yabby.

As we all know, Anderson Inlet can be a pretty tricky stretch of water with the constantly moving sand bars. Take for instance when a couple of boaters decided to try their luck on what appears to have been the run-out tide at an undisclosed location…
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Bumper whiting season in Welshpool
Alan Mc Fayden | May 2016

Wonthaggi anglers Danny Luna and Alan Bentick with competition winning fish.

Even though the water temperature has cooled, the fishing has been hot and plenty of impressive bags have put smiles on the faces of boaters and land-based anglers alike.
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Catch a monster flathead, today!
Leigh McVeigh | May 2016

Big flathead are still active, even as the weather cools down. Now that’s a big girl!

With a change of season comes a change in tactics, and although the hot weather is behind us now the fishing should maintain the heat. The facts are that if we rethink our strategies and take advantage of less traffic on our waters we should expect some pretty hot action locally; the first people to adjust should see the best results.
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Five species a day keeps the blues away!
Robyn Sturgess | May 2016

This huge tailor was taken on a hardbody.

So many happy anglers have kept reports flooding in day after day. I am yet to find a dissatisfied angler! Quality bream all throughout the system, in Bobs Bay, the Channel, Mahoganies – you name the place, they are there. No doubt about the size of these fish either – monsters!
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Gummy magic on the Ninety-Mile
Will Thompson | May 2016

Scott Stevenson caught this cracking gummy off the surf at Golden Beach. Weighing in at over 12kg this gummy was a top fish off the beach.

The first cold snap of this long summer happened abruptly; fortunately for us anglers it brought with it some new species. Water temperature drops are usually associated with tougher fishing, however, the water temperature was so high that this drop just brought the temperature back to a moderate 17°C, which was perfect for typical surf species such as gummy sharks and salmon.
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Salmon will run wild through May
Will Thompson | May 2016

You can definitely feel a change of season in the air! Cooler mornings and nights, with a water temperature that has dropped back to around 17°C at the time of writing, and I imagine will drop another degree as May approaches. Don’t despair though, the fishing is still going strong, especially when we are talking about Victoria’s favourite bread and butter species such as gummy sharks, snapper and whiting.
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Hungry bream in local lakes
Brett Geddes | April 2016

Rod Shutsbree with a stud 45cm Lake Victoria bream caught on a live crab down at The Point.

The fishiest time of year is autumn and right now the season looks spot on for anglers. Day after day of calm, cool weather and hungry fish. The algae blooms have stayed away again this year and clean salt water is pushing into the estuary and is already well into Lake Wellington. This all adds up to really exciting times ahead for lure fishing and bait anglers.
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Premium estuarine options now available
Jim Mcclymont | April 2016

The beach beyond Frenches Narrows produces great catches of salmon, bream and whiting at this time of the year.

The positive reports are still coming in from Port Welshpool and with any sort of luck will continue in the coming months.
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