Lakes settles after flooding
Tag | August 2016

The bream will be heading upstream soon, so lure casters will have a ball targeting them.

The fishing in recent weeks has been a bit of a disaster because of the floods. The Tambo flooded, the Mitchell flooded, the Avon, the Latrobe... there is dirty water everywhere.
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Big flush refreshes the Snowy
Jim Mcclymont | August 2016

The jetty at the Marlo boat ramp is a popular place for families to relax and have a fish.

The winter arrived in the form of an east coast low that moved all the way down from Queensland and along the NSW coast and around the corner into our area of Victoria. With it came lots of rainfall, causing flooding of the Snowy River system, thus giving the estuary a good flush out and starting the annual refreshing of the system.
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Hardy souls brave the elements
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2016

Snapper are always around, it’s just that not many people chase them at this time of year.

The cold weather continues, but there have been those hardy souls who have been prepared to brave the elements, and some are having success.
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Torpedo fish about to storm in
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2016

Although they haven’t made an appearance yet, it’s usually about this time there should be the annual influx of those torpedo fish that will weigh in at around the 4kg mark. They are great fighters and when hooked up they will test out the angler as well as equipment. I’m talking, of course, about salmon.
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Oh where oh where has those little bream gone?
Robyn Sturgess | August 2016

Plenty of bream caught but not any of the golden ticket tagged bream.

As we charge through winter, our ‘Tag-A-Fish’ promotion has launched with the tagged fish managing to evade capture so far. This means they are still swimming around out there, calling to all anglers to come and find them.
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Flathead firing offshore
Will Thompson | August 2016

Winter is a great time to get a feed offshore. Ryder caught this great size flatty whilst drifting in 18m of water offshore Port Albert.

Winter has well and truly set in now and inside water temperatures have dropped to around 10-11°C, but offshore remains in at around 13-14°C, creating a wide range of opportunities for anglers to catch a range of species.
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Estuarine predators on the prowl
Brett Geddes | July 2016

Joel Petzke with a stunning silver 42cm bream caught on a Sting 37mm Hurricane Blade. Fish this size and quality are a guarantee at this time of year.

Some rain has arrived and farmers will rejoice, but as anglers we wait nervously to see if this will put a stop to the fantastic fishing of late.
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Game on for gutter fish
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2016

Amanda Kelliar with a red mullet or the ‘chicken of the sea,’ as they are known.

Outside the entrance, when conditions have allowed there have been some great bags of fish caught. Naturally this puts a smile on the face of boaters everywhere. Although there have not been any reports of the larger toothies, good-sized gummies have been caught, along with quality flathead and salmon that have taken a variety of lures and natural baits.
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Feel like a king for a day
Alan Mc Fayden | July 2016

Ian Harvey and his magnificent 90cm yellowtail kingfish caught in 3m of deep dirty water while chasing whiting, using small calamari bait.

Information from the Boat Storage is that the weather and fishing conditions have been described as fairly good, and that the fish have responded in kind. There have been good numbers of gummies caught inside and outside the entrance that have been to the 19kg mark. The fish have taken a variety of baits such as pilchards, fish fillets and squid. Snapper have been about in pleasing numbers and caught on both sides of the tides.
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