Let the action begin
Jim Mcclymont | March 2014

The warm summer weather and perfect conditions make our area the fishing capital of Victoria. The warm currents have arrived down from the east coast and moved around the corner into Bass Strait, stretching from Lakes Entrance to Mallacoota and the border.
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Prawns galore this March
Lucas Smith | March 2014

Prawning season is in full swing, and the many warm nights have allowed those to get out and bag some excellent specimens.
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The fish just keep getting better
Robyn Sturgess | March 2014

The fishing just seems to get better and better in Bemm River. We are now in our eleventh year and it continues to produce and please.
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A little bit of everything
Will Thompson | March 2014

Clint Jones had a ripper session off the surf landing a decent snapper and a few gummies in the evening using squid legs.

With some cracking good weather and warm water, the fishing on the Ninety-Mile Beach has never been better for catching a wide range of species.
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Whiting and pinkies go bezerk
Will Thompson | March 2014

Tubby caught this thumping big 43cm whiting at Port Albert using pipis. A bit of red beading or tubing definitely made the fish bite quicker.

What a month of fishing we have had! Warm weather and warm water have brought the fish on the bite, and none more so than Victoria’s favourite fish, the king George whiting.
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Great variety inside entrance
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2014

Whiting bag caught by Peter Zuiland in his kayak in less than 2 hours.

The majority of holidaymakers have now returned back home and the locals are back on the water where the great fishing continues.
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Fishing fires up everywhere
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2014

Darren Wheelo with a cracking 16kg gummy.

This popular spot is really firing with positive reports coming from everywhere. The water is clear and at summer temperatures the great fishing will no doubt continue.
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Bream and bass on the boil
Brett Geddes | February 2014

Owen Pierce takes advantage of an overcast early morning, shallow water bream session. Fishing lures can be at its best during late summer.

Now is that magical time of year when the weather settles down and the hottest months are ahead of us. Flathead are hungry after spawning, whiting are starting to peak and best of all the bream are up in the shallows and looking for anything that moves! It's also a busy time for those of us chasing prawns and flounder
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Entrance opens opportunities
Alan Mc Fayden | February 2014

The weather conditions in this part of the coastline have not been all that inviting, as far as fishing has been concerned, and as a result the reports have been infrequent.
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