Good captures despite little flows
Jim Mcclymont | June 2017

Seth Steed fishing from his kayak bagged a 59cm salmon on a metal lure.

The fishing in our estuary system is always good. Sometimes it’s better than others; right now it’s the other. One of the main reasons is the Snowy River entrance is almost closed. High tides allow water to enter the system and not much is running out to sea, so maybe the lack of tidal flow is altering the fish’s feeding habits.
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Bemm River has been a little quiet
Robyn Sturgess | June 2017

As we go through winter, the entrance will be open again, which should ensure some excellent fishing for the start of bream season!

The cooler weather is well and truly upon us now. Recently the entrance was closed with water levels high. Fishing has been rather quiet, but persistent anglers have managed to bring home nice catches.
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Offshore is looking cool
Will Thompson | June 2017

A late season kingfish caught offshore around the islands on a stickbait.

Winter is upon us, but it hasn’t really felt like it. The past month has been very mild with some cracking good weather that has left us with flat seas. This has allowed us to get out offshore more often.
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Blades are starting to account for a lot more bream. This Sting 37 in cracked black colour has hooked so many bream and just about lost all of its paint.

It’s the ultimate in bream fishing when you can watch fish and their every move while catching them. It can also be frustrating to see them ignore everything you put in front of them! With no significant rain for nearly three months now, the Gippy Lakes are in prime condition for bream and flathead sport.
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It’s getting quiet on the water
Jim Mcclymont | May 2017

Kingfish have been harder to come by, but Jess is still pulling them in.

For the first time in several months I have to report the fishing is not as good as in previous reports. As the water cools the fishing is quietening off. Bream seem to be patchy. Some anglers are getting their bag and others are reporting getting very few to take home.
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Rug up and settle in for some cold water action.

Over the past month the weather has changed and colder days have gradually brought the lake’s water temperature down. Massive whitebait schools have turned up and schools of Australian salmon and tailor have followed.
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Fresh baits are winning fishy mates
Robyn Sturgess | May 2017

Yellowfin bream are still an option this month.

Anglers have had to work hard in the past few weeks for their catch. The easterly wind has been whipping up of an afternoon, so early morning has been the ideal time for fishing.
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Ryder Thompson with a nice gummy caught during the run out tide on salmon fillet.

It was a great summer of fishing and now we are on the other side of it. The water temperature is changing and so are the species.
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Prime time for bream action
Brett Geddes | April 2017

Gun angler Mick Edwards with a 43cm Hollands Landing yellowfin bream caught on a live mullet and 4/0 circle hook!

This report is mostly about those famous Gippy Lakes bream. It seems like every year about this time I keep raving about the best bream fishing and I suppose I better stick to that tradition. I have received so many pictures and stories of big bream, I’m at a loss where to start!
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