Reward for your efforts
Alan Mc Fayden | September 2014

This very impressive 42cm bream was caught on a Bass yabby by Anne from Korumburra, who was fishing with friend Phil Wardle in a local estuary.

The typical winter weather continues with just a trickle of boats braving the elements. Some are having reasonable returns for their efforts but it would be fair to say there is plenty of water mixed in with the fish.
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Big hopes for spring
Alan Mc Fayden | September 2014

With good conditions on the way we will be looking forward to seeing an improvement in the fishing, which will no doubt please many boaters and land-based anglers.
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Foul weather tests anglers
Lucas Smith | September 2014

Spinning the beaches is great fun for all ages.

After the Victorian coast copped a hammering from some serious weather the fishing has been slow, although there are still plenty of options for those chasing a feed.
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Early spring opens entrance
Robyn Sturgess | September 2014

The fishing has improved out of sight and the entrance remains open.
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Plenty inside and out
Will Thompson | September 2014

Beau Asmussen showed us that mighty blue spot flathead don’t disappear over winter, they just require a bit of knowledge on their feeding habits and whereabouts.

As winter generally goes, we have had cold mornings and mild days. This has giving us anglers plenty of fishing days to get out there and chase a few.
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Fickle bream but flathead fire for winter
Brett Geddes | August 2014

Quality bream have been scarce right across the Gippsland Lakes.

As we all know, the one guarantee we get in fishing is that there are no guarantees!
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The flush we needed
Jim Mcclymont | August 2014

Last edition I suggested we usually have an east coast low this time of year that flushes out the whole system. Well the east coast low arrived bringing torrential rain that flooded the Snowy and Brodribb Rivers, flushing away any stagnant pools of water and rubbish that had collected since the last flush.
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Salmon star in Andersons Inlet
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2014

Wonthaggi angler Nick Richards with some of the ripper salmon he caught in Andersons Inlet on a surface lure.

At the time of this report we have been experiencing a rather mild winter and the warmer than usual conditions has seen boaters and land based anglers trying their luck.
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Salmon, salmon and salmon
Alan Mc Fayden | August 2014

Quality fishlike these caught by Viv Chopping are in good  numbers at the moment.

In these southern waters at this time of the year the common word is salmon, and right now the chant is loud and clear.
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