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Floods to fire up fish
Jim Mcclymont | September 2015

There has been little change with the wet and very cold winter; the rivers are still running very fast, continuing to clean all the rubbish that has been clogging the rivers over the past year. Hopefully when the river subsides the whole system will be deep and pristine again, ideal for an excellent spring and summer season.
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Anglers flock to Pensioners Corner
Alan Mc Fayden | September 2015

This Inverloch angler looks happy with his salmon caught at Pensioners Corner.

Although we were in the middle of freezing cold weather there were patches when the water had been calm and there had been some good results.
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Stonking flathead and plentiful salmomn
Alan Mc Fayden | September 2015

It’s hard to work out our weather in this part of the world but one thing is certain, we won’t be bored as it is constantly changing.
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Quality bream at The Bemm
Robyn Sturgess | September 2015

Luderick should be around in good numbers, as they are every year.

We’ve just come out of winter and this year has been particularly cold, windy and extremely wet. July we saw heavy rains that caused the river to flood, but luckily the entrance was still open to let the dirty water and debris out to sea.
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Salmon have arrived!
Will Thompson | September 2015

Well, with the depressing report I wrote last month about the pitiful salmon fishing this winter, they made a liar out of me and turned up in full force. Better late than never.
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More whiting and big squid coming
Will Thompson | September 2015

The author’s young blokes holding up a few of their first ever winter whiting. We had a great day catching 47 whiting. Not bad for the end of July!

While a lot of anglers have packed the boat up until September, a few of us have been braving the cold and reaping the rewards of the best winter whiting season ever as well as some good squid and bags of flathead offshore.
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Dangling deep does the damage
Brett Geddes | August 2015

Mick Beaumont caught about 40 bream while slow tea bagging the depths with his favourite blades.

When August rolls around and water temperatures are at their lowest, I get ready for a very deep relationship with the bream. They school up in huge numbers and lure anglers can score amazing tallies of bream with metal blades or small hardbodied vibes. Bait anglers can also get in on the action, and for some reason these same schooling bream prefer sandworm over all other baits.
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Fresh and refresh
Jim Mcclymont | August 2015

This winter the rain has been very constant with plenty of east coast lows regularly dropping 40-50mL. With plenty of run-off, the rivers have been running hard for most of the time and have been constantly refreshing the whole system.
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Salmon in thin supply
Will Thompson | August 2015

The odd salmon has been caught along the Ninety-Mile, it’s just been persistence and a bit of luck at picking the right beach to catch one.

It’s been a bit quiet on the salmon front this month, with a few nice sized ones getting caught, but hopefully there’s more on the way.
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