Amazing autumn bags
Jim Mcclymont | May 2014

This time of year is perfect for fishing, the very hot weather has past and replaced with moderate autumn conditions. The good conditions have seen anglers out in big numbers and by all the reports the fishing is excellent.
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Always on the go
Alan Mc Fayden | May 2014

These youngsters look happy with their fish caught off Mahers Landing at Anderson Inlet.

Inverloch is one of those fishing areas that always seem to be on the go regardless of what is happening elsewhere. This belief is backed up with what is happening both inside and outside the entrance with boaters and land-based anglers making their efforts worthwhile.
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Prawns still highlight
Lucas Smith | May 2014

Dan ‘the turtle man’ with a great bream on a larger soft plastic aimed at flathead.

While the season started a little slow, the prawn run is in full swing! Lake Tyers has been the highlight, with the best action being around the glasshouse area and in front of the pub on the flats. Some have been up to 9”!
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Fun in the autumn sun
Robyn Sturgess | May 2014

We are having fun times down here at Bemm River at the moment. Sibiera and around the entrance to Mud Lake have been fishing extremely well for quality bream.
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Snapper, flathead and gummies galore
Will Thompson | May 2014

Stu Tennant has been catching some beautiful big southern blue spot flathead inside Port Albert.

I know I have said it over and over but this season has been the best gummy season ever offshore and with the prospect of catching great pinkies and big flathead, why wouldn’t you go over to South Gippsland.
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Let pray for rain
Jim Mcclymont | April 2014

The estuaries have been firing over the last couple of months with great captures of bream, mullet, luderick, trevally and estuary perch.

The weather sure warmed up last month. Not only did we have several days over 40ºC, we have had our worst bush fire season for several years. The whole of our estuary system has been surrounded by fires, which have burnt out over 200,000ha.
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Good fishing set to continue
Alan Mc Fayden | April 2014

The freshwater yabby the author put to sleep for Rags Allen.

Traditionally we are now into the most settled time of the year weather wise and with any sort of luck the good fishing will continue.
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Cliffy claims top tuna
Alan Mc Fayden | April 2014

Greg ‘Bucky’ Buckland with a 12kg tuna he caught off Wilson Prom.

Outside the entrance there have been very good reports of salmon being caught mainly on surface lures. Gummies have also been bagged in pleasing numbers and quite a few kingfish have been caught out wide near Cliffy Island.
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Prawns galore
Lucas Smith | April 2014

Chloe Jones with a flathead caught at the Lake Tyers boat ramp.

As summer ends most people are packing away the prawning gear until next year, but things are just starting to get going!
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