Hopefully some quality snapper like this one caught on Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters will be around during March. Photo Courtesy of Lakes Entrance Offshore Charters.

It has been an unusual year so far this year as the weather has been all over the place. There hasn’t been the usual run of warm weather, however it doesn’t seem to have effected the fishing too badly.
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Fantastic weather, fantastic fishing
Jim Mcclymont | March 2015

Flathead are suckers for a hard body lure. There are plenty of flats around Marlo, so go and give it a try.

The fishing at this time of year in the Snowy and Brodribb river estuary systems is excellent, the prawns are still running and are most likely to do so until Easter. The best thing about the prawns is they grow bigger every month, making them more sort after than the fish that have arrived here for their annual feast.
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Open entrance opens options
Robyn Sturgess | March 2015

Matt Burkett of Camperdown nailed this cracker of a bream in the Bemm River.

As usual, the fishing is firing on all cylinders in The Bemm River. With the entrance still open last month, anglers have been catching plenty of quality bream, trevally and flathead. Luderick have also been on the bite in the channel not far from the Refuge Hut.
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Best flathead season ever
Will Thompson | March 2015

I know it’s a big call, but if you had seen the quantity and average size of the flatties that are being caught down this neck of the woods, you would be saying the same thing.
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Mixed bags and toothy terrors
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2015

Paul Olden with a very nice size school shark caught out from Inverloch.

Everyone has been asking where has summer gone, especially after all the dire predictions of a long hot season, but not a great deal has happened.
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Mixed thrills in March
Alan Mc Fayden | March 2015

Gummies and school sharks are in good numbers at Port Welshpool.

The season has had its ups and downs but when conditions have allowed there have been some very good results.
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Bream back on top
Brett Geddes | January 2015

Soft plastics like this Z-Man grub are tricking a lot of bream in the Gippy Lakes.

Slurp, sip, glug, suck and kiss! These are just some of the noises that black bream make while trying to eat surface lures and it's the most addictive fishing the Gippy Lakes can provide!
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Bigger, better, brighter
Jim Mcclymont | January 2015

There are plenty of structure both artificial and natural for the fish in the Snowy River system.

With the summer months arriving, it’s time to look forward to even better times to come!
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Mixed bags keeping angler happy
Alan Mc Fayden | January 2015

These nice pan size pinkies were caught by Amanda Kellar and partner Terry on fresh squid baits. They make their own rigs and share their catch with family and friends.

What a great part of the world we live in, especially at this time of year when fishing is in full swing and amazing varieties of fish can be caught.
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