Billy Billson’s Game Fishing Schools
Glen Booth | October 2016

Bill Billson is a legend of Australian game fishing, and rightly so. This year marks his 30th consecutive season as a captain marlin fishing the Great Barrier Reef, in addition to 4 and a half years as crew. His list of state, Australian and world record catches for his clients on conventional tackle as well as saltwater fly, plus tournament wins (including the Port Stephens Interclub and the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic), are as long as a tag pole.
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Simple snelled hook rigs
Gordon Macdonald | September 2014

Effective rigging and good bait presentation can go a long way in determining the success of your next fishing trip. Being able to rig baits in a way that presents them naturally and promotes maximum hook setting potential will result in more bites and an increased bite to capture ratio.
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ABT’s Grand Final winner takes on Nomad’s GT
Chris Byrnes | September 2014

The Odyssey is a sensational home base anywhere on the reef. The crew are first class and you are looked after like you’re part of the family.

Anglers dream of fishing pristine locations teeming with the opportunity to land the catch of a lifetime. The reality is this has never been easier for all anglers to experience world class fishing. ABT joined 2013 BASS PRO Grand Final winner Dean Silvester as he travelled with Nomad Sportfishing Adventures to experience Australian fishing at its best.
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Crack a crab
Lynn Bain | November 2013

Lynn Bain shows us a detailed photo sequence on extracting crab meat from the shell, in this case a delicious sand crab.
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A Tour of Sunshine Coast Reefs
Brad Mckendrick | December 2011

The Sunshine Coast has a solid reputation for the diversity of fishing available to all types of anglers across the many wonderful beaches, fresh water dams, offshore reefs and estuarine systems.
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Trolling for Big River Reds
Greg Carter | December 2011

Landing nets are handy as jacks are strong at any stage of the fight and securing them in a net allows everyone to relax and enjoy the capture.

Mangrove jack are one of Queensland’s most treasured estuarine sport species. Just about every serious saltwater angler tries to tackle these brutes at one time or another, often with mixed results and always with some tall tales to tell.
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Sensational South Burnett
Stephen Booth | December 2011

Kingaroy Kitchens has some of the tastiest biscuits and condiments you’ll find anywhere. And that’s without talking about the cakes! They do factory tours and the business helps the Endeavour Foundation.

The South Burnett region is Queensland's largest wine region and, more importantly for anglers, home to two of Queensland's biggest inland waterways: Lake Boondooma and the Bjelke-Petersen (BP) Dam. But the South Burnett region also offers visitors a plethora of other hidden wonders.
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Stephen Booth | December 2011

When the fish get near the boat, the long rods make it easier to keep them away from obstacles such as motors, transducers and other obstructions.

Whiting are one of the most desirable table species found in south east Queensland. For their size they fight fantastic, their fillets are to die for and it’s a lot of fun chasing them.
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Tropical Creek Trolling Basics
Kim Bain | November 2011

Blue salmon are fairly prevalent at this time of year, and once you have located a school the action often comes thick and fast.

It would be fair to say that trolling lures in tropical creeks is more popular in the Northern Territory than it is in Queensland. However there are many reasons why Queenslanders should include trolling in their bag of tropical creek tricks.
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