Western Port Locations Pt 2
Jarrod Day | April 2012

Last month we looked at three of the six top fishing locations in Western Port. This month we are exploring the rest of this massive waterway.
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Tasmania’s Scamander River
Wayne Friebe | December 2011

Steve Steer equipped with the GoPro head camera shows the quality of the Scamander River bream, as well as the beauty of the surroundings.

Any trip to Tasmania for me is always easy to push to the top of the ‘to do’ list.
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Get into Garfish
Jarrod Day | November 2011

Pencil floats offer far better bite detection that their oval cousins.

Garfish are quite a striking species, with their sleek silver flanks, pointy beak and their love of the surface layers.
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Sounding for Snapper
Wayne Friebe | November 2011

Groups of marks on the bottom can indicate a whole bunch of feeding snapper – and that is what we are after.

We all hear about sounding up snapper in Port Phillip and Western Port, and while it should all be common knowledge by now, there are aspects of the technique that warrant some coverage.
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Snapper FAQ (frequently asked questions)
John Cahill | October 2011

Early in the season light changes are a key factor in success!

It’s the start of October and that means two things in Melbourne. The footy is over for another year and the snapper will have started!
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Berley cages are the best way to get berley to the bottom, if you have a downrigger you can easily lower and retrieve the cage, if not you will have to with a rope.

If there is one thing I have learnt about catching whiting, it is to be almost as quiet as a mouse.
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The basics of snapper – Part 1
Jarrod Day | October 2010

Garfish caught fresh are a gun bait for snapper.

The Victorian fishing scene comes alive towards the end of September. This is the time of year we anglers look forward too, with warm early mornings, calm waterways and plenty of hungry snapper waiting for a bait tossed into their domain.
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Collecting Bait in Western Port
Jarrod Day | January 2010

Bait is a necessary part of fishing for many anglers – good bait is the difference between success and failure.
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Discovering Aringa Reddies
Lachlan Hetherington | December 2009

Around southwest Victoria we really are blessed with an array of fishing destinations.
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