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a fishy easter

Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:13 pm
by ronnien
hi all, well it was good to have a long weekend & we got a bit of fishing done, put the pots in again on thursday night picked them up on friday morning we had 6 full & i mean full muddies. we had them on friday night :D. back down the creek on saturday arvo with my better half & the 3 kids, with all the live herring u could want & prawn we headed towards just inside the mouth, all lines set -kids sorted out & the tide making its way in, now just sit & wait. luke"s rod buckeld over the end result was a solid grunter( his biggest yet 2kg) my turn another grunter about the same, then 6-7 catfish 1 wich about 4kg (man they can go hard). a fingermark just under 3kg. we enjoyed the fish last night :D

mud crabs ready to go


luke & his fingermark