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Jeremy Schrader
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Serious Angler
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Beach Break

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Sat Apr 03, 2010 8:48 pm

With the Easter break and the fact that work had been quite hectic a few of us decided that a break on Thursday evening on the beach was in order.

Two things were highlighted during the evening, one being the reading of the beach and the other was presenting the bait in the right area more on that later.

We had initially intended to fish 13th beach on the west of the bay but wind, weed, and the state of the tides saw Lee and I scouting some of the other options. We had a look at Point Lonsdale beach but with fading light and a lot of exposed reef we decided that was not the best option. At this time Graham who had to travel separately due to work rang on the mobile and advised that he was at 13th as we had originally intended. After a brief council of war between us we decided to give Fairhaven beach a chance as Lee thought that it would be an option that only required a short drive further down the coast.
It should be noted at this stage that it was well and truly dark and it was only due to the excellent moon light and the nature of the beach that a spot was chosen, thankfully for me with a very short walk.


( Yours Truly doing it hard after work )

The feature that was highest on the priority list was a gutter that exited to clear water behind the breakers thereby allowing clean access for our intended target the highly prized Gummy. Lee with his trained eye and knowledge of the beaches positioned himself close to the entrance/exit of the whole and as can be seen reaped the just rewards.


( Lee with our intended target)

Graham was next along the gutter and I took the end with the intent of putting the baits out wide behind the break. I kicked off the night with a small Port Jackson and soon followed with a Banjo Shark but as the tide made the turbulence built up and my luck ran out.

( Banjo which was the highlight for my efforts )

Graham and Lee were to be in the thick of the action bit it didn’t go the way we planned with the Toothy type sharks moving in on the hole resulting in a number of bite off, and an amusing session with one shark picking up Lees sinker and giving that a good chew, much to his discust as it was one of only a few grip leads that he had .

Lee and Graham did get other fish in the form of Skates and a lone Salmon for Graham, who is starting to out more runs on the board with his fishing.

( Graham’s sole Salmon which was converted to bait in the hope of getting something bigger )


(One of Lee’s Skates)


( Skate taken on TTLD & Ultima Line )

After the turn of the tide the fishing shut down but it had fired up both Lee and I , and we decided to hit the same spot the following evening . Armed with reasonable bats and expectations high due to the earlier success we went back down to the beach. What greeted us didn’t put a smile on our faces. The whole area and closed out and the waves were standing up and turning up the sand. End result was not even one bite for the following hours. Just highlights the need to get the beach formation right otherwise the expected fish just don’t result.


( Yet another Skate for Lee and the TTLD )
All in all it was a top evening on the Thursday and a lesson on the Friday evening. Lets hope that Sunday evening produces better ???


John Softly
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Re: Beach Break

Post by John Softly » Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:39 pm

Nice one. There seems to be as many rays down there as there are shovelnose up here.
Brighton/Unitech/easy cast
Trying out rods with the Unitech cast and had a surprise with an old glass Davenport and Fordham Farstrike which I brought out from the UK in '73. I have been usung a TT Sport for the Unitech but reading an article in John Holden's "Advance Casting' where he mentions he and Terry Carroll getting together to produce a blank specifically for the Unitech got me interested in his comments. Although the rod never materialised as a production model they based all their research on OTG glass parabolic rods left by the South Africans after their successful visit to the Scarborough in '73. Thick tips and butts that bent!
The D&F Farstrike (coasters instead of the metal reel seat and Fuji guides replaced the chrome ones) felt like a wet noodle but with line through the guides it locked up solid with a nice banana curve. Cast the unitech and the aerialised version beautifully and as good a distance as I get from the TT sport and the Zzippie 3500. My TT lite and dedicated pendulum rods with fine tips I have steered away from due to the unitech's reputation for snapping tips. Very unlikely that they would with my dismal casting thse days but better safe than sorry! Do you use the unitech on the beach? Quite frankly it's the only power cast viable when fishing in the midst of Alvey users during a tailor strike. Using a pendulum would be akin to a Rover mower cutting grass.

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Re: Beach Break

Post by gippslander » Fri Jul 12, 2013 8:59 pm

Top pics.

Any chance of letting on what bait, hooks and rigs you were using or is that a bit of a secret?

Are there anyways to limit the monsters of by catch when targeting gummy s, snapper, flat head ect; bait?

Are all surf beaches in Victoria largely similar so benefit from the same fishing approaches? As i'm soon to be tackling the 90 mile beach as the mainstay of my fishing.

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