Surfcasting Setup - Advice please!!

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Surfcasting Setup - Advice please!!

Post by gags » Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:44 pm

I have had a few goes at surf fishing now using a very basic Shimano 10' combo that I bought for about $70 just to give it a try without shelling out too much money. I had a great time fishing down at Lake's Entrance a while back and pulled in a dozen or so salmon using a 40g lure one morning.

I am now thinking of getting into things a bit more and I would love some advice on getting myself sorted with a reasonable setup for surf fishing. I am thinking that a longer rod would be good (maybe 13") and perhaps a good eggbeater type reel that is suited to some reasonable casting distances. I would appreciate any advice on what might be a reasonable setup for around $200 (if such a thing exists).

I also would like to explore making some of my own rigs for distance casting using the breakaway swivels and SRT spring system. Where is the best place to buy this gear (all the links seem to be in the UK?).

I am also not sure how the whole attaching a rig/leader to the main line still allows you to cast as I would have thought that the knot would foul on the eyes as you cast?

Would love a bit of specific advice to help get me going. Would also be interested in opinions on the best places to go surf fishing that are reasonably close to Melbourne (I am in NE suburbs).


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