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Landbased in melbourne : - (

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:54 pm

With the snapper season starting to kick off and the first indications are that it will be a good one Mike and I decided that even with a suspect weather forecast it was worth a early morning foray out onto the bay to see if we could improve on the results that I have had so far and hopefully try and get a few early season fish on the deck.

Our plan based on the conditions was to head out about 3.30 am and hit the beach near St. Kilda break wall and try our luck in the broken ground that is out from the beach.

Conditions that greeted us at that early hour weren’t what we had expected with an Easterly wind and dead flat seas. Also we learned that the Bay marathon race was being held and that the main road would be closed at 6.00 am till mid day which could pose problems for us getting out later on. None the less we decided to take the soft option and set up as it’s only a short walk from the cat to the beach and with the flat seas we didn’t feel that we would do much better in some of the other locations like Brighton or St Leonard.


(Mick setting up in the early hours)

It was fairly cold when we started but with the lack of wind, reasonable comfortable in the gear that we had come prepared in. It should be pointed out that Melbourne spring weather is notorious for its ability to change with dramatic suddenness and you have to be prepared for just about anything.


(Making sure that I was comfortable for the morning session)

As I mentioned Melbourne weather is fickle and shortly after we had settled in and taken a few small bites the wind started to pick up as dawn fast approached, to the point where it was blowing s strong westerly straight into our faces and kicking up a reasonable wash.
Still with the tide scheduled to bottom out around 8.00 we wanted to stick it out till after the change and if the day remained overcast as forecast we would even stay through till the high water change at mid day.


(Dawn with s strong wind and overcast skies but hopes still high)

I was taking a number of small bites and was glad that I had opted for the lighter of some of my outfits with the Century TTLD SM and Ultra Lite being utilised. Casting weights were a bit heavier than I would normally need with these outfits to push the baits out wide but the rods had no problems at all with them I was casting the 125 gram beach grip leads that Mick Smajkic had kindly given me as I find these cast a little better than my normal DCA grip leads. The shorter length and heavier nose section seem to push into the wind better. Also the grip wires are a little tighter to get to release so in the strong westerly conditions hold extremely well.


(Like all fishermen we had hopes that things would improve as the morning progressed)

Whilst we were getting small bites they weren’t getting pinned on the 4/0 circle hooks that we were running. Thinking that they ma be smaller pinkies I decided to change down to some 2/0 circles in the hope of pinning the small bait stealers.
Mike was the one to eventually get a small catch and to say we disappointed with the result would be just wrong. A slow rattling bite eventually proved to be a small banjo shark which we quickly tossed back after the obligatory picture.


(Mike and the small Banjo)

As we had stayed till the change and things were getting rougher with the wind picking up and bringing with it the fine weed that is prevalent in the top end of the bay Mike and I decided that we need a change of venue. It was at this point that we realised that we would have to somehow get out of the closed of street and around the crowds of people who were competing in the marathon race along the beach and back via St.Kilda road.
We pack the cars and ten slowly proceeded to where we could see the event marshals who then directed us to a side street and we were off to port Melbourne to see if that would be a better option as the tide headed towards the high.


(Mick set up and hoping for improved fortune)

As would be expected the wind direction had changed yet again and instead of being a cross wind from the west she was now blowing a strong South, South westerly and hitting us once again straight in the face. Still undaunted we set up this time in a bit more comfort with solid footing and no sand.

Whilst we were more sheltered at the port, the wind was blowing the wash onto the wall and the spray was hitting us in the face which meant that it was best to face away from the water.


(Yours truly hoping that the change of venue improve our luck)

Well to cut the story short we had a good selection of baits the weather was reasonable for a land based snapper foray but the barometer wasn’t good and the fish decided that it wasn’t to be our day. We stayed till after the high but didn’t event get a bite here so we decided that a hot lunch and cold drink was a good way to end the day. This is how we ended the session.

Well like all Melbourne land based sessions you need to do your fair share of with nil results to get those other days that put a smile on the dial.

Still I prefer to be out and about giving it a go than just thinking about it.


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