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Board Rules

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2005 7:38 am
by John Softly
Please read below:


1 ) Have Fun.

2 ) This is a Gentlemans / Ladies board. Behave in such a

3 ) No flaming / trolling (badmouthing / trying to pick an
argument)....Strictly Enforced !

4 ) Keep it fishing/technique/equipment related.

5 ) If you must post a message which is not
fishing/distance related - prefix the subject heading by O/T
(Off Topic)

6 ) Keep it clean.

7 ) No spam. No businesses advertising unless you are a
sponsor of the board

8 ) Keep your posts relative to all visitors to the board. Chat
between two individuals means nothing to anyone apart
from the two individuals (Feel free to use the Private
Message Function).

9 ) The "Three strikes and you're out" rule applies

A lot of the regulars here were all newbies once and no
question will be considered silly.

John S