Hi-Inertia, Unitech or Brighton cast

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Hi-Inertia, Unitech or Brighton cast

Post by John Softly » Thu Dec 29, 2005 10:02 am

There was a lot of discussion about this cast in the early 90's as it was percieved to be the sucessor to the pendulum for beach fishermen. It's strong points were that you didn't need to spend hours in a field practicing the cast - it was relatively safe (very safe it it was cast directly over the shoulder) - it could be executed with an anglers existing gear and could be used on uneven ground or when there was a bank behind the caster.
Distances on the beach are equal to a pendulum cast and the drop is half that of a pendulum drop - 4 to 5 feet.
It is basically an OTG or South African cast with the sinker layed out between the rod tip and the angler's feet as in the diagram.
The cast loads the rod very quickly - hence the name - Hi-Inertia and care should be taken initially as a full power cast could break the tip off a rod not suited for the purpose. Minimum power until the feel and timing of the cast has been established.
There are many top tournament casters who use the Hi-Inertia when fishing not least amongst them Peter Thain.

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