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Gator, Gator

Post by John Softly » Mon Jan 02, 2006 12:57 pm

Whilst looking for a pic of the rod rests, which I didn't find, I came across this one of Rod Bolton's Gator, Gator.


The idea comes from Hawaii and is a line out alarm which can be heard above the noise of the surf. Original Gator,Gator's used a cow bell as an alarm, Rod uses a bicycle bell and it works as long as the fish takes line and doesn't run shoreward.
Many of my reels don't have line out alarms (Mag Elite's, 525 mag's, 7HT's etc) and even those that do are difficult to hear above the roar of the surf. The device is clipped on the rod and the line taken one turn around the capstan. When line is pulled from the spool the capstan turns and the bell rings. One tends to ignore the shouts of 'Shop' or 'That must be for you John'; when the Gator, Gator goes off and it really comes into it's own on those long evenings when there is very little activity and it's a long time between jew bites!
Just another example of using techniques from other countries.

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