slimline shock leader knot?

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slimline shock leader knot?

Post by marlinman » Mon Jan 19, 2009 9:35 pm

Hi guys,
what are your choices of tying on your shock leaders to your main line? for years i have used a very short double and a knot similar to an albright, i was more that happy with the knot strength and never had a failure, testing this setup on scales it retained on average 80% breaking strain of the main line, only issue was its casting abilities could probably be better. I had a knot shown to me which just involved tying a granny knot in the leader, passing the main line through the granny knot and tying a uni knot over the leader, the granny knot in the leader can also be replaced by simply using a lighter and melting the end of the leader to form a slight "mushroom". I am told this is a common knot for surf casters, but after testing several times on the scales i couldnt get more than 50% of the breaking strain of the main line, less than desirable, but it casts beautifully! am i doing something wrong? any recommendations?


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Re: slimline shock leader knot?

Post by lee » Sun Jan 25, 2009 9:01 am

I always use a double tied to the leader, for almost all fishing. A blob knot (the mushroom you talk of) is never as reliable in my experiance. The castability you speak of may be due to your ring size on your rod. Most shop bnought rods don't take leader knot size into account as a result guides are very small. All my rods have been home built and rings have been kept large so as not to impede the leader knot. I was using the granny knot method and only ever had problems with it if the leader material was cheap and nasty. But was recently shown how to replace the granny knot with a figure 8 which pulls down with a smaller but longer profile. Much better for casting. The figure 8 being a granny knot where the tag end passes through the loop a second time, carefully tighten the knot till the line folds over making the figure 8 then pass the double into the knot where the tag comes out and out where the main leader line comes out.

hope this helps

cheers Lee

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Re: slimline shock leader knot?

Post by BillyMako » Wed Aug 26, 2009 10:23 pm

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