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Post by FishHead » Wed Sep 16, 2009 4:30 pm

Heres one for the enthusiasts out there,

A whole new shipment of Megabass rods have arrived recently we now have in stock some of the only Arms rods in Australia along with the new Megabass round baitcasting reels.

The arms rods really are in a league of their own when it comes to craftsmanship and sheer beauty. They have a beautiful half wood half eva rear handle with a elegantly designed stainless steel reel seat. They are 6'2" and rated to 4-12lb line, definetly the most beautiful bass rod ever to come out of the Megabass stable.

We also have a number of other rods from Megabass including

Saratoga - 6'9" Spinning 1/32 - 1/4 ounce rated to 2-10lb line
Destroyer F7-711X - 7'11" 10-30lb Baitcaster flipping stick
Destroter Jabberwock - 6'8" 1/4-3/4oz 8-20lb Baitcaster
Destroyer Elseil - 6'10" 1/4-3/4oz 8-20lb Baitcaster
Orichi Endmax - 6'4" 1/8-5/8oz 5-14lb Baitcaster
Kirisame - 6'9" 1/32-1/8oz 2-6lb Spinning
White Python - 7'6" 3/8-4oz 12-30lb Bitcaster with slant bridge
Jadepython - 7'4" 1/16-5/8oz 5-16lb Spinning
Silver Shadow - 7'5" 8-28grams 8-16lb Spinning
Shoreluck - 6'8" 0.4-7grams 2-6lb Spinning
Hedgehog - 6'3" 3/16-5/8oz 5-16lb Baitcaster

As mentioned above we also have the limited edition Megabass Monoblock reels; the Evoluzion Topaz, Grigio Titanio and Racing Condition Shadow. The Evoluzion Topaz and Grigio Titanio are going for $1550 while the Racing Condition is at $1650.

We also have the Megabass cover hacking baitcaster which is a technique specific flipping reel designed for short range pitching and flipping. It comes equipped with special freespool button beside the spool to eliviate the need to move your hand from casting to retrieving. This retails at the $1129 mark.

If any of these products are making you drool a little why dont you come on down and have a look.
Fish Head

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