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Entry forms

Post by justcrusin » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:13 am

Gday Guys,

Just wondering if there is any plans to update the entry system to a more modern version. The old fax and CC is sooo 90's LOL

But serioursly is there a way we can pay via paypal etc, we pay a surchage for CC now so a surcharge for paypal fees shouldnt change anything really. I know some guys pay and enter for several events at once but I for one am not that financial. I make my final decision as to if I can afford to go that week.

I'm sure you guys are as sick of getting endless faxes each week off me as I am of sending them. Perhaps a dedicated email address for sending electronic forms into. (happy to create a microsoft word one for you) and a paypal account on the same email.

You get paid instantly and it a lot easier for us. You would still need to manually enter people into entry lists but you have to do that now anyway. They would however be in a chronolgical order in either your email or paypal account.

I understand things like non boaters are a bit more difficult because you need to accept them when you have enough places, but perhaps a trial of something like this for the kayakers.

Cheers Hedgy

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