Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series Round 2 Bemm River ROLL CALL

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Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series Round 2 Bemm River ROLL CALL

Post by GregLewis » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:46 am

After a great opening round to the 2014 Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series, our focus remains firmly locked on the Southern Black Bream - and where better to go next than the fabled waters of Bemm River!
Since our first trip to the quiet township all those years ago, we have failed to be let down by the quality of the Bemm River experience - the fishing is amongst the best in the country, and combined with the hospitality of the locals, and of course the socialising amongst competitors at the legendary Bemm River Hotel, this is a venue that see's anglers returning again and again to be a part of what is often regarded as one of the most prestigious rounds of the year.

With the variation to the format of this years qualifying process, this this two day round being held 22-23rd February, has been nominated as the Victorian State Qualifier - and as such there are 4 Grand Final berths available.

Already with the wind in his sails, Chris Burbidge will be holding court - however, with just over a week still to go, there are already 51 anglers paid up and ready to chase him down.
If you want to be a part of the action too, get your entry in soon and add your name to the Roll Call below.
Best of luck guys!

1 Gary Hanson VIC
2 Neil Carstairs VIC
3 Douglas Evans VIC
4 Peter Whelan VIC
5 Martin Fellows VIC
6 Gavin Hurley NSW
7 John Van Vliet VIC
8 Jason Deenen VIC
9 Andrew Battersby VIC
10 Steve Thomas VIC
11 Tony Pettie VIC
12 Adam Richards VIC
13 Rick Massie VIC
14 Glenn Allen NSW
15 Chris Burbidge VIC
16 Dale Baxter VIC
17 John Whelan NSW
18 Chesney Fung VIC
19 David Ayton VIC
20 Kyle Pettie VIC
21 Doug Phayer VIC
22 Scott Baker VIC
23 Warren Allen NSW
24 Jason Meech NSW
25 Dean Gamble VIC
26 Michelle Gamble VIC
27 Mathew Dugins VIC
28 Joshua Smith VIC
29 Vaughan McCullough VIC
30 Jason Childs NSW
31 Paul Hardiman ACT
32 Dennis McMahon VIC
33 Jarrad Dalzell VIC
34 Luke Vandeligt VIC
35 Ben Phayer VIC
36 Paul Davidson VIC
37 Josh Palmer VIC
38 Peter Gardiakos VIC
39 Nathan Prezioso VIC
40 Jeff Van Den Oever VIC
41 Matthew Hooper NSW
42 Ronnie Sonter NSW
43 Daniel Brady VIC
44 Tony Curwen VIC
45 Patrick McQuarrie NSW
46 Clark Wilson VIC
47 Geoff Alford ACT
48 Bruce Rollins VIC
49 Scott Carmody NSW
50 Michelle Carmody NSW
51 Andrew Fennelly VIC
52 Derek Hamer NSW
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