Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series Marlo/ Worlds Qualifyier

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Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series Marlo/ Worlds Qualifyier

Post by GregLewis » Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:37 pm

After the huge success of the Bemm River round of the Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Series, we can look forward to yet another epic turn out this weekend, the 15th and 16th of March, at the most consistent and prolific big fish venue on calendar - Marlo, Victoria.

As this is a regular fixture of the Series, and one which many of the more experienced tournament anglers are now very familiar with, we have decided to mix things up, and there will be a brand new launch site for this round.
The Brodribb River boat ramp, located on the Old Marlo Road has been designated as the new launch site, and as well as giving anglers a quick downstream approach to the ever popular Lake Corringle, it will also allow anglers a great opportunity to reach Lake Curlip - which up until now has rarely been targeted during competition.

This round has also been designated as a Hobie Fishing Worlds Qualifying Event, with 2 spots available for this prestigious event.

So, if you are keen to be part of this great event get your entry in soon, and add your name to the impressive list below!

Best of luck to you all

1 Gary Hanson VIC
2 Nick Mace VIC
3 Chad Aumann VIC
4 Douglas Evans VIC
5 Andrew Battersby VIC
6 Reece Pitkowczy VIC
7 Tony Pettie VIC
8 Rick Massie VIC
9 Chris Burbidge VIC
10 Richard Somerton VIC
11 John Whelan NSW
12 Chesney Fung VIC
13 Kyle Pettie VIC
14 Scott Baker VIC
15 Michelle Gamble VIC
16 Corey Gallagher VIC
17 Dennis McMahon VIC
18 Ben Phayer VIC
19 Peter Gardiakos VIC
20 Nathan Prezioso VIC
21 Ronnie Sonter NSW
22 Tony Curwen VIC
23 Andrew Fennelly VIC
24 Jordan Trusty VIC
25 Lex Forbes VIC
26 Chris Lyons VIC
27 Jonathan Chen ACT
28 David Hedge NSW
29 Simon Morley NSW
30 Joel Crosbie VIC
31 Jason Deenen VIC
32 Alan Osborne VIC
33 Marcus McCormick VIC
34 Ben Harrison SA
35 Martin Fellows VIC
36 Clark Wilson VIC
37 Ka Ching Chung VIC
38 Paul Davidson VIC
39 Jason Lambert NSW
40 Derek Hamer NSW
41 Ty Hanley VIC
42 Dale Baxter VIC
43 Bradley Winthrop VIC
44 Justin Dingwall VIC
45 Chriss Apos VIC
46 BenJamin Davidson NSW
47 Peter Whelan VIC
48 Sean O'Hagan NSW
49 John Van Vliet VIC
50 Joshua Smith VIC
51 Glen Sheldon VIC
52 Jon Clisby VIC
53 Jason Childs NSW
54 Patrick Wilson ACT
55 Patrick McQuarrie NSW
56 Graeme Neander VIC
57 Kane Terry NSW
58 Darryl Head NSW
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