Kayak Tournament Double Up

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Kayak Tournament Double Up

Post by Profishional » Mon Dec 01, 2008 9:47 pm

Don't get me wrong I think it's great a major compay like Hobie have gotten behind a kayak tournament. But is it mearly coincidence that two of the qualifiying events are on the same dates as two AKT tournament events being sponsored by a major competitor of theirs.
Wouldn't it be more ethical to hold events on seperate dates allowing kayak fisho's the opportunity to compete in all manufacturers events, I hate to say it I'm a Hobie owner but it looks like another case of a larger company trying to bullie others out of the scene. :cry:
Makes it hard for the Qlders who have already commited to these events sponsored by Ocean Kayak to qualify for the final without traveling interstate for the Sydney or Forster qualifiers. Just think a little more research should have been done to ensure no clashes. Or was the research done well!!! :?
AKT has been started up by the guys behind "Kayak Fishing Adventures" dvd, as far as I have been able to find the only Aussie based dedicated kayak fishing dvd, If I'm wrong on that let me know so I can purchase any more available. Little blokes trying to uplift kayak fishing in Aus and put it on the map. Just think they deserve a fair go at it without being overshadowed by a big setup like ABT and Hobie. :(
I was stoked when I heard about the ABT-Hobie comp :lol: then devistated when I checked out the dates :cry: , Was keen as to compete in both tournaments, Now I will have to be a hypocrit and only compete the ABT events. But I have good personal reasons for this which makes me feel a bit better about it.
Anyway enough of complaining maybe we could organise it a bit better in 2010 if AKT survive next year.
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Post by Steve Morgan » Mon Dec 01, 2008 10:46 pm

Was unaware of the clash until after the magazine was printed.

Have a look at the ABT Calendars and you'll see why the dates are set where they are - there just aren't any more gaps!


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