What are we doing wrong?

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What are we doing wrong?

Post by Daniel09 » Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:17 pm

Im after some advice from someone with experience with live baiting and fishing in general.
I'll give u the details
Location: coomera river, gold coast
31st aug
Fished with live bait in the water from 730pm - 10pm
High tide was 930ish
I had 2 rods out both with live bait.
1 rod had a snapper sinker on the bottom of the rig with a dropper for the live bait hook
1 rod I held had a running rig with ball sinker with float on above the sinker
I used that rig with float on and off
My mate had 2 rods as well 1 with running rig with out float with live bait that he
The other he had running rig and small hook with some
Mullet flesh on It just throwin into some snags for possible bream or anything.

Bait we used were poddy mullet sized between 5cm to 10cm we had enough to last until we left
The mullet were kicking hard all night while in buckets
All live bait hooks were appropriate size for mullet we had in black color and used 24lb fluorocarbon trace and
Black swivels to braided main line.
Area was snaggy rocks and 6m deep (-asked bloke with boat and depth sounder)

Moon was 99% full (next night 100%)

Now the problem is we never got fish, not even a bite or even a nibble, in my mind
From my research we had pretty good fishing conditions and I don't think I did anything
Wrong I mean we had the ultimate bait really, live mullet. They always say fresh is good but live is better?
The spot is known for good fish with live bait.
It's not the first Time this has happen, I've had this situation with the last 6 fishing trips at
Many different spots. I'm wondering if anyone can shed se
Light on what we may be doing wrong?

Sorry about the messy writing I'm on the mobile at the moment.
If anyone needs more info just pOst a comment and I'll
MSG back .
I hope someone can help us out

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Re: What are we doing wrong?

Post by azyu1 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 12:38 pm

Hi mate, I do some live baiting during the summer for jacks and trevs on the gold coast. I usually run 20lb braid a sinker attached to a swivel connected to a 2/0 circle hook on 20-30lb mono or fluro with a 10cm herring or mullet and usually do ok. -------------------O0-0-------J (setup looks like that if that helps) If you aren't getting anything maybe the area your fishing in doesn't have any fish. If you need anymore advice just pm me.

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Re: What are we doing wrong?

Post by Daniel09 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:04 am

Do you use that rig even around bridge pilons and rockwalls?

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Re: What are we doing wrong?

Post by moorak » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:49 pm

could even try berley bring the small fish to you and the larger specimens will follow, also try under bridges with lights seem to always get jacks round that sort of area. keep trying mate your setup sounds fine just try different areas every trip until you achieve consistent results.

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Re: What are we doing wrong?

Post by Megabarra » Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:31 pm

it may sound obvious but have you tried sounding through the areas with a fish finder? doesn't have to be too technical. so long as you can see arches on the screen you will know something is going on, look for groups of larger arches or the occassional larger arch providing you are sitting atop of some likely structure they should be n the mood when moving through.

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