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To Stratos 275/285/294/200 Owners

Postby Steve Morgan » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:29 pm


As you know, there's only one bit of a Stratos that is a problem in Saltwater - the back deck support is made of steel that's way too thinly galvanised and it'll rust.

I'm getting mine re-manufactured in stainless steel and I'm sure that there are others who will want the same.

Can you please email or PM me if you want to be part of a group purchase of these - I'm sure that I can get the price down as the numbers go up. No idea of pricing ATM, but they won't be super-cheap due to the fact that they'll be made out of stainless steel.

It looks like a reasonably easy job to replace the existing one - you just need to replace a swatch of carpet that's above the rear seat spigot mount, otherwise, it's a screwdriver and shifting spanner job.


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