VSR and Smart Charger

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VSR and Smart Charger

Post by Kermit » Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:17 pm

Good afternoon all.

Has anyone had any issues regarding charging a dual battery setup with a so called smart charger.

I have a Marine Pro 600 starter battery and a Supreme 140 amp deep cycle battery connected in parallel through a Voltage Sensing Relay.

I have been told that the VSR may confuse the charger. I would have thought that a so-called intelligent charger would be able to handle this.

The charger I was using is a Projecta IC2500, which I was assured was a vast improvement on previous Projecta chargers.

Any information, good or bad, will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


scott atk
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Re: VSR and Smart Charger

Post by scott atk » Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:14 am

Hi Kermit,

I will try and explain in Lay mans terms ---- I don't know much about the projecta charges , but I guess by the numbers that it is a 25amp charger. A charger of this size should have two or more outlets , If it has two outlets just by pass the VSR and connect straight to each battery. If it has only one outlet connect it to the VSR-- this is what will happen , the charge comming into the VSR will be directed to the start battery first and when it is charged the VSR will direct the charge to the house battery ( this is fine both batteries are charged ) the problem may occur when both batteries are fully charged the charger will go into maintenance mode . The VSR ,when both batteries are charged , will direct power to the start batt. for around one to three minutes and then swich power to house batt. for one to three minutes , then back again and so on . It's like you turning your charger on and off every few minutes , when you turn your charger on each time the charger goes through tests to see what type of battery it is (smart charger ) , how much charge is in the batt., etc. then it deciedes what to do . By the time your charger has soughted itself out on how to charge the battery it's gets turned off and onto a new battery and the process starts again, do this every few minutes and I'm sure the charger is going to get confused after awhile . So what you can do is after both batteries are charged , turn off the charger and don't let it go into maintenance mode.

This is just a guess on what might happen to the charger based on how a VSR works.


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