Project boat - brand help

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Project boat - brand help

Post by sargeman13 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:06 am

Hi guys,

Just after a few opinions/thoughts (preferably from model owners) about a couple of boats. I am looking at an aluminium project boat about 4m in length. Three models have caught my eye, savage jabiru, stessco catcher and quintrex explorer. I will be looking at max a 30hp motor.

Just after people's thoughts on ride quality, and mainly stabilty

Thanks for your time

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Re: Project boat - brand help

Post by mon2409 » Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:56 pm

The petition is still progressing well. I have in my hand about 500 signatures from Bransfords, Barron River Tackle, Les Marsh and me. Bruce Sharples has collected about another 300 from his newsagency and from the Tinaroo Barra Bash. Great job! The e petition has over 200 on it and will likely get a boost with Steve Wettenhall’s newsletter going out soon.I haven’t checked around the other locations as yet (about 30 or 40) so you can take a guess at the total. This is all about numbers now, I’m sure you understand that. Those with media profiles should be pumping it. Write a ‘Letter to the Editor’. Get the public involved.

A lot rests on the final count. We won’t get another shot at this for a VERY LONG time!

I went to the Tradies Bar on Friday afternoon and spoke to 110 people and got 108 signatures. Almost everyone said “yeah, bloody oath I’ll sign that, it’s about time someone did something about the @#$%’n nets”. The 2 that didn’t sign were from NZ and didn’t know a fish from a fush. I also did the Bransfords tackle Expo on Saturday and the Holloways Beach markets on Sunday. I found that almost everyone signed that I spoke to, even commercial fishermen. But as soon as I stopped talking, the signatures stopped.

Clearly, all of us need to keep talking. Pretty well everyone wants it, but we have to explain it first. A simple “Hey guys have you signed the Fishin’ Petition yet? We’re trying to get the gill nets out of Trinity Bay”. This closes on the 30th of this month so that leaves only 2 weekends! We’ve only got a short run time but that’s the cards we’ve been dealt, we must make the most of this opportunity. Everyone who wants a net free zone around Cairns MUST get involved! Print off a few sheets and get to it. It took me one hour to get 108 signatures at the Tradies Bar. I see that as a fair investment in the fishing future of Cairns. All the pubs and clubs should be canvassed. This is your job.

If a hundred of us get a hundred signatures, that’s TEN THOUSAND. That will get instant attention from every politician up and down the coast.

Most importantly, these sheets HAVE to be back to me or Steve Wettenhall by the 30 th. I’m hearing of them being photocopied and ending up in all sorts of places, which is fine but completely useless if they’re still there in two months time. If you hand them out please make sure they know to get them back.

Remember the headline waiting to be written “CAIRNS SET TO RIVAL DARWIN”. It can be so. But we have to make it so. It’s up to you. Be quick.
Monika Bansal

scott atk
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Re: Project boat - brand help

Post by scott atk » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:47 pm

Well , sargeman for a second their I thought you had about a thousand people who doubted your ability to do a project boat ...
May-be Monika had too much wine for lunch.

Good luck with your project.


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Re: Project boat - brand help

Post by clutter » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:22 am

I've got a Stessco RV Hurricane 445, I think they call all of them a Catcher now. Anyway it's basically the same hull just a bit longer. Very strong with plenty of ribs, stable and really good hull for the money (at least they were when I bought it new). From memory the others are V-punt style hulls while the catcher your basic Vee. If you are after a project boat and go with the Catcher get a model with the wide gunwalls, gives you a good head start and makes it alot stronger.

Cheers, Mick

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