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Motorguide - What a disappointment!

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 7:09 pm
by Weilo
Hi All,

I purchased a Motorguide 55 lb wireless electric about 3 and a 1/2 years ago. Within the first 6 months I had to have the steering replaced. I had the side plate shatter after a few weeks. After that I had returned the engine 3 more times because the steering was still not right but I was told that it had not faulted in shop so therefor there is no problem. Because these consultation were not documented as they had actually done no work on the engine it has left my engine now out of warranty. Recently I went for a fish and found that water was getting into the engine up through the shaft and into the head of the unit. I had it checked out by a dealer and this time they tell me that the engine is done for. Apparently, there is a crack in the cone housing on the engine that is letting the water in. I have been told that this could only happen if it was slammed against a rock or timber. At no stage has this happened in my boat as I know I do not have the money to replace an item that I had saved many years for. Even if it did hit a tree, isn't part of their selling point that you are able to manouver in and out of trees and rocky sections. If the engine is unable to withstand a few bumps then the product must be inferior. I am out of luck with my warranty and after all the hassles that I have had with this engine Mercury/Mariner have done nothing to help. Many mates of mine that fish the tournament seen run with minn kota and none of them have had trouble like I have. Has anyone else had dramas to this extent or did I get a dud one from the batch? I will now have to begin saving once again to get another electric. By the time I am ready to buy ipilots should be cheap.

Thanks Weilo

Re: Motorguide - What a disappointment!

Posted: Mon Apr 30, 2012 5:07 pm
by UdlMan
The all have their dramas and problems. I have had both Motorguide and MinnKota and both have given me problems. Foot pedals on both models have failed, wired and wireless, electrical, corrosion, bearings(on cable steer versions) etc. I really don't think the the salt water versions of either brand are made for Australian conditions. If you know someone in the US, you can get parts from for the motor guide at a fraction of what they charge over here.

Re: Motorguide - What a disappointment!

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 8:15 pm
by scott19
I see you said you had your motor for over three years. If you ask most anglers who fish alote of tournaments we replace our engines at least once a year. Three years for a electric engine in saltwater is pretty good most outboards dont last that long anymore. You should look at the cable steer models most tournamemt anglers run these because they are less problems to go wrong. I know of a person who went threw 3 cheaper brand electrics in 3 weeks ..

Re: Motorguide - What a disappointment!

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 3:05 pm
by s+j+5
mine is in the shop for the second time in six months to have the steering unit replaced and i have only had it for just over 12 months and the fella i bought it off had to have the steering unit replaced before i bought it(lucky my steering went the day before warranty ran out and you get 12 months on the new steering unit so i'm still covered),also a m8 was just given a new motor for exactly the same reason as yours,water leaking into the unit at the bottom of the motor.
my next motor will be a cable steer motorguide,my first bow mount was one of these that i bought off Dizzy,he had it on his first yellow boat and those who remember that boat know it and the electric were flogged ;),i had it for 3 years then i sold it to a mate who had it for another 3 years ,apart from having to replace the prop when i got it as the blades were almost gone from running up Clarence river break walls :P it didnt give me or the fella i sold too any trouble at all,my next electric was again a cable steer motor guide,had it for 3 years with not one issue,made the mistake of selling it to buy the wireless,have thought about going to minn kota but everyone i know that uses them has issues with steering and foot pedal failures,so imo if you want reliability go with the cable steer model of either minn kota or motorguide.
On a funny note,when i tried to replace the prop on the motor i got off Dizz,i had to cut it off with a grinder as it had hit that many rocks the shear pin was imbeded in the prop itself which made it impossible to remove,good on yu Dizz lmao.