Servicing your motor

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Servicing your motor

Post by Dodgyback » Thu May 17, 2012 1:11 pm

Do you keep your motor up to date with it's servicing ? Especially if it's still under warranty ?

To try and find money to maintain your boat can be pretty tough at times , considering all other normal expenses you have.
But luckily I kept my services up to date with my Merc. It recently hit the 505 hour mark and the compressor broke down. Oh well 505 hours you would expect things to wear out.
Then I remembered that merc had a warranty extension to 5 years , so I ask my mechanic if I still qualify for it. Luckily I had given my motor the yearly service and through a merc dealer it was updated on the mercury system.

So thinking I would be out of pocket for some repairs , turned good when I was told that it would be covered under warranty and while they were at it, they found some other stuff that I was unaware of that they would also do under warranty..

So.. all in all by giving my motor a yearly service has , in the end saved me around 3 grand :lol:

So next time you are hesitating to find cash for that service, consider what may happen if you break down within your warranty period and havent kept the services up to date. ?

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