weight of boat and trailer

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weight of boat and trailer

Post by coley » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:54 am

Good Morning.

I am looking at buying a smaller car and want to know the weight of my boat and trailer. it is a real hassle to get to a weighbridge. Could anyone give me a guesstimate of a Savage Scorpio 4.5 metre on a standard galvanised trailer, I have a 50hp honda on the boat.

Much appreciated.

Tony Zann
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Re: weight of boat and trailer

Post by Tony Zann » Mon Mar 18, 2013 12:04 pm

Honda 50 XL 102kg, 4.2m trailer unbraked about 200kg, Scorpion was all 3mm, wasn't it? Say hull 400kg full of fuel & gear = round it up to 800kg.

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