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Karumba QLD

Post by hurricane » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:30 am

Hi everybody
The wife and I are heading to Karumba for the month of May, we have not been here before but we have fished the NT for barra and Jacks and the like.
Can any body give us some reference to what reefs/holes are worth taking a look at.
We have our own boat 455 bay raider set up for some boat based camping .
We are staying at Karumba point van park as a base but would like to spend a few days at a time camping from the boat.
The boat has a 50 horse mariner with a 60l tank so we should be able to travel about 40 n/miles each way
We will be chasing the obviuos fish but would like to try for some black jew and maybe some spanyards and snapper
Any info will be greatly appreciated

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