2013 BARRA Tour - Get Your BARRA Fix On!

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2013 BARRA Tour - Get Your BARRA Fix On!

Post by chris byrnes » Wed Oct 16, 2013 8:53 am

The 2013 BARRA tour will hit the road as planned in the last week of November, visiting three of the hottest barra dams in North Queensland.

With the BARRA Tour attendance over the last few years being low and expense of running the tour at an all time high the barra tour will offer product-only payouts for rounds with less than twenty teams and cash and prizes for all rounds that hit the twenty team mark.

With an $8000 bounty of sponsors prizes on offer for the tour and a hot spring hitting the barra lakes of the north it’ll be a BARRA Tour not to miss.

So get your barra gear ready and let’s make this BARRA tour one to remember.

2013 BARRA Tour

The 2013 BARRA tour returns this year with a revamped format. The changes include the following;

• The 2013 BARRA tour is comprised of three events; The Peter Faust Evening Event (Nov 22-23), the Kinchant Night Championship (Nov 26-27) and the Teemburra Evening Event (Nov 29-30).

• The Evening Events utilise the 2x5 format (two session format with five fish limit each session). The Night Championship is a single session with a five fish limit. Each team can capture as many barramundi as possible during the session, but only the five largest barramundi caught per team each session count towards the team score.

• Venues have been chosen based on proximity to one another and quality of fishing available. The compact nature of the 2013 BARRA tour means all venues are located within two hours of one another, reducing travelling time and maximising the opportunity to compete at all events.

• Anglers will compete as a two person team. Teams will compete for individual event honours, event Big Barra and an overall Team of the Year trophy (best 3 of 3 rounds).

• The 2013 BARRA tour sees the return of the popular Night Championship event format. One of the sternest and truest tests of an angler’s skill, the Night Championship event is a welcome addition to the 2013 itinerary.


Event Date Location Event Type Session Times Briefing
1 Friday 22nd/Saturday 23rd November Peter Faust Evening Event 2pm-9pm 12pm Fri 22nd Nov
Gunna-Go Caravan Park
2 Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th November Kinchant Night Championship 4pm-7am 2pm Tue 26th Nov
3 Friday 29th/Saturday 30th November Teemburra Evening Event 2pm-9pm 12pm Fri 29th Nov
Pinnacle Hotel

Being a lure and fly, cast and retrieve only competition anglers will once again be using their intuition, depth sounders and fishing ability to vie for event honours. Teams will record their successful captures using a digital camera and a bragmat. Each centimetre of barramundi earns the team a valuable point. As all fish are released there is no minimum size for the tournament.

So get involved by grabbing an entry form from www.australianbarra.com.au and you could be basking in the glory of being one of Australia’s leading barra anglers. With barra back on AFC and the big barra biting the 2013 BARRA Tour is one not to be missed. For more information call ABT on (07) 3268 7958.

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