ROLL CALL: Rnd 1 Bemm River Hobie® Kayak Bream Series

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ROLL CALL: Rnd 1 Bemm River Hobie® Kayak Bream Series

Post by tony_huskisson » Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:23 pm

71 Entries and still over a week to go Round 1 of the Hobie Kayak Bream Series at Bemm River is going to be MASSIVE. Don't forget to take advantage of Early Bird Pricing as Entries increase to $140.00 at close of business Friday 30th of Jan.

Enter now at:
and add your name to the list of competitors below!

1. Wayne Jorgensen. NSW
2. Neil Carstairs. VIC
3. Kyle Miller. VIC
4. Richard Somerton. VIC
5. Peter Whelan. VIC
6. Rick Massie. VIC
7. Gary Hanson. VIC
8. Michelle Carmody. NSW
9. Steve Thomas. VIC
10. Ben Phayer. VIC
11. Aaron Williams. VIC
12. Paul Hardiman. ACT
13. Jim Halliday. NSW
14. Daniel Brady. VIC
15. Garry Brady. VIC
16. Matt Petrie. VIC
17. Jason Deenen. VIC
18. Dale Baxter. VIC
19. Martin Fellows. VIC
20. Steven Pryke. VIC
21. Troy Charnock. NSW
22. John Whelan. NSW
23. Jonathan Chen. ACT
24. Lex Forbes. VIC
25. Doug Phayer. VIC
26. Chris Burbidge. VIC
27. Danny Torgersen. VIC
28. Adam Richards. VIC
29. Tony Pettie. VIC
30. Scott Lovig. VIC
31. Jason Childs. NSW
32. Jordan Trusty. VIC
33. Scott Baker. VIC
34. Corey Gallagher. VIC
35. Michelle Gamble. VIC
36. Dean Gamble. VIC
37. Glenn Allen. NSW
38. Paul Davidson. VIC
39. Ronnie Sonter. NSW
40. Darren Evans. NSW
41. Ty Hanley. VIC
42. John Van Vliet. VIC
43. Bill Woods. NSW
44. Chesney Fung. VIC
45. Byron Hill. NSW
46. Andrew Dellaca. VIC
47. Matthew Hooper. NSW
48. Bruce Rollins. VIC
49. Stephen Majera. VIC
50. Matthieu Miller. VIC
51. Mark Young. NSW
52. David Hedge. NSW
53. Clark Wilson. VIC
54. David Shanahan. VIC
55. David Ayton. VIC
56. Douglas Evans. VIC
57. Dan Walter. NSW
58. Peter Gardiakos. VIC
59. Joshua Smith. VIC
60. Patrick McQuarrie. NSW
61. Rob Chambers. NSW
62. Joel Bramble. VIC
63. Jon Clisby. VIC
64. Scott Carmody. NSW
65. Dave Morris. VIC
66. Marcus Mccormick. VIC
67. Kevin Winchester. NSW
68. Simon Morley. NSW
69. Tony Curwen. VIC
70. Peter Woods. NSW
71. Derek Hamer. NSW

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