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Roll Call - Hobie Bream Round 6 Paynesville

Posted: Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:43 pm
by tony_huskisson
There's just over two weeks left to register for the the final Victorian round of the Hobie® Kayak Bream Series for 2015. Don't Miss Out!
April 18 and 19, will see the Hobie® event trailer return to Paynesville in the Gippsland region of Victoria for round 6 of the Hobie® Kayak Bream Series.
Sign up now and add your name to the list below.

1. Chris Burbidge VIC
2. Richard somerton VIC
3. Ben Phayer VIC
4. Dale Baxter VIC
5. Chesney Fung VIC
6. Bogdan Zisu VIC
7. Lex Forbes VIC
8. Gary Hanson VIC
9. Ty Hanley VIC
10. David Ayton VIC
11. neil carstairs VIC
12. Stephen Majera VIC
13. Jason Deenen VIC
14. Corey Gallagher VIC
15. Scott Lovig VIC
16. Simon Morley NSW
17. Paul Hardiman ACT
18. Jordan Santos VIC
19. Martin Fellows VIC
20. jordan trusty VIC
21. douglas evans VIC
22. Thomas Steve VIC
24. Nick Mace VIC
25. Nathan Prezioso VIC
26. Paul Davidson VIC
27. Marcus Mccormick VIC