Tournament Gear... your thoughts please.

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Tournament Gear... your thoughts please.

Post by MY-TopEnder » Tue May 25, 2010 5:19 pm

Hey Guys,

I know i did this a little while ago, and the advice I got then was a great help. I did go on to buy alot of the gear I had chosen. I did also go on to do a couple of social days out breaming. Since then, I started a new job, had very little time on my hands and therefor sold off alot of the previous combo's, holding onto on 1 and having a backup cheaper combo.

Now i'm looking to get back into the ABT scene again, as well as some teams events (willing non-boater here, waiting for a spot).

Over the last few days I have trawled this site, and many like it to see what the latest trends seem to be, and get some first hand thoughts on current gear. Based on that advice, and spending hours reading catalogues, I have put together 4 combo's I feel would cover my bases for tournaments.

Being Brisbane based, I'll mainly be fishing events such as Gold Coast, Bribie Island, Tweed Heads in the AFC type events. I also quite regularly head out for social fishing trips around Jacobs Well area.

So without any further ado... here are the combo's I've put together. Your thoughs please...
Hard Body Combo 1
Rod- Daiwa Saltist Light Rock Fish Game 7'1" 2-6lb Mono/Fluro
Reel- Daiwa Team Daiwa Sol 2000
Spool 1- 2lb Sunline Basic FC Flurocarbon
Spool 2- 4lb Sunline Basic FC Flurocarbon
Rigged for small hard bodies and blades over the flats or around pontoons and weed beds.

Hard Body Combo 2
Rod- Daiwa Saltist Light Rock Fish Game 7'5" PE 0.4-0.6
Reel- Daiwa Team Daiwa Sol 2000
Spool 1- 3lb Berkley Fireline Crystal
Spool 2- 6lb Sunline Super PE
Leaders- 3/4/6lb Yamatoyo Harris or 4/5lb Sunline Siglon
Rigged for small hard bodies, surface lures, crankbaits on the flats or weed beds. Also for blades or lightly or no weighted plastics.

Flats Hard Body Combo
Rod- Shimano Raider II Mexican Fire 7'6" 2-4kg 2Pc
Reel- Shimano Symetre 1000FJ
Spool 1- 2lb Berkley Fireline Crystal
Spool 2- Should this reel have come with a second spool?
Leaders- 3lb Yamatoyo Harris or 4/5lb Sunline Siglon
Rigged for small topwater lure or crankbait for tossing very light weights over long distances.

Soft Plastics Combo
Rod- Pflueger Trion HM45 7' 2-4kg 2P
Reel- Daiwa Team Daiwa Advantage 1500 (Black & Gold)
Spool 1- 6lb Platypus Sinking Braid - Blood Red
Spool 2- Unfortunately being second hand, i never got a second spool
Leaders- 4/5lb Sunline Siglon
Rigged with a small jig head ready to toss something like a Berkley 2" Gulp Shrimp under a boat hull or a pontoon.

So, what do you all think?

Bear in mind, that for the majority of the time when i'm not fishing tournaments i'm going to be up around Bribie Island land based, or out on a hire boat at Jacobs Well. For those out of towners not so familiar with the areas, the stuff i'm going to mainly be dealing with is weed beds, flats, pontoons, maybe boat hulls.

Tournament wise, I'm only likely to come across Racks in the Tweed event where there are some up in Terranora area. I know there are some up around Bribie too. In terms of Gold Coast events, there seems to be a big emphasis on fishing the flats around Moreton Bay now more so than in the Nerang River, so having 3 rods upwards of 7ft should be of some advantage there.

My thoughts are as a non boater, ask if it is possible to bring all 4 combo'd aboard. Otherwise having 3 would still leave me with options. Assuming I'm taking 4, that leaves me having a Crankbait (SX40, Chubby, Atomic) rigged on Hard Body 1, Blade (TT's, Ecogear) rigged on Hard Body 2, a Surface lure (Ecogear, Luckycraft, Smith) on Flats Hard Body, and then a 1/16 Nitro or TT's head ready for a Shrimp on the Plastics combo.

I know i've gone with 2 Daiwa rods very similar, with identical reels, but I think this is going to A. eliminate playing favourites, B. have a very similar feel to pick up each rod, C. give me 2 perfect options to cover most bases if I'm out walking the flats or on a minimalistic trip out on a hire boat.

Just my thoughts on the scenario anyway... by all means, please dissect and provide advice where you see fit.

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Re: Tournament Gear... your thoughts please.

Post by flairj » Fri May 28, 2010 10:37 pm

I would say your first two hard body set ups are perfect. Both those Saltist rods are great for the money and even though the 7'1" is the cheapest Bream rod I own it would be one of my most used. I think Sols are the best value reels out there bar none. They have all the technology and bearings needed for a tournament reel, anything more is great and nice to have but Sols get the job done for the best price in my eyes.

Only thing I would change on the first two outfits you mention is the Sunline Basic FC. Sure, its decent and good value but I find it too stiff and since trying the Sunline Sniper FC in 2 and 3lb I have never looked back as it has all the qualities I like in a straight through line. Another popular FC is the Yamatoyo Spinning Fluro.

I can't comment much on rod #3 as I'm not terribly familiar with Shimano stuff but looking at the length and rating it looks good however I would reccomend a second spool loaded with straight through FC for diving cranks on flats and keep the fireline for topwater.

Again I'm not familiar with combo #4 and the only thing I may comment on is that I do prefer shorter rods for plastics under pontoons and boat hulls as accuracy seems to be easier with a shorter rod and generally you aren't fishing them from a long way away (at least I don't).

I hope that helps a bit and this being a fishing forum I'm sure plenty of people will be lining up to tell me I'm wrong but thats what I think of them.

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