setting up for the tournies!!

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setting up for the tournies!!

Post by danh124 » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:50 pm

G'day all, So after about three years of saving......
Iam currenly in the fortunant position of putting together a shoping list for mid next year to set up for tournaments.
I am talking about everything from lures to a boat.
I currently fish some of the kayak comps and have a samaki vamp and a zecton with luvius 2000 and 2500 and the usual selection of camions, cra pea, chubby's, sx 40 etc etc.
Also through a mate of a mate sort of contact i may be able to get some pflueger gear cheap (legit not off the back of a truck)
as such within the pflueger range what would you chose to compleate my rod set up (2 more out fits to total 4?)
I think i may have gone a bit high end with the reels as i cant feel the differance between them and the sol's so if pflueger make somthing similar that would be sweet.

Now the boat, I am pretty keen on a skeeter but will consider others i am thinking second hand sx170.
In your honest opinion guys the SX170, is it big enough a lot is said about the 170 only having one rod locker and less storage than the 180, but it still has a 7'6" rod locker and three under deck compartments?
And there are a few around with 115 on the back, and im not looking for a 20' that wont fit in my garage and will cost double to run so yeah 170?
Also im keen to get a bulk order of lures to set me up, has any one got experiance with dealing with any differant company's, can i expect a discount? or am i best to approach my local tackle shop?
Budget for the whole project is 40k to 45k
What would you do?
Thanks guys! :P

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