Boater/Non Boater comps

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Boater/Non Boater comps

Post by EMO » Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:28 am

Just curious if there are any boater /non boater Barra rounds this year?

Matt Fraser
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Re: Boater/Non Boater comps

Post by Matt Fraser » Tue Feb 15, 2011 2:50 pm

There will be just one Boater/Non Boater event in 2011, it will be one of the Awoonga Rounds in the November tour.

Just to enlighten barra anglers on the proposed format for this event.

When you enter for this event, one team member will have to nominate as the boater, and the other as the non boater. If a team has two boats available for the event, they may nominate individually as boaters.

It will be a shared length event with a five fish combined limit for each boat. Anglers will fish with a different partner each session.

As per other ABT Barra tour events, placings will be individual not team. There will be no seperate category for boaters/non boaters, all anglers will be fishing against each other individually. Which means that a non boater has just as much chance of winning the event as a boater.

Bear in mind this event will break up some pretty formidable teams, so there will be plenty of talented anglers taking the non-boating role, and this format will give them every opportunity to still take out the event regardless of how they have entered. Prizes, AOY and Ranking points will still be awarded individually. Team of Year (TOY) points will still be accrued as per other events.

As barra anglers already know, the tour is a great social event, most anglers will end up drawing someone they know well already. By halfway through the tour, it might be a nice break to share the deck with two different anglers over the the two sessions. Team work and sharing of knowledge will be essential as both anglers onboard will be sharing the same limit at the end of the session.

This format will also remove any doubt about teams loading up one anglers scoresheet.

The downside is that there will be few if any spare non-boater positions for new anglers to get involved this year.

Fire away if you've got any dramas,


PS - Just got first hand reports of barra caught at Mondy on the weekend. Nothing big, but a few fish between a group of keen anglers.

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