Flow Rite Pro Timer

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Flow Rite Pro Timer

Post by Pumba » Thu May 12, 2011 11:17 am

Hi all,
I have recently installed a Flow Rite Pro Timer in the electric boat and thought I would post up a few thoughts.

On first impressions the unit is compact and attractive, and comes supplied with all that is required (including clear instructions) for installation.

The unit can control a recirculating pump in a constant- on or timer mode. The constant mode is good during hot weather, when the fish require plenty of oxygen to keep them fit for weigh- in. It is also good for if a fish has been deeply hooked and is bleeding. The extra oxygen seems to help them recover quickly.

In timer mode, the unit can turn the recirculating pump on for 1 minute at varible time intervals ranging from 1 -12 minutes. The varible feature is good, allowing control of the time off depending on the amount of fish in the well and how much battery you want to consume while fishing. Its easy to set and forget the timer, allowing full concentration on the fishing, instead of wondering and hoping the fish are ok for oxygen in the well.

All in all, for the price, and compared to what else is available, the unit has been a great addition to keeping my catch happy and healthy.

The unit is available by request at BIAS Boating, and in the next catalouge.


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