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Flow-Rite Australia's chief, Lincoln Johnson, can answer all of your livewell questions here - timer switches, pumps, aeration and recirculation. Pimping your livewell? This is the place to start.

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New to me Tracker

Post by Ranger_b0b » Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:21 am

Hi All,

Picked up a used tracker and love it so far. Had a question regarding the Flow-Rite livewell though, and this site popped up in Google. A) this is the first boat I've had with a livewell, how long can I keep the fish alive in it?

B) I think my pump may be going, Should I upgrade to a larger flow, or just replace it with the same model.



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Re: New to me Tracker

Post by FlowRiteAus » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:09 pm

Hi Mike, ( aka Ranger Bob)

Thanks for your email.

To give you a full and complete answer I will need to know more about your boat and livewell sytem you currently have.

Can you tell me what model and year?

This will help a great deal.

Some photos of the transom, livewell and controls on the console will be great.

With regard to the pump, can you have a look and tell me what brand or size is written on it. ( Eg: Rule 750 GPH )

I look forward to your information.


Lincoln Johnson

Flow-Rite Controls

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