Pimp my live well! Mission Accomplished!

Flow-Rite Australia's chief, Lincoln Johnson, can answer all of your livewell questions here - timer switches, pumps, aeration and recirculation. Pimping your livewell? This is the place to start.

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Pimp my live well! Mission Accomplished!

Post by Scalywag » Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:33 am

Hi All,

I’ve recently had a hand from Lincoln at Flow-Rite to rejuvenate my existing live well system on the Bass Cat, and the difference it has made is incredible.

My dated system had many faults, and although I’ve managed with it thus far, it wasn’t easy. I’ve spent valuable time bucketing water to aerate the water when I could’ve been upgrading fish. I had to compensate for the live well by weighing in as close to finish time as possible to ensure I limited stress to the fish. Add to this a leaking valve that meant I had to stop half way through a long run to fill the well with water. A drive through weigh in would’ve been near impossible.
I’m sure there are many people out there who’ve had similar problems on the water.

It wasn’t until I used the Flow-Rite improved well that I realized just how much time and energy I was putting into keeping fish alive when I should’ve been fishing!

I began with faulty pumps, a leaking valve, and decayed wiring. The only pump that did work was the fill pump, which pushed water through a spray bar into the well. This was the only aeration system I had, no better than a bucket and a leaking esky really!

I started the repairs by running fresh wiring to all the pumps, installed a fuse board and a new switch panel. Faulty pumps were replaced (Flow-Rite have everything you need) and I installed a ProTimer switch for the recirculation pumps. I can confidently “set and forget” the recirculation pumps at the desired delay, conserve battery power and trust the fish will be ok! I did all of this myself, and with a little guidance it was very easy.

Flow-Rite replaced leaking “garden hoses” with marine quality hoses and QuickLock fittings, meaning hoses are fast to remove from the pumps should they need to be replaced/checked in the future. It’s a much neater system.
I now have 2 recirculation pumps, both utilizing a Venturi aerator to oxygenate the water. All very simple to install, and not expensive! The difference the aerators have made is astonishing. To the point that I have trouble catching the fish in the well at the end of the day.

Flow-Rite were also able to replace the valve, meaning I’ll no longer be opening the well to find fish lying on the bottom of an empty well after a run up the river. I can confidently park the boat on the trailer at a weigh in and wait patiently for a bag, knowing the water in the well will hold and the fish will be able to breathe! Yay! Stress less!

Flow-Rite has everything you need to upgrade a live well, and the age/size of the project doesn’t matter. Be it a kayak, tinnie or glass boat they have what you need. Skin fittings, hoses, Quick-Lock connectors, pumps, valves and actuators, aerator spray heads, screw in filters.... The list goes on.

You hear about fish dying in the well all too frequently. The solution might be as simple as fitting a Venturi aerator and timer switch. Worth a visit to Flow-Rite I think!
Alternatively send Lincoln a message on the forum, he'll no doubt have a solution for you.


Tracey Mammen :)

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