QTC 6500 Monochrome

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QTC 6500 Monochrome

Post by GNF1SN » Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:17 pm

Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum but I have been casting for some years.

To get to the point I have a new QTC 6500 Monochrome matched with a Century CME and for the first month it has performed flawlessly with dry ceramics. More recently I am blowing it up almost every cast and just can't control it. The mag unit is not loosening off when casting one of the first things we checked.

We have replaced the ceramic bearings with oiled bearings using red rf and then blended red and yellow rf but still no change it is just keeps running like a rocket.

Is it possible for the magnet to loose it's magnetism?

Can the magnet be upgraded to a more powerfull one?

Any sugestions or advice would be greatly recieved.

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Re: QTC 6500 Monochrome

Post by EddieMacSqid » Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:17 am

Hi Mate,

Very nice outfit you have.

Remove the left hand side plate of the reel and check whether the magnets are still in position.
Sometimes the magnet(s) can fall off and attach itself to another part of the reel.
On a centre mag control a magnet can flip and attach itself to the under side of the disk.
If you have a centre mag unit you may need to remove that mag carrier disk to see whether any magnets have moved to the underside.

Does the reel blow with the magnet dialled all the way in?
When you have the magnet set and spin up the reel it shouldn't spin for no more then 8 seconds.
If it spins for any longer then you run the risk of a "flow birding" when line level drops a fraction with the lead about 80 meters out.

To find the optimal starting position for the magnet set it as close as possible for the fist cast.
Dial out the magnet a fraction for each subsequent cast until its on the verge of blowing.
Once you have found the threshold dial the magnet back in to make it safe.

The Australian Surfcasting guys have moved to the following forum and I suggest that you register and put your question on there:
http://www.australiansurfcastingfederat ... um/phpBB3/


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