Lancefield Casting clinic/comp

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Lancefield Casting clinic/comp

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Mon May 17, 2010 12:19 pm

Well we had a very interesting day down here in sunny old Victoria. The day was cold and clear in the morning with the drive down seeing us going into the valley shrouded in fog. On the other side it was a completely different sight with clear blue skies and not a breath of wind to even rustle what little grass there was on the field. There were cobwebs all across the field which gave off a strange reflection in the early morning sun as the dew dried , this was also to prove to be a nuisance with it sticking to the lines and therefore effect the way it went Through the air. Wind was a north North Easterly or what you would call wind.

We had a good turnout with a number of new faces turing up in the hope of getting better performance from their gear as well as picking up a few tips in regards to rigs and the like.
First caster up was Gus Gevna using his Emblem Pro matched to a Penn light surf rod. We set this up with the obligitory 0.65mm shock leader and after a brief explanation he proceeded to hit some OTG cast down field. During the duration of the day Gus was able to simplify his casting and ended with a very consisitent cast . Also a stint with the Century TTLD gave Gus the understanding of how going slower really aids distance.

Another two new faces were Dennis Cottle and fishing mate Ben Pinniger also using their standard surf outfit with threadlines on 12' surf rods . Ben was running his reel with mono whilst Dennis had 20 pound braid on his Penn 7500. Both were pleasantly supprised at how also going slow and reducing the weight that they were used to casting with their rods gave them an increase in the distance stakes.

Our next two casters were Nick Cracknell and Peter Hanson. It was interesting to see that Nick had brought along a old generation British rod in the form of a Conoflex which was built up with the Aluminium Butt and E glass tip. I must say that I was impressed with this rod and would rate it as much better than a lot of rods that we have here currently being sold in Australia. The rod is in excess of 20 year old yet still performs brilliantly.
Both Peter and Nick were favouring the overhead reels with Peter using his QTC framed ABU and Nick hitting his PB with my 6500 CT .

The other regular casters present were Mick Perrotta and Murray Healey with yours truely finishing up the role call.

The whole day was a very casual affair with a lot of friendly banter as we all tried to get the leads down field on a day that was great to be in but not for casting.

Results were as follows.

Ben Pinniger 100 gram F/S 77 meters
Dennis Cottle 100 gram F/S 79 meters
Gus Gevna 100 gram F/S 100 meters
Peter Hanson 150 gram O/H 103 meters
Nick Cracknell 150 gram O/H 121 meters
Murray Healey 150 gram O/H 150 meters ? I Think - Murray can you confirm as we didn't have it on the score book.
Mick Perrotta 150 gram O/H 172 meters
Jeremy Schrader 150 gram O/H 214 meters

I would like to thank all the guys for making the day a great one out with mates.

Thanks :mrgreen:

Video footage to follow :D

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