O.T Relaxing at 13th

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O.T Relaxing at 13th

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:25 am

With the comps over and work proving to be a bit hectic I decided that some R & R was called for and therefore headed down to 13th beach to get some much needed stress relief.

The forecast conditions weren't as good as I would have hoped for with and easterly wind and medium swell though the actual conditions were quite different, which if you live in Victoria you would be well aware of. What greeted me was a medium southerly , a reasonable shore break and a bit of discoloured water . Ideal for picking up a few Pinkies which I was hoping for though not the best for the Gummies. Still as I only had a short time to be on the beach due to work on the Saturday morning I wanted to make the most of the time.


( Sunset on 13th with my two Century TT's )

I had brought down two rods for myself as well as one of my Century 10'6" spin sticks as Rick had weanted to try the rod out to see if it would meet his requirements. Note that it wasn't set up for a threadline but it would give him a good idea of the rods capabilities casting a range of weights and lure styles.
I was using my Tip Tornado Match and another that I will cover off later on .
Reel for the occasion were my Pen Torque 100 and the Squall 12 , leads cast on the day were 6 oz due to the strength of the onshore wind matched with 4/0 circle hooks loaded with whitebait and squid cocktail baits on clipped down pulley rigs.

As hoped the pinkies were on the prod though the size was a bit too small for my liking , I took about a dozen for the whole session with all being released to grow to a better size . I did get a nice flathead which was kept as I am partial to the sweet taste of these , sadly it was the only one .
Along with these fish I also picked up a big banjo shark ( Fiddler Ray ) which whilst fun on the lighter outfit wasn't what I had hoped for .


( One of the Pinky Snapper taken during the session )
Whilst I was doing this Rick came down as he was staying down at Ocean Grove to have a look at the 10'6" spin stick and to try it out with my Daiwa Exceller 4500 matched with Ultima Distance line and running a tapered leader. Rick was wanting to see how the rod performed with the various sized lures that he normally uses on the beach.


( Rick punching out a lure on the Spin stick )

Of interest to him was its power rating as the plan is to use the rod for general beach spinning as well as throwing lures for the Mulloway that he hopes to target more in the future.

( Rick working the lure back - he liked the lighness of the rod )

All in all it was good to get out and have a relax and meet up with another of the forum members nad just have a top evening.

Will be heading out again later next week and hopefully the siize of the fish will improve as the moon cycle progresses :D

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