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Interesting Night

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:54 pm
by Jeremy Schrader
It was good to get out last night with one of the young guys who has taken up fishing recently and head down to the coast in the hope of getting a few fish. Initial plan was to head down to 13th beach in the hope of picking up a few snapper though that wasn't to be as Allan had beaded down earlier and advised that the weed would be a problem.


( Allan & Nick at Fairhaven )

Therefore we decided to head down to Fairhaven in the hope of picking up a some Salmon and as the night progressed a Gummy or School shark. Baits were simple with slated whitevait , Bluebait and Squid being the main items. Our plan was to catcha few Salmon and use them as baits for the sharks later in the evening.

Iwas Nick's first time fishing the beach and it was good to see him casting with the Daiwa Exceller and the rod that Mick S had kindly donated to him. Nick was hopeful of getting his first fish as he was still to open the scorecard.


(Nick hopefull that he will get a fish on this outing )

As it turned out the fishing was near no existent and other than crabs taking Allan's and Nick's baits . Interetingly I was sending one bait out back past the back breaker and it didn't get touched by any crabs at all.

One interesting little item that we did see on the beach was a small scorpion that I noticed as we were fishing. It would prove to be a very unpleasant visitor if one decided to have a sleep on the beach or even just sitting on the sand.

( Our little visitor )

( It was a bit of a supprise seeing this little guy on the beach )

It was after this distraction that Nick was pleasantly supprised to see his rod load over and register hopefully his first ever fish. There was a little bit of worry for Nick at the initial stage as the fish ran in with him and he lost contact with it in the surf. Thankfully he was using a circle hook that had the fish pinned nicely .


( Not big but the first is alway a great feeling )

As I had work the next morning we had to call it quits shortly after the fish and headed back to Melbourne though it had still been a great way of spening an evening.