casting Brothers - Buddy, Mick and I

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casting Brothers - Buddy, Mick and I

Post by Jeremy Schrader » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:43 pm

As I haven't had the use of my video editing software for a while I have had to resort to posting up some of the raw footage of the days. One memorable session was last November when Buddy ( Aka Abdul) Mick S and I had a session down at South Barwon. Abdul and I had a ball first with a fishing session in the morning down at St. Leonards and then down at the park. It was great to see the smile on abdul's face as he got more aquainted with the gear and started hitting better and better distances with a simple OTG style.

Abdul will be back in Australia later this year and we are looking forward to getting together again for more of the same hopefully though the next rounds of fishing will see a few coming back home for dinner.

It was also good as Mick and I had a bit of a mini challenge going and he was casting very well trying out a three step style which he did extreemly well with.

The one after this was even sweeter and made it a pleasure to watch.

It was also pleasing for me as it pushed me along with concentrating on what I needed to work on even though at this time I have modified my cast again. Still great fun to be out with brothers in arm.

Looking forward to casting with my new brother again in this new year - thanks Buddy :D

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